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Limited Hero Battle Guide and Rewards

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This is a guide to the Limited Hero Battles in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Learn what Limited Hero Battles are, restrictions in place for Limited Hero Battles, as well as rewards and how to beat Limited Hero Battles!

Limited Hero Battles Overview

Battles Where the Types of Units are Restricted

Limited Hero Battles are maps where the units that can enter are restricted, unlike past Grand Hero Battles.

High Difficulty

These maps can be difficult to clear because of the restrictions placed on the player. Therefore, we recommend that you have as many units from different games as possible, so clearing will not be a problem.

As for the battles themselves, they will essentially work the same way as normal Hero Battles maps do, so if you have played the map before, you should be familiar with how the units attack. The one big difference will be the limits placed on which units you can use.

Grand Hero Battles Bound Hero Battles
Legendary Hero Battles Mythic Hero Battles
Limited Hero Battles Hero Battles

Tips for Limited Hero Battles

Unlock the Potential of Your Units

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The more units that you have built and invested, the easier it will be to clear Limited Hero Battles.

If you find yourself lacking units, consider unlocking potential with your lesser rarity units.

If you have enough Heroic Grails, you can get some of the free units to invest in.

How to Filter Your Units

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You can filter your units according to their origin game with the little button on the upper right of the Edit Teams section.

Units belonging to that game will be highlighted with a pink checkmark.

Limited Hero Battle Restrictions

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Game Title Restrictions

Young Marth Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

Heroes Shadow Dragon / (New) Mystery of the Emblem Three Houses
Fates Awakening Radiant Dawn
Path of Radiance The Binding Blade The Blazing Blade
The Sacred Stones Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Genealogy of the Holy War
Thracia 776 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore ---

Limited Hero Battles usually restrict you to use units to a specific Fire Emblem game.

These are all the current Fire Emblem games that various units represent, so if you're unsure which units belong to which game, you can check them out here!

Dancer Restrictions

Performing Azura.png

Units that have a skill like Sing are also subject to restrictions. In these maps, you are limited to either using only 1 dancer or none at all.

List of Dancers

Cannot Use Light's Blessing

Lights Blessing Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

Another restriction is that like other Grand Hero Battles, all units must survive to the end of the fight and you cannot use any Light's Blessing.

Unlike Grand Hero Battles, however, you can enter a Limited Hero Battle with 3 or less units as long as the other restrictions are followed.

Limited Hero Battle Rewards

Difficulty Reward
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×1000

You can obtain Divine Codes to obtain different units and Hero Feathers in order to unlock a unit's potential.

Getting the Feathers shouldn't be any trouble as beginners should be able to clear the Hard difficulty map.

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