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A guide on how to use Dragonflowers for Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to learn how to obtain Dragonflowers and which units you should use them on.

Dragonflower Effects

Raising Hero Stats

Types of Dragonflowers
Red Dragonflower.pngRed Dragonflower (Infantry) Yellow Dragonflower.pngYellow Dragonflower (Cavalry) Green Dragonflower.pngGreen Dragonflower (Armored) Blue Dragonflower.pngBlue Dragonflower (Flying)

Dragonflowers can increase the stats of your Heroes. These are divided into 4 types of colors for each type of unit: Red for Infantry, Yellow for Cavalry, Green for Armored, and Blue for Flying.

Amount of Upgrades Depends on Date Added In

Dragonflowers FEH.png

Unit Type Max. Enhancements Max. Dragonflowers Required
Characters implemented after August 18, 2020 5 times 600 (for 5 times)
Armored/Cavalry/Flyer units implemented after August 18, 2020
Infantry units implemented from February 2019 to August 18, 2020
10 times 1,200 (for 10 times)
Infantry units implemented on February 2019 15 times 1,460 (for 15 times)

The maximum number of times that you can strengthen a Hero depends on their unit type and implementation date. Infantry units initially could be enhanced 15 times, while the Armored, Cavalry, and Flier units can be enhanced 10 times. Recently implemented units after the August 2020 update can be enhanced up to 5 times.

Enhancing Hero Stats

Stat Enhancement Dragonflowers FEH.png

Each enhancement increases HP, ATK, SPD, DEF, and RES by 1 for the first 5 times. After enhancing 10 times, all stats will increase by 2, and by 3 after 15 enhancements.

This can greatly enhance the Hero's combat performance, but keep in mind that the sequence of stat increases is the same as how they increase after an Unlock Potential is performed.

Does not Affect Area Rating

Remember that using Dragonflowers does not increase the Hero's Area Rating, which means that this function is purely for stat enhancements.

Inheriting Enhancement Upon Unlock Potential

The highest value of Dragonflower stat enhancements will carry over once an Unlock Potential is performed.

Best Units to Give Dragonflowers To

Infantry Units Added Before January 2019

Recommended Heroes
Legendary IkeLegendary Ike Fjorm IconFjorm Brave Ike IconBrake Ike Performing AzuraPerforming Azura

Infantry units released before January 2019 can use Dragonflower enhancements up to 15 times. Since all their stats can be enhanced by 15 total, they can have greater benefits from using the bonuses that come with Dragonflowers than newer units.

Units with Skills that Attack Twice

Recommended Heroes
AltinaAltina ReinhardtReinhardt Brave Edelgard.pngBrave Edelgard Bramimond.pngBramimond

Heroes that have skills that allow for attacking more than once are also recommened characters for receiving Dragonflower enhancements, since they can potentially deal more damage than single-attack Heroes.

Versatile Units

Recommended Heroes
SothisSothis PeonyPeony NinoNino VeronicaVeronica

Meta Heroes, personal favorites, Arena Heroes, and Refresher units like Dancers are also top choices for improving. If they are very versatile overall, they'll benefit a lot from the extra stats.

How to Get Dragonflowers

Clear Heroic Ordeals

Heroic Ordeals.png

Dragonflowers can be cleared by participating in Heroic Ordeals in the Story Missions. Each Heroic Ordeal has a set map and victory objectives for both the target hero and their partner. Take note that Dragonflowers can only be obtained once per character.

Partner with a Unit Covering Bad Matchups

Since you only need to defeat 2/4 of the units in a Heroic Ordeal with the unit you chose, you can have another unit paired with you that will make taking out a bad matchup easier. For example, in a red unit's Ordeal, bringing a green unit to take out the blue foe will make things a lot easier.

Use Refreshers If Possible

These Heroic Ordeal maps are not that difficult, but clearing them can be made easier if you use Refresher units with skills like Dance.

Weaken the Foes to Take Them Out Easier

Dancers and healers are good for an ally to pair with for Hero Ordeals, but also units that can deal chip damage (such as dagger units), or tanks that can absorb damage while weakening foes (Surtr is excellent at this) will be really good for taking down foes with weaker units, such as staff users.

Newer Heroes Get More Dragonflowers

Dragonflower Bonus FEH.png

  • Heroes added in Story Book 2 give 2 Dragonflowers
  • Heroes added in between Book 2 and 3 give 8 Dragonflowers
  • Heroes released after Book 3 give 40 Dragonflowers.

The maximum number of obtainable Dragonflowers depends on how recent the unit was implemented in the game. Keep in mind that maps that have the largest number of Dragonflower drops also have stronger enemies (level 40, as opposed to level 35 for Book 2~3 units and level 30 for pre-Book 2 units).


Dragonflower Drops FEH.png

Dragonflowers can also be obtained from events like Mjolnir's Strike, Aether Raids and more. It's recommended to clear as much of these events as possible to get more bonuses.

Events that reward Dragonflowers
Aether Raids Aether Resort
Allegiance Battles Resonant Battles
Mjolnir Strike ---

Dragonflower Summary

While there are a number of ways to obtain Dragonflowers, keep in mind that these are limited in number. Choose carefully on which Hero to use them on once you have enough.

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