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FEH's Orbs are the in-game currency used to pull heroes from their specific banners. If you are a f2p user of FEH, or you just want to know how to get the most orbs, this guide is for you!

How to Get Free Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

List of Free In-game Orb Sources

No. of Orbs Where or How to Get
15 Finish Tutorial
At the end of the tutorial, you will be rewarded 15 Orbs that can be claimed in the mailbox. This will take about 5 minutes.
Reroll Tier List
2 First Day Log-in Bonus
Fire Emblem Heroes offers a log-in bonus every day that can be an Orb. Upon logging in on your first day of playing, you will receive 2 Orbs.
3 Clear beginning of Story Mode
After the tutorial, you will be given a quest to clear the first map of the story and you will be awarded 3 Orbs.
10 Link Nintendo Account
You will recieve 10 ors upon connecting your Fire Emblem Heroes account to your Nintendo account. Clink the link above for instructions on how to do it.
500+ Complete the Story Mode maps across all difficulties
Clearing up until the third book will give you 500+ Orbs! Continute clearing newly-released maps to get more.
350+ Complete Paralogue maps across all difficulties
Paralogue maps are very easy to complete and you can get an upwards of 350+ Orbs upon doing so.
250+ Complete Chain Challenges at Lunatic difficulty
Chain Challenges are a bit tedious to clear, but they can give you 250+ Orbs if you are perseverant enough.
44 Complete Squad Assault maps
Squad Assault maps are one of the hardest to clear in the game. However, you will be awarded a fair 44 Orbs upon completing all of them.
15+ Clear Tactics Drill maps
Every 6th Grandmaster or Skill Studies map awards you with an Orb! Click the link above to see our solutions to these maps.
130+ Clear Blessed Gardens
Some of the maps in the Blessed Gardens under Multi-Map Battle award orbs upon completion. Take note that you will need heroes with specific blessings to participate in these maps.
42 Clear Tempest Trials
Tempest Trials award up to 42 Orbs upon getting a score of 50,000. Participate in Tempest Trials every month to get Orbs and other rewards. Click here for a guide to how to efficiently go through Tempest Trials!
14 Participate in Forging Bonds
Most of the time, Forging Bonds will reward you with Orbs when you play a single map daily. Make sure to include it in your daily routine when a Forging Bonds event is online.
14 Participate in Grand Conquest
There is a Grand Conquest event every month and participating in it can give you up to 14 Orbs on top of other various resources.
22+ Clear Monthly Quests
Orbs can also be obtained from monthly quests that have varying difficulties. Some are very easy and some are very tedious. Make sure to complete as much as you can because those 22+ Orbs do add up in the course of time.
2~3 Re-released Grand Hero Battles
Grand Hero Battles are often re-released and the maps will award you with Orbs. Make sure to clear them as Orbs are one of the most valuable resources in the game.
9 Clearing Bound Hero Battles
These battles can be accessed through Special maps which are discussed below. Clearing all 3 difficulties will give you a total of 9 Orbs.
Clearing Special maps
Special maps are routinely released in Fire Emblem Heroes. Their difficulty will vary, but they will almost always reward you with Orbs upon clearing them for the first time. When one does come out, prioritize clearing them as they will be unavailable after a while. This effectively forfeits the chance to get said Orbs.
1 Sunday log-in bonus
You will always be given 1 Orb upon logging in on Sundays. Make sure to log-in every day to get something from Feh!
Daily log-in bonus
Fire Emblem Heroes gives log-in bonuses almost every day. Sometimes, multiple log-in bonuses are put on top of each other so you will be rewarded with multiple items upon logging in.

Price of Paid Orbs

Orb Prices.jpg

The below chart is a price breakdown per orbs for each package.

Number of Orbs Price Price per Orb
3 $1.99 $0.663
10 $5.99 $0.599
23 $12.99 $0.565
36 $19.99 $0.555
50 $26.99 $0.539
77 $39.99 $0.519
143 $74.99 $0.524

The most cost-efficient orb pack is the 77 Orb package.

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