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Resplendent Heroes are heroes that have Resplendent Outfits available to them. These outfits are given out for free every month if users are subscribed to the FEH Pass. Previously distributed outfits can be purchased with real-world currencies, but this still requires a FEH Pass subscription. Resplendent Outfits provides the heroes not only a new look and new voice lines, but some bonus stats as well!

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List of Heroes by Roles

Close PhysicalClose Physical Ranged PhysicalRanged Physical Close MagicClose Magic Ranged MagicRanged Magic
Physical WallPhysical Wall Magic WallMagic Wall Effective WeaponEffective Weapon Movement AssistMovement Assist
Excluive SkillExcluive Skill All-Range CounterattackAll-Range Counter RecoveryRecovery Refresher AssistRefresher Assist
LegendaryLegendary MythicMythic Duo/HarmonizedDuo /

List of Resplendent Heroes

Move Type
Ike - Brave Mercenary ImageBrave Ike Infantry ImageInfantry 45 54 30 37 22 9.5
Reinhardt - ThunderReinhardt Cavalry ImageCavalry 40 43 20 29 27 9.0
Celica - Caring Princess ImageCelica Infantry ImageInfantry 41 48 35 24 24 8.5
Julia - NagaJulia Infantry ImageInfantry 40 51 28 19 37 8.5
Eliwood - Knight of Lycia ImageEliwood Cavalry ImageCavalry 41 49 32 25 34 8.5
Sonya - Vengeful Mage ImageSonya Infantry ImageInfantry 38 49 33 17 34 8.5
Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn ImageMicaiah Infantry ImageInfantry 37 51 30 20 40 8.0
Nino - Pious Mage ImageNino Infantry ImageInfantry 35 49 38 21 31 8.0
Elincia - Lost Princess ImageElincia Flying ImageFlying 37 47 36 26 29 8.0
Hector - General of Ostia ImageHector Armored ImageArmored 54 54 26 39 21 8.0
Roy - Young Lion ImageRoy Infantry ImageInfantry 46 48 33 27 30 8.0
Minerva - Red Dragoon ImageMinerva Flying ImageFlying 42 54 40 29 19 8.0
Lilina - Delightful Noble ImageLilina Infantry ImageInfantry 37 56 27 21 33 8.0
Amelia - Rose of the War ImageAmelia Armored ImageArmored 49 52 36 37 25 8.0
Caeda - TalysCaeda Flying ImageFlying 38 43 39 26 36 8.0
Tiki - Dragon Scion ImageTiki (Young) Infantry ImageInfantry 43 49 32 34 31 8.0
Marth - Altean Prince ImageMarth Infantry ImageInfantry 43 49 36 31 25 8.0
Leif - Prince of Leonster ImageLeif Infantry ImageInfantry 42 50 40 35 25 7.5
Tana - Winged Princess ImageTana Flying ImageFlying 38 52 40 29 27 7.5
Cordelia - Knight Paragon ImageCordelia Flying ImageFlying 42 47 35 24 27 7.5
Ike - Young Mercenary ImageIke Infantry ImageInfantry 44 53 33 34 20 7.5
Sophia - Nabata Prophet ImageSophia Infantry ImageInfantry 42 49 21 30 31 7.5
Azura - Lady of the Lake ImageAzura Infantry ImageInfantry 38 45 38 23 30 7.5
Sanaki - BegnionSanaki Infantry ImageInfantry 35 53 28 19 36 7.5
Lucina - Future Witness ImageLucina Infantry ImageInfantry 45 52 38 27 21 7.5
Niles - Cruel to Be Kind ImageNiles Infantry ImageInfantry 39 41 36 19 36 7.5
Eirika - Restoration Lady ImageEirika Infantry ImageInfantry 44 44 37 28 30 7.5
Robin - High Deliverer ImageRobin (M) Infantry ImageInfantry 40 43 29 29 22 7.5
Raven - Peerless Fighter ImageRaven Infantry ImageInfantry 43 52 37 27 24 7.5
Chrom - Exalted Prince ImageChrom Infantry ImageInfantry 49 55 27 33 19 7.5
Delthea - Free Spirit ImageDelthea Infantry ImageInfantry 35 52 36 15 33 7.5
Eldigan - Lionheart ImageEldigan Cavalry ImageCavalry 47 53 29 39 24 7.5
Olwen - Blue Mage Knight ImageOlwen Cavalry ImageCavalry 36 37 31 22 32 7.5
Tailtiu - Thunder Noble ImageTailtiu Infantry ImageInfantry 41 49 37 19 29 7.5
Lyn - Lady of the Plains ImageLyn Infantry ImageInfantry 39 46 39 28 31 7.0
Linde - Light Mage ImageLinde Infantry ImageInfantry 37 51 41 16 29 7.0
Merric - Wind Mage ImageMerric Infantry ImageInfantry 50 42 34 30 21 7

Note the stats here are for after equipping the unit's Resplendent Attire

What is a Resplendent Outfit?

  • Resplendent Outfits change the appearance and dialogue of the hero who equips it.
  • Once purchased or claimed, the hero becomes a Resplendent Hero permantly.
  • A Resplendent Hero is given +2 all stats regardless if the Resplendent Outfit is equipped or not. These bonuses and the outfit are also kept even if the player's FEH Pass subscription expires.
  • Resplendent Outfits are obtainable by subscribing to the FEH Pass and claiming or purchasing depending on the availability.

New Appearance Granted to Old Heroes

Resplendent Lyn.png

Resplendent Outfits grant a new appearance and new voicelines for old heroes. The hero keeps all of its previous properties besides those two plus they are granted +2 to all stats regardless if the Resplendent Outfit is equipped or not. Atll these benefits are kept even if a player's FEH Pass subscription expires.

Unlike Legendary or Mythic Alts, Resplendent Outfits are similar design-wise to the look of the original alt.

If claimed or purchased, all copies will become Resplendent Heroes

Resplendent Announcement.png

When claimed or purchased, not only will you get a 5★ Respldendent copy of the chosen hero, but all your existing copies will turn into Respldendent Heroes as well. This means that all of them will get access to the outfit and they are all granted +2 to all stats. As stated earlier, these stats are kept whether or not you choose the new look.

Sample purchase / distribution scenario

Upon claiming Lyn: Lady of the Plains' Resplendent Outfit

  1. All existing Lyn: Lady of the Plains units gets all of the benefits of a Resplendent Hero.
  2. You are gifted a free 5★ copy of Lyn: Lady of the Plains which also enjoys said benefits.
  3. Benefits include: Alternative look, alternative voice lines, and +2 to all stats.

Icon Granted to Resplendent Hero

Lyn Lady of the Plains.png

Once purchased, all heroes affected will have a Resplendent Icon displayed on top of their title.

How to Get Resplendent Heroes

FEH Pass.jpg

Get a FEH Pass Subscription

Subscribe to the FEH Pass and you can get two Resplendent Heroes in a span of a month! The FEH Pass available at $9.49 a month.

How to Wear Resplendent Outfit

  1. Go to Allies
  2. Click on the Interact with Allies Tab
  3. Click on the Change Attire Tab
  4. There you will see an intuitive menu wherein you can freely change from the default and the Resplendent Outfits for all your heroes.

Can I get Resplendent Outfits after the Distribution Period?

Previously distributed Resplendent Outfits are available for purchase from the shop for around 5$ each. However, you will need to be currently subscribed to the FEH Pass in order to purchase said Resplendent Outfits.

FEH Pass Purchase Information and Benefits

Other Information

Bonus stats do not affect Arena Scoring

The +2 to all stats bonus apply in the Arena, but they do not affect Arena Scoring. Those who want to purchase Respldent Outfits for the sake of Arena Scoring should take note of this.

Respledent outfits are applied to the all hero copies and not individual units

The option to wear Resplendent Outfits are not separate for each unit. This means that you cannot have a Lyn: Lady of the Plains that is wearing the outfit and another which is not.

Benefits are kept after FEH Pass expires

As stated multiple times, the Resplendent Outfit and all of its features including the stat bonus are kept even if player's FEH Pass subscription expires.

It is not automatically claimed upon FEH Pass subscription

The Resplendent Outfit is not automatically granted to the player upon FEH Pass subscription. It must be claimed from the Shop in order to be acquired.

List of Artists for each Resplendent Hero

Resplendent Hero Artist
Lyn - Lady of the Plains ImageLyn cuboon
Cordelia - Knight Paragon ImageCordelia Foo Midori
Ike - Young Mercenary ImageIke Hagi Michihiko
Sophia - Nabata Prophet ImageSophia Miwabe Sakura
Azura - Lady of the Lake ImageAzura Kakage
Eliwood - Knight of Lycia ImageEliwood motsutsu
Hector - General of Ostia ImageHector Ito Misei
Sanaki - BegnionSanaki Yamada Kotaro
Roy - Young Lion ImageRoy Azu-taro
Linde - Light Mage ImageLinde Miyamoto Satoru
Minerva - Red Dragoon ImageMinerva Yoshihisa
Robin - High Deliverer ImageRobin (M) Komiya Kuniharu
Olwen - Blue Mage Knight ImageOlwen ekao
Eirika - Restoration Lady ImageEirika Saori Toyota
Alm - Hero of Prophecy ImageAlm Nishuki Areku
Julia - NagaJulia kanasebench
Takumi - Wild Card ImageTakumi N/A
Caeda - TalysCaeda LAL!ROLE
Marth - Altean Prince ImageMarth Tobi
Lucina - Future Witness ImageLucina Himukai Yuji
Niles - Cruel to Be Kind ImageNiles Suekane Kumiko
Delthea - Free Spirit ImageDelthea kawasumi
Eldigan - Lionheart ImageEldigan Suzuki Rika
Tiki - Dragon Scion ImageTiki (Young) Miwabe Sakura
Ike - Brave Mercenary ImageBrave Ike Kaouru HAGIYA
Tana - Winged Princess ImageTana Yamada Kotaro
Elincia - Lost Princess ImageElincia Niji Hayashi
Reinhardt - ThunderReinhardt Takaya Tomohide
Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn ImageMicaiah sachie
Lilina - Delightful Noble ImageLilina Yamada Kotaro
Leif - Prince of Leonster ImageLeif Suekane Kumiko
Nino - Pious Mage ImageNino Sakura Shiori
Chrom - Exalted Prince ImageChrom PenekoR
Celica - Caring Princess ImageCelica Kae Yamaguchi
Merric - Wind Mage ImageMerric nekomochi
Amelia - Rose of the War ImageAmelia Yo Kanzawa
Raven - Peerless Fighter ImageRaven Niji Hayashi
Sonya - Vengeful Mage ImageSonya PenekoR
Tailtiu - Thunder Noble ImageTailtiu kaya8

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