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This is a guide to the Training Tower in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to learn how to level up units quickly with the Training Tower, and which days give the best rewards for the different Hero types.

Training Tower Basics

Level Grinding Area

The Training Tower is a great place for getting lots of EXP for your allies. Using only a small portion of stamina, you can quickly acquire EXP and SP to level up your Heroes.

Randomized Enemies and Terrain

Enemies and maps can change each time you battle. So check the foes and terrain before starting in order to create the best team possible.

You can also tap the refresh icon to change the enemy types and level as much as you want.

How to Change Enemies

How to Change Enemies in the Training Tower

The Refresh Icon is the green button containing 2 arrows tailing each other.

Tap this Refresh Icon in the Training Tower's home screen before selecting a level. This lets you change the roster of enemies until you have a manageable set of foes your Heroes can defeat.

Once-Per-Day Rewards

Shards and Crystals can be obtained when you first clear a stage each day. These items can level up your allies.

You can get Shards and Crystals only from the Sixth Stratum and higher.

Badge Drops for Unlocking Potential

Each time you clear a stagem you'll get either a Badge or Great Badge. These items are used in the Unlock Potential feature that powers-up your units.

You can get Badges only from the Sixth Stratum or higher.

Training Tower Strata Information

Stratum Difficulty Level Bracket
1st Normal Lv. 1 to 5
2nd Normal Lv. 6 to 10
3rd Normal Lv. 11 to 15
4th Normal Lv. 16 to 20
5th Hard Lv. 21 to 25
6th Hard Lv. 26 to 30
7th Hard Lv. 31 to 35
8th Lunatic Lv. 36 to 40
9th Lunatic Lv. 38 to 40
10th Lunatic Lv. 40

The level of enemies in the Training Tower will change randomly every time you clear it, so pick the Stratum that best matches the level of your current team roster.

Training Tower Drops Schedule

The drops in the training tower are indicated per day. Available items refresh everyday at 16:00 PST

(Refresh time is every Tuesday 16:00 PST to Wednesday 15:59 PST)

Hero Crystal Drops Per Day

Day Stratum Crystal Type
Scarlet CrystalTuesday 1~5 Scarlet Crystal
6~10 Scarlet Shard
Scarlet Crystal
Azure CrystalWednesday 1~5 Azure Crystal
6~10 Azure Shard
Azure Crystal
Verdant CrystalThursday 1~5 Verdant Crystal
6~10 Verdant Shard
Verdant Crystal
Transparent CrystalFriday 1~5 Transparent Crystal
6~10 Transparent Shard
Transparent Crystal
Universal CrystalSaturday 1~5 Universal Crystal
6~10 Universal Shard
Universal Crystal
Universal CrystalSunday 1~5 Universal Crystal
6~10 Universal Shard
Universal Crystal

Hero Badge Drops Per Day

Day Stratum Badge Type
Great Scarlet BadgeTuesday 1~5 Great Scarlet Badge
6~10 Scarlet Badge
Great Scarlet Badge
Great Azure BadgeWednesday 1~5 Great Azure Badge
6~10 Azure Badge
Great Azure Badge
Great Verdant BadgeThursday 1~5 Great Verdant Badge
6~10 Verdant Badge
Great Verdant Badge
Great Transparent BadgeFriday 1~5 Great Transparent Badge
6~10 Transparent Badge
Great Transparent Badge
Hero BadgesSaturday 1~5 Random Colored Hero Badge
6~10 Random Colored Hero Badge or Great Badge
Hero BadgesSunday 1~5 Random Colored Hero Badge
6~10 Random Colored Hero Badge or Great Badge

How to Level Up Quickly in the Training Tower

To quickly level up a single character at a time, it's best to form a team with the Hero you would like to level up, and 3 support units. These will include:

Note that this method will not work for leveling up refresher units unless you first unequip Dance or Sing from their skillset.

Once you have set up your training team, go to the Change Skillsoption and un-equip the weapon skills of all 3 support units. Doing so will ensure that only the Hero unit you want to level up gets all the EXP and SP, allowing you to quickly unlock new weapon skills, specials, and passive abilities for that unit.

In the Training Tower screen, choose the Stratum that best matches the current level of the Hero unit you want to raise. For the most part, you should repeatedly grind stages where the enemies are about 2~3 levels less than or equal to your units current level. This will ensure that your unit gains ample SP in addition to leveling up. In addition, this method can be used to farm Hero Feathers and Orbs from the monthly Training Tower Missions.

Keep in mind that it's best to have that hero fight enemies they have Weapon Triangle Advantage over, so you should re-roll the enemies until they are favorable for the hero you wish to level up.

Using Auto-Battle also makes the process faster. Just be sure to use the following settings!

Recommended Settings

Combat Animations Off
Combat Animations Off
Assist Skills in Auto On
Auto-Battle Text Auto-Advance
Map: No Animation On
Auto: No Animation On

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