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This is a guide on the Grand Conquest game mode from Fire Emblem Heroes. To know more about Grand Conquests and how to increase your score, read on!

Grand Conquests Overview

Battle Period 11/29/2022 - 12/04/2022

Grand Conquests Quick Reference Table

Grand Conquests Maps.PNG

  • All players are divided among 3 armies and compete for control over 30 areas.
  •  → Players are automatically sorted in their respective army.
  • Battles are very similar to how Rival Domains works, including how stamina is consumed.
  •  → You recover 1 stamina every hour.
  • After 1 round (every 4 hours), scores are totaled among all players.
  •  → The camp with the highest score is the area controls that territory!
  • Earn high scores to increase your GC Tier.
  •  → Rewards increase the higher the GC Tier and also grants bonuses to your territory.

How to Play Grand Conquests

Three Armies Play in the Event

Grand Conquests Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

Grand Conquest is a game mode where three different armies (red, green, and blue) compete to control territory.

All players are automatically sorted into their respective armies at the beginning of the event.

One Round is Four Hours

Grand Conquests Round Duration.PNG

A round in Grand Conquests lasts for 4 hours. At the end of each round, scores are totaled for each area.

Capture an Opponent's Territory

Grand Conquests Territory.PNG

You can battle for an area as long as your army controls the area adjacent to it.

Battles operate the same as Rival Domains and territory can be won in two ways.

If you're unsure which territory to attack, you can always go with the one being recommended to you!

Win by knockout!

Winning by knockout means controlling an opposing army's area with a score of 200,000 points or more during the round.

Win by end of round points!

You can control an area if your army earns the most points at the end of the round.

Use the Area Effects

Area effects are bonuses that a certain territory may possess that could give your units an advantage in battle.

These effects are granted to units of a certain move type.

Be sure to make use of the area effects and aim to seize control of that territory!

Observe the Battlefield Carefully

Areas with strong area effects tend to be heavily contested, so watch out how many territories your army has adjacent to defend it!

You also need to check how many players are in one area. Points are multiplied according to the number players, however, if many are stuck in one spot, your other territories might be contested and won by your opponents.

Multiple Conquest Lances Can Be Used

Grand Conquests Lances.PNG

You can increas eyour score by using multiple Conquest Lances. These items also serve as your stamina for the event and will recharge 1 at every hour.

How to Earn a High Score in Grand Conquests

Rules are the same as Rival Domains

Grand Conquests Battle.PNG

The same battle system being used in Rival Domains also applies in Grand Conquests, as is the map size and the number of units in your team.

Score Bonus if Multiple Players Attack One Area

The more allies you have fighting in one area, the higher the bonus points that you can score.

It's recommended that you attack multiple areas in order to help out your allies, rather to attack just one area repeatedly.

Don't forget to also lend support to an area to obtain items!

GC Tier Score

The higher your GC tier, the more bonus points you can score.

Being active in Grand Conquests will raise your GC and will also earn you item rewards depending on your tier.

Grand Conquests Rewards

Higher GC Tier Means More Rewards

You can earn more rewards the higher your GC Tier.

In addition to earning rewards, a higher GC Tier will also contribute more points to the territories adjacent to your selected area.

Earn more points and hit GC Tier 25 to earn big rewards and help out your allies!

GC Tier Rewards

Grand Conquests Tier Reward.PNG

You can earn Hero Feathers, Sacred Coins, and Arena Medals depending on the number of allies that participated in conquering one area.

Score and Territory Reward

Grand Conquests Territory Reward.PNG

You can earn Hero Feathers and Arena Medals depending on the number of areas that your army controls in Grand Conquests.

After 44 hours, the rewards will change accordingly, so you will need to participate alongside your allies in conquering areas to gain more points.


There are many rewards that can be gained in playing Grand Conquests, and though it may seem difficult at first, no doubt you'll be able to get it in no time.

Plan out your team and areas to attack accordingly!

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