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Tempest Trials

This is a walkthrough for the Tempest Trials event in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Here you can find information such as Tempest Trials rewards, bonus units, availability, as well as tips and tricks to beat this event.

Tempest Trials: Love of Family

Tempest Trials+ Love of Family.png
Availability 01/19/2021 - 01/29/2021

Tempest Trials: Love of Family Key Points

Make use of In the Moment Units!

Tempest Trials+: Love of Family is centered around the newly released desert-themed special heroes, obtainable through the Dark Desert Rituals summon. The other bonus units from this event include the Plegian Kris (M) gained from this event as well as the original alts of Lene, Katarina and the Kris (F) alt. If you have units from the latest summon, you would be wise to train and use them here.

This event's big prize is Plegian Kris (M)!

Plegian Kris (M) Image
FEH Green Stone Green Axe IconAxe Cavalry IconCavalry
Base Stats
Lv. 1 HP
Lv. 40 HP
41 (41)
51 (37)
37 (37)
31 (31)
22 (22)
Default Skills
Assist Skill Icon :-
Passive Skill A Icon Spd/Def 2
Passive Skill C Icon :-

Plegian Kris (M) Builds and Best IVs

The free unit obtained through a high score in this event is Plegian Kris (M). Since Plegian Kris (M) cannot be obtained through regular summon, be sure to obtain him here before the event expires. A 5★ version of Plegian Kris (M) will be given as a reward once you reach a cumulative score of 15,000.

Obtainable Seals from this Event

Score 10,000 Score 20,000
Brazen Spd/Def 1 Air Orders 1

We recommend scoring at least 20,000 points so that you can claim all major rewards. Ninja Hana is a good unit and has decent skills for fodder. Both Sacred Seals are very helpful too! They suit a variety of units so it would not hurt getting them.

Tempest Trials - Bonus Units

Heroes That Add a 40% Bonus
Dorothea - Twilit Harmony Image Plegian Dorothea Katarina - Torchlit Wanderer Image Plegian Katarina Tharja - Florid Charmer Image Plegian Tharja Raphael - Muscle-Monger Image Plegian Raphael
Kris - Ardent Firebrand Image Plegian Kris (M) Lene - Yearning Dancer Image Lene Kris - Unsung Hero Image Kris (F) Katarina - Wayward One Image Katarina

In addition to the new Dark Desert Rituals units, the bonus heroes include Lene, Katarina and and Kris (F). If you already have one of these units, be sure to edit your team and put them in for those bonus points!

Tempest Trials Guide

Final Map of Love of Family

Love of Family Final Map Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

The final map of Love of Family. Tharja is joined by older, but still fierce units in this final showdown!

Love of Family Boss Information

Tharja - Florid Charmer Image Plegian Tharja HP
Assist Skill Icon :-
Special Skill Icon Reprisal
Sacred Seal Icon :-

This event's boss is Plegian Tharja

The boss for Tempest Trials+: Love of Family is Plegian Tharja. She has many skills that activate when she attacks your units so watch out for those. It might be best to bring a player phase unit of yours like Brave Lyn or any other bow unit with a Brave Bow+. Use them to get to Plegian Tharja first to not get hit by Plegian Torch+ and Swift Sparrow 3**!

This Event's Recommended Heroes

Igrene - Nabata Protector Image Igrene Midori - Reliable Chemist Image Midori Klein - Silver Nobleman Image Klein Gordin - Altean Archer Image Gordin

As mentioned, the best way to take out Plegian Tharja is to get to her first before she can attack your units. The units above are high-powered offensive units that can make quick work of Plegian Tharja if they initiate upon her. Klein and Gordin are also bow users that can make use of the 1.5x damage multiplier to take Tharja down. Plegian Raphael can also work too as he is a bonus unit and a bow wielder. Just make sure that he gets to her first. That can be hard as he is an armored unit.

Heroes with Effective Skills

Bonus Heroes receive a stat boost

You Win

During Tempest Trials, Bonus Units will receive HP+10 and +4 to all other stats. These bonus points will give a non-merged ally the same stat bonuses of a +10 ally, which is also like having a Fortify skill constantly active on all stats. Bonus Units are very powerful with these stat boosts, so use them as much as possible.

Other Tempest Trials Information

Tempest Trials Rewards

Tempest Trial Rewards

Featured Rewards

Depending on the total number of points you accumulate, you can obtain various prizes, such as Hero Feathers, Orbs, Sacred Coins, and even Heroes. While you should aim to collect as many of these rewards as possible, you will need to reach a score of 15,000 in order to obtain the event's hero. After you have reached the 15,000 point threshold, you can either quit playing this event, or continue racking up a bigger score to get more and more orbs.

Tempest Trials Reward Types

Reward Type Note
Rewards by Score Receive items and heroes based on the total sum of your points obtained in Tempest Trials.
Rewards by Rank Your total score is compared to others in 2 hour intervals, and your placement at the end determines the amounf of Hero Feathers you can obtain.
Daily Quests Daily Quests cleared by playing Tempest Trials. These reset daily at 2 AM Eastern Time.

Tempest Trials Scoring System

Earn points toward your score by clearing all maps

Score Types
When you clear the final map of Tempest Trials, the score for that playthrough will be added to your cumulative score. In addition to the number of maps, a Speed and Survival rating are also factored into the score. Even if all of your parties are defeated, you will receive the points you have accumulated for the maps already cleared.

How to Grind Tempest Trials Quickly

Score Types Glossary

Score Type Explanation
Base Score A fixed number on every map
Maps Cleared Increases with each map you complete
Speed Dependent on the number of turns you took
Survival Dependent on the number of your units who survived
Bonus Ally Dependent on whether or not you used a Bonus Ally

How to Play Tempest Trials (Rules)


Tempest Trials Basic Rules

  • An event where you must complete multiple high difficulty maps
  • If your party is defeated in battle, you can edit a new team and continue, but defeated allies cannot be reused
  • The points you earn in each playthrough contribute to your total score, and you earn various rewards based off of this score.
  • There is also a Rank Score which is dependent on your Total Score
  • You receive a bonus as long as the bonus ally appears in your party in at least one map.
  • The bonus can still be obtained, even if the party the bonus unit appeared in is completely defeated
  • Enemies already defeated do not reappear on a map if you are defeated and rechallenge it

Changes to Rules from Previous Updates

  • Auto-Battle Ninja Hanabled
  • Save Special Teams for Multi-Map Battles
  • Addition of a Normal Difficulty (~Lv. 10)
  • Bonus available twice per day
  • Doubled Exp. and SP for Bonus Units

See All Changes From Previous Updates

Auto-Battle Ninja Hanabled


When Auto-Battle is turned on in Multi-Map battles, it will continue until the map is completed or all of your allies are defeated.

Save Special Teams for Multi-Map Battles

Special Teams

You can save up to 10 parties for use with Multi-Map Battles, separate from the normal teams saved in your barracks

Addition of a Normal Difficulty (~Lv. 10)

Normal Difficulty
With the addition of the Normal Difficuly map, an even lower level map is available. This could be useful for leveling up your weaker heroes while collecting points.

Bonus available twice per day

Twice Per Day Bonus

Every day the event is available, you will receive a 3x score bonus on the first two playthroughs of Tempest Trials. Even if you are only playing the event a little bit day by day, be sure and take advantage of this bonus, as it will make it much easier to reach the Rewards.

Boosted stats for Bonus Units

Bonus Unit Stat Boost

Using bonus units gives them a significant stat boost. An HP+10 and +4 to all other stats boost will automatically be added to these units, so be sure to add them to your party and make the most of them.=

Doubled Exp. and SP for Bonus Units

Doubled Exp and SP

Bonus Allies who are used in Tempest Trials will also get a 2x Exp. and SP bonus. This makes it easy to train your units while aiming for a big score in Tempest Trials.

Basic Procedure

Difficulty Levels

In Tempest Trials, you must choose from one of several maps. In addition to the enemies' strength, the number of maps and amount of teams you can choose from will differ based on the difficulty level, so be sure and choose the difficulty level that is right for your heroes.

  1. Select the difficulty
  2. Select the number of Teams and then choose your party
  3. If you complete a map, you will continue to the next one
    (HP and Cooldown Count carry over, but fallen allies do not return)
  4. If all party members are defeated, select the next party and continue

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