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How to Increase Ally Support

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This is a guide on Ally Support in Fire Emblem Heroes. Learn what Ally Support does for units with a support, and how to increase support quickly!

What is Ally Support?

A Good Way to Buff Your Units

Ally Support Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

Ally Support is a way for two units to improve their relationship and give each other beneficial effects.

You can access Ally Support through the Interact With Allies tab in the Allies menu.

Only one unit can receive one Ally's support at any given time.

How the System Works

Here is how the Summoner Support system works:

  • You can change Ally Support from any two units to another set as many times as you like.
  • If you swap Ally Supports from one unit to another unit, they will start at bond level C.
  • If you Ally Support one unit and then swap to another and then swap back to the first unit, they will start again at bond level C.
  • Ally and Summoner Supports overlap their effects
  • Ally Support effects are not active in Arena defense or Aether Raids defense.

Support Level and Effects

Ally Support Effects Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

Bond Level Effects (Adjacent) Effects (1 Space Away)
S Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res+1
A Spd/Def/Res+2 Spd/Def/Res+1
B Def/Res+2 Def/Res+1
C Res+2 Res+1

These effects kick in when one unit is either adjacent or 1 space away from their support partner.

Ally Support Weapon Effects or Skills Overlap With Duplicates

If you have a unit that has a weapon or skill that involves a Support Partner such as Corrin (M), those effects will overlap or stack if you have duplicates of that unit.

Since the same Ally Support is reflected across all copies of one unit, all duplicates will be able to buff their one Support partner.

For instance, Corrin (M)'s Yato grants buffs if he is within 2 spaces of his Support partner.

If you have 3 copies of Corrin (M) and one of their support partner on one team, their Yato effects will collectively overlap on that unit.

Note that the Ally Support buff will not stack, only the effects of the weapon and skills. You can pair this with other skills like Drive Atk 2 or Spur Spd 3 for even stronger effects.

How to Increase Summoner Support

Chain Challenges is Recommended

Summoner Support Chain Challenges Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

Doing Chain Challenges on Normal are not just a great way to grind for Ally Support, you can also use them for SP Grinding as well!

Estimated Bond Leveling Battles

Defeating Enemies With Only One Unit

Bond Level Estimated Enemy Units Defeated Cummulative Enemy Units Defeated
C to B 10 foes 10 foes
B to A 47 foes 54 foes
A to S 114 foes 171 foes

Bond Levels are shown when a unit is Lvl 40 and a 5★.

This is the estimated number of enemy units that need to be defeated by only one unit of the Support pair.

After defeating about 171 foes, the unit and their Support Partner reached S Support.

Defeating Enemies Using Both Units

Bond Level Estimated Enemy Units Defeated Cummulative Enemy Units Defeated
C to B 16 foes 16 foes
B to A 38 foes 54 foes
A to S 74 foes 128 foes

Bond Levels are shown when a unit is Lvl 40 and a 5★.

This is the estimated number of enemy units that need to be defeated by both units of the Support pair.

After defeating about 128 foes, both units reached S Support.

Stamina Calculation

If you defeat about 40 enemy units in Chain Challenges Normal, you'll need to go for about 4-5 rounds, which is about 126 Stamina.

If you spam another map such as the 8th Stratum of the Training Tower, you'll need about 42 rounds, which is about 378 Stamina.

Recommended Units for Ally Support

Unit 1 Unit 2 Overview
Reinhardt - ThunderReinhardt Sigurd - Destined Duo ImageMasquerade Sigurd One high power magic user and a dancer. Both are cavalry units that can cover large areas of the map.
Roy - Blazing Lion ImageLegendary Roy Lyn - Brave Lady ImageBrave Lyn Two cavalry units with high firepower that can cover large areas of the map.
Hector - Brave Warrior ImageBrave Hector Corrin - Fateful Prince ImageCorrin (M) Brave Hector has a lot of buffs on his weapon's refine, paired with Corrin's Yato refine will make him hit harder and be able to tank more.
Lyn - Ninja-Friend Duo ImageNinja Lyn Plumeria - Lewd Dream ImagePlumeria Two flier units, one being a dancer. Plumeria can buff Lyn and debuff enemy units within 4 spaces of her.
Navarre - Scarlet Sword ImageNavarre Velouria - Wolf Cub ImageVelouria Navarre's weapon refine gives him Special cooldown -2 on turn 1, in addition to accelerating his Special trigger. Velouria's weapon gives her Support Partner Special cooldown -2.
This means Navarre can have Galeforce trigger the moment he attacks.
Ike - Brave Mercenary ImageBrave Ike Lucina - Brave Princess ImageBrave Lucina Brave Lucina's weapon refine will allow her to buff an already tanky Brave Ike.

We'll update this table if more viable Ally Supports are made apparent.

In the meantime, share us your own Ally Supports in the comments section!

Ally Support Summary

Ally Supports are a good way to mutually buff two units at the same time when they're both in battle.

Pair units up and see which combinations will make for a powerful team!

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