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This is a guide on the Resonant Battles game mode for Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). To know how this game mode works, how to score high, the game titles for the week, and the rewards, read on!

What is Resonant Battles?

Resonant Battles is a game mode that puts units from certain games together with the goal of defeating the thieves on the map before they escape.

Each week will feature 2 different games and will rotate out at every season reset like Arena and Aether Raids.

Games of the Week

Games Scion Leif Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNGThracia 776 Sothis Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNGThree Houses
Deployment Period 09/07/2021-09/14/2021

Resonant Battles Guide

Deploy units from the games of the week!

Resonant Battles Bonus Titles Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

Every week, 2 different games in the Fire Emblem franchise is featured in Resonant Battles.

Deploying units from either of the two games will increase your score and provide those units stat boosts.

Resonant Battles Bonus Units Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

The game will automatically filter to units from the week's games if you have them when you set up your team.

Harmonized Units score more!

Summer Mia Avatar.png

Harmonized units shine in this game mode because they increase your score.

However, it will need to be from one of the featured games of the week for you to earn the score bonus.

You can have a maximum number of 2 Harmonized units on your team.

Defeat the thieves before they escape!

Resonant Battles Thieves Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

The goal of the game mode is to defeat all the Thieves on the map before they reach the zone at the top of the map and escape.

These thieves are protected by Guardians that will try to impede you.

However, all enemy units on the map can only move 1 space. Use this to your advantage!

You cannot use Galeforce

Resonant Battles Smoke Seal Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

Unfortunately, all enemy units on the map have a Pulse Smoke effect in their kit.

This means that your units that have Galeforce or similar as their Special will be unable to take full advantage of the extra action because they will never be able to trigger it.

The only exception to this is Fallen Edelgard due to her extra action not tied to her weapon.

Dancers can also be used to give your units additonal actions!

Thieves drop items

Resonant Battles Thieves Item Seal Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

Thieves have no weapons or any other skills.

They do have a Seal that will give you an item once they are defeated.

You can use the items dropped by Thieves by tapping the Item icon at the lower right of the screen.

Resonant Battles Scoring, Stat Boosts, and Rewards


Scoring in Resonant Battles is as follows:

  • Battle Score - calculated after the battle. Grants bonuses on number of Thieves defeated x10.
  • Deployment Bonus - grants +10 to score if 1 or fewer dancers are deployed.
  • Bonus titles - grants bonuses to your score for the number of units deployed from the featured games x10.
  • Harmonized Hero Bonus - grants bonuses to your score based on number of Harmonized units deployed x the number of units deployed from featured games x 5.
  • Harmonized Hero Merge Bonus - grants bonuses to your score based on the number of merges on each Harmonized unit.

Stat Bonuses

Units that are from the featured games of the week receive HP+10 and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 for the entire match.


Resonant Battles Rewards Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

You can earn the following items every week as rewards:

Trait Fruit.pngTrait Fruit
FEH_Divine_Code.pngDivine Codes
Blue Dragonflower.pngDragonflowers
Earth Blessing.pngBlessings

The amount of each reward will depend on your rank.

The type of Dragonflowers and the Blessing will also change every week.

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