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This is a guide on the game mode, Mjolnir's Strike, for Fire Emblem Heroes. Read on for information on how to raise your score, which characters to use, rewards, and more!

What is Mjolnir's Strike?


Mjolnir's Strike is a game mode where all players work together to protect Askr from the attacking forces summoned by Thorr, the God of War.

There are four phases in Mjolnir's Strike - Brace, Shield, Counter, and Rest.

If Askr's armies deal more damage than Thorr's, the defense is a success!

Tips for Raising Your Score

Calculation is the Same as Arena

Score calculation in Mjolnir's Strike is the same as how scoring works in Arena.

That means that players will need to use units with higher rarity, BST (Base Stats Total), number of merges, and premium skills in order to get their score as high as possible.

If you have units that you use in your Arena team, you can use them in Mjolnir's Strike.

Using Some Lower Rarity Heroes is Fine


A defense team is made up of 8 units, but each column only takes the score calculation of the higher scoring unit.

You can get the highest score possible for you by having 4 maximixed units and putting them in one column each, while substituting the rest with lower rarity or unbuilt units.

Use Bonus Mythic Heroes When Their Season is Up


Every season, there will be bonuses if you use a Mythic Hero with the corresponding blessing in your defense team.

Do note, that only Mythic Heroes will get bonuses and not units that you have given blessings to.

In addition to increasing their stats, the Mythic Hero's score will be calculated as if they are a +10 merged unit.

Ability Bonus Score Bonus
Large Bonus HP, all stats +4 Unit +10
Small Bonus HP, all stats +2 Unit +5

By checking which Mythic Heroes will yield large and small bonuses, you can plan your team accordingly.

In the case of score bonuses, if you have a Mythic Hero who is already +10, they will be calculated as if they were +20.

List of Mythic Heroes

Eff. Atk Icon
Spd Icon
Def Icon
Res Icon Res+5
Light Icon Freyja - Lady of Nightmare Image Ash - Retainer to Askr Image Peony - Sweet Dream Image Ullr - The Bowmaster Image Mila - Goddess of Love Image Eir - Merciful Death Image Dagr - Sun
Astra Icon Altina - Dawn Reginn - Bearing Hope Image Plumeria - Lewd Dream Image Elimine - Scouring Saint Image Naga - Dragon Divinity Image Thórr - War God Image Ashera - Order Goddess Image
Dark Icon Bramimond - The Enigma Image Medeus - Earth-Dragon King Image Yune - Chaos Goddess Image Triandra - Nightmare Image Hel - Death Sovereign Image Nótt - Moon Sothis - Girl on the Throne Image
Anima Icon Duma - God of Strength Image Seiros - Saint of Legend Image Líf - Lethal Swordsman Image Thrasir - Omnicidal Witch Image Ótr - Kingsbrother Image Mirabilis - Daydream Image

Use the Bonus Structure

Placing the bonus structure as well will increase all the stats of your defense team. This in itself will not increase your score, but it is helpful for clearing the map quickly.

Mjolnir's Strike Tips

You Can Still Swap After Acting


You can still swap your units after they have acted. If you have Smart End set to Excl. Pair.Duo, units can still be swapped, even if all units in the team have acted.

Have Only One Dancer

You can't use dance or sing skills on one of your units if they are paired with a unit with Dance or Sing, so just have only one dancer on your defense team.

You Can Only Raise Your Score During the Shield Phase

While there are 4 phases in Mjolnir's Strike, you can only raise it during the Shield Phase.

You can, however, play through the map as many times as you like without spending stamina.

Keep playing through the map and optimizing your defense team to raise your score higher!

Your Mjolnir's Strike Defense Team


Since the 5.2.0 update, your Summoner can now join their allies on the battlefield!

Please take note that the Summoner cannot be paired with another unit and must be included in one of the slots.

Here's an example of a team made of readily available units that can be formed by beginners.

You can add any unit you wish, though it's advised that you only have one dancer in your team as they can't dance another unit who is paired with another dancer.

Also make sure to have at least one healer so they can sustain your allies!

These units can be replaced by those with higher rarities, of course, and don't forget to use the Mythic Heroes that are receiving bonuses for the season!

Other Substitute Units

Eir - Merciful Death Image Eir is a Light Mythic Hero, and can be put into your defense team during Light Season.
Eir can be obtained by clearing Book III - Chapter 1, Part 5 (Normal)
Clarine - Refined Noble Image Priscilla - Delicate Princess Image Nanna - Nordion Princess Image Ethlyn - Spirited Princess Image Clarine, Priscilla, and Nanna are good free horse healers that you can use to heal up your team when they take damage.

Playing Mjolnir's Strike

You Can Only Play During the Shield and Counter Phases


The only time you can play and raise your score is during the Shield Phase and the Counter Phase.

Defend Askr during the Shield Phase by defeating units in the map and hit Thorr back during the Counter Phase.

Brace Phase


The Brace Phase is the prep period before the Shield Phase.

This is where you can set your defense team and edit the Shield Map. You can even test how your team will perform in the Test Defense feature.

Shield Phase


During the Shield Phase, you must protect the 2 gateways at the bottom corners of the map from Thorr's forces for 7 turns.

If an enemy unit destroys a gateway or you lose a unit, you will receive a lower score. If both gateways are destroyed, you lose the map.

The Red Column


Units in the red column in a defense team will be in the enemy side of the map and cannot move to their allies' side.

They can move, attack freely, and are not attacked by enemy units.

It's highly advised that the units you place in the red column are those with very high attack and can one-shot foes.

The Blue Columns


Units in the blue columns are granted bonuses depending on which stat column they are placed in.

Usually, you would want units who can double in the Spd+10 column, units with high defense in the Def+10 column, and units with high resistance in the Res+10 column.

Take note that units placed in the blue columns cannot move into the enemy side of the map, unlike the units in the red column.

5.2.0 Update


In the 5.2.0 update, two more blue columns have been added.

One column gives +10 atk to the units in it, while the other gives +3 to all stats.

The last column is reserved for Mythic Heroes who matches the current season or a unit that has the appropriate blessing. You can only put those types of units in the last column.

In order to unlock this column for use, you must slot in another Mythic Hero who appeared in ver. 5.0.0 into one of the regular slots or put them in the special slot.

Examples of Mythic Heroes that can be used in this way are Reginn and Seiros.

5.4.2 Update

Auto Create Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

In the 5.4.2 update, you can now auto-create your defense team.

By tapping the auto-create button, the game will put together a team that will give you the highest score that you can obtain with the units that you have.

It will even put in the appropriate Mythic hero that will enable the last 2 slots!



You can place up to 4 structures within your map, all with different effects.

These can be activated at any time during your turn, and after being used, a certain number of turns must pass before they can be used again.

You can improve the effects of your structures or build new ones with Midgard Gems.

Midgard Gems are given at the end of the event. The higher your score, the more gems that can be obtained.

Recommended Structures

Structure Name Level Effect (at Lvl. 1)
LjosalfarGardenFEH.png Ljósálfar Garden 3 Allies within 2 spaces of structure can move 1 extra space.
(That turn only. Does not stack.)
MuspellPyreFEH.pngMúspell Pyre 2 Deals 30 damage to foes within 9 rows and 3 columns centered on structure.
LifesJewelFEH.pngLife's Jewel 3 Restores 20 HP to allies within 5 rows and 5 columns centered on structure.
DelugeFountainFEH.pngDeluge Fountain 3 Pushes any foe within 9 rows and 3 columns centered on structure with HP ≤ 35 back by 2 spaces, toward the top of the map.

Other Structures
DeathsThroneFEH.png Death's Throne 3 Prevents counterattacks from any foe within 9 rows and 3 columns centered on structure with HP ≤ 35 through that foe's next action.
EmblianSealFEH.png Emblian Seal 2 Inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-2 on foes within 9 rows and 3 columns centered on structure through their next actions.
HeroicBannerFEH.pngHeroic Banner 3 Grants bonus to Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat = current bonus on each of ally's stats to allies within 3 rows and 3 columns centered on structure.
Calculates each stat bonus independently. (That turn only.)
NiflIcicle.pngNifl Icicle 2 Grants Special cooldown count-2 to allies within 5 rows and 5 columns centered on structure.
AskranSealFEH.pngAskran Seal 2 grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to allies within 5 rows and 5 columns centered on structure.
DokkalfarBriarFEH.pngDökkálfar Briar 3 Restricts movement to 1 space on any foe in the same column as structure with HP ≤ 35 through that foe's next action.
Summoner Aflame 2 Deals 20 damage to foes within 5 rows and 5 columns centered on My Summoner.
Vital Summoner 3 Restores 20 HP to My Summoner and allies within 3 spaces of My Summoner.
Ebon Summoner 2 Inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-2 on foes within 5 rows and 5 columns centered on My Summoner through their next actions.
Shining Summoner 2 Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2 to allies within 3 spaces of My Summoner for one turn.
Winged Summoner 3 My Summoner and allies within 1 space of My Summoner can move 1 extra space.
Cogent Summoner 5 Grants another action to My Summoner that has already performed an action.

Counter Phase


In the Counter Phase, all FEH players must attack Thorr's Forces with their Counter Arrows.

The amount of damage dealt is based on your Tier and the score you obtained during the Shield Phase.

If the Askran Forces deal more damage than Thorr's Forces, then Askr is successfully defended and wins!

When your score is lower than Thorr's Forces, the arrows' damage will be multiplied by 5 per arrow. However, the same holds true if Thorr's Forces are weaker!

The Combo Bonus

If you shoot Counter Arrows at every hour, it will build into a combo bonus. This takes into account all players taking part of the event.

The more players that shoot Counter Arrows, the more the combo bonus builds!

Number of Combos Score Multiplier
Over 1000+ Combos x 1.1
Over 2000+ Combos x 1.2
Over 3000+ Combos x 1.3
Over 4000+ Combos x 1.4
Over 5000+ Combos x 1.5

Rest Phase

The Rest Phase is the period that declares that the current Mjolnir's Strike season is over.

You will be receiving rewards based on your performance for the event.

Mjolnir's Strike Rewards

There are two types of rewards at the end of Mjolnir's Strike - the Tier rewards and Askr LV rewards.

Tier Rewards

Tier IV Fruit.png Trait Fruit FEH_Divine_Code.pngDivine Codes MidgardGemsFEH.pngMidgard Gems Red Dragonflower.pngDragonflowers*
21 5 100 150 50
20 3 80 145 40
19 3 76 140 38

*The type of dragonflowers given will be different every season.

Askr LV.

Askr LV. goes higher depending on if all players win or lose in Mjolnir's Strike.

All players share the same Askr LV.

All Askr LV. Rewards
Askr LV. FeatherFEH.pngHero Feathers
1 100
2 200
3 300
4 400
5 500
6 600
7 700
8 800
9 900
10 1000
11 1100
12 1200
13 1300
14 1400
15 1500
16 1600
17 1700
18 1800
19 1900
20 2000
21 2100
22 2200
23 2300
24 2400
25 2500
26 2600
27 2700
28 2800
29 2900
30 3000

Current Events

Event Name Active Period
Daily Special Maps Banner
Daily Special Maps
[Grand Hero Battle]
2/9/2019 -
Heroes Journey Banner
Heroes Journey
06/27/2022 - 06/30/2022
Grand Hero Battle: Fernand (Revival) Banner
Grand Hero Battle: Fernand (Revival)
[Grand Hero Battle]
06/23/2022 - 07/01/2022
Hall of Forms Banner
Hall of Forms
06/22/2022 - 07/05/2022
Lost Lore Banner
Lost Lore
06/12/2022 - 07/02/2022

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