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Sacred Seal Tier List Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

This page lists our top 10 recommended Sacred Seal Creations and Enhancements for the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on if you are curious as to where you should be spending those Sacred Coins!

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Sacred Seal Tier List | Sacred Seals Ranking 2021

Sacred Seal Forge Tier List

Ranking Sacred Seal Name Effect
1st This seal provides an after-combat heal, disables the Wrathful Staff effect, and blocks adaptive damage — good against dragonstone and staff units.
2nd The breath skills provides a small boost to a specific stat and special acceleration per attack when the foe initiates combat.
3rd If unit's HP ≥ 70% and foe initiates combat, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.
4th This seal provides the best boost to the unit's Atk and Spd compared to other seals.
5th Catch seals provide a great boost early in the battle, when stats are most important.
6th Solo Seals grants +6 to 2 stats of choice in-combat when having no adjacent allies.
7th This Seal grants a Special cooldown reduction in the first player phase—good against quickly taking out a priority unit with a Special attack.
8th Grants bonus Special cooldown charge when unit wins Atk or Spd checks. Heavy Blade can be equipped to more units while Flashing Blade has more restrictions.
9th Vastly improves mobility of non-flying allies on the team.
10th Grants a useful +4 Atk/Spd bonus when initiating attacks.
Honorable Mention Grants a hefty +6 Atk bonus when initiating attacks.
Honorable Mention The former grants +4 Def/Res to allies within 2 spaces when ranged foes attack them and the latter seal does the same thing, but against melee foes.
Honorable Mention Stance Seals grant +4 to 2 stats of choice in-combat when the wielding unit is attacked by a foe.

Best Sacred Seals Specific Situations and General Recommendations

Best Sacred Seals for Specific Situations

Recommended for Infantry
Grants adaptive damage to a unit if they as long as they are adjacent to a magic ally
Recommended for Armored Units
Grants Armored units extra movement if they are adjacent to another Armored unit (both the user and the adjacent Armored allies benefit)
Grants an extra space of movement to an Armored unit if they are at 100% HP at the start of the turn
Recommended for Fliers in Mixed Teams
This Seal allows non-flying allies to warp to tiles adjacent to allies within 2 spaces, granting unpredictable and superior mobility
This Seal makes it easy for Infantry and Armored allies to move along with the flying wielder. In other words, the flier Guides, the ground allies
This Seal makes allows its wielder to warp to spaces adjacent to infantry, armored, and cavalry allies within 2 spaces
Neutralizes flying-effective damage
Recommended for All-Flier Teams (Flier Emblem)
Similar to Aerobatics, this Seal allows its wielder to warp to spaces adjacent to co-flying allies within 2 spaces
This Seal makes it easy for co-flying allies to move along with the flying wielder. In other words, the flier Guides, the flying allies

General Recommendations

Creating and Enhancing Mystic Boost should be a top priority

Mystic Boost 3 Sacred Seal

The Sacred Seal Mystic Boost tops our list of recommended Sacred Seals. It provides healing for sustain to keep your main tank alive, disables the Wrathful Staff effect, and blocks adaptive damage. This seal single-handedly reduces the threat of enemy offensive staff units to near-zero for its wielder.

It does multiple things very well, all in one seal slot! We highly recommend you create and upgrade this seal as soon as possible.

Creating Breath seals should also be a top priority

Steady Breath Sacred Seal

The Sacred Seals Darting Breath, Steady Breath, and Warding Breath ranked high in our list of recommended Sacred Seal Creations/Enhancements. These skills provides a small stat boost, and more importantly, special cooldown acceleration per attack when the foe initiates combat. The special cooldown acceleration part is what makes this seal very powerful compared to other Sacred Seals.

It also helps that these Sacred Seals are already fully upgraded upon receiving them. No additional upgrades are necessary.

Creating and Enhancing Quick Riposte should also be a top priority

Quick Riposte Sacred Seal FEH Fire Emblem Heroes

The Sacred Seal Quick Riposte ranked high in our list of recommended Sacred Seal Creations/Enhancements. This skill can work with almost any unit, as this versatile seal grants a guaranteed follow-up attack when a unit's HP is above a certain threshold.

Many heroes will become very easy to use by simply having this ability, so we highly recommend that you prioritize creating and enhancing this seal.

Creating and Enhancing all of the Solo skills is worth the investment

Solo Seal FEH Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

The Solo skills ranked 4th in this list are very effective, and easy-to-use! They might be the boost that your units need to get that extra bite in battle, or the missing puzzle piece in solving an Infernal or Abyssal map! They work with almost every unit, so we strongly recommend that you use up your Sacred Coins to max out these seals first!

Player phase-centered Seals are very useful for offensive units

Swift Sparrow 2 Sacred Seal Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

Player phase-centered Sacred Seals that activate upon initiating an attack, are easy-to-use, and very reliable on offensive player phase units whose playstyles revolves around initiating attacks. They can provide units with the extra stats that help them widen their KO range. The extra Spd from Swift Sparrow 2 can also prevent a follow-up attack that can knock 'em out.

Versatile skills like Close/Distant Def are of high importance

Distant Guard Sacred Seal Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

The X Defense and Deflect X-type Sacred Seals are all great skills, but Distant Def 3 and Close Def 3 are extremely versatile, and you have nothing to lose from enhancing them both to level 3. Whether it is Arena Duels, high difficulty map quests, or leveling your heroes up, these seals can be used in practically any scenario.

For Smoke-type seals, we recommend going with Atk Smoke.

Atk Smoke 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

In addition to the seal Atk Smoke, there is a similar seal called Spd Smoke, but of these two, we recommend investing your resources into Atk Smoke. A speed debuff will be completely useless if your opponent has a skill that gives them a guaranteed follow-up attack, but a debuff to the foe's attack can never really be a bad thing.

As of 2021, Smoke type Seals are not as powerful anymore so keep that in mind when trying to integrate them into your teams.

Armor March and Armored Boots are very helpful

Armored Boots 3 Sacred Seal Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

One of the biggest banes of an Armored unit is the limited movement that they come with. These seals help them with mobility if they meet fairly easy-to-meet trigger conditions. If picked up, they can easily keep up with their lightfooted allies in mixed teams.

Seals such as Guidance 3 also help with Armored mobility.

Guidance is great to use with an aerial ace

Guidance 3 Sacred Seal Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

The seal Guidance can only be equipped to flying-type units, so it will go to waste will if you do not have the right hero for it.

However, Guidance increases the range that both armored and infantry units can move, making it very useful when doing Arena Duels or dealing with difficult maps. If you have a powerful flying ally that you often use in a mixed colored team, we highly recommend creating and enhancing this seal.

Choose Sacred Seals that best fit your units!

Resplendent Reinhardt Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

This is a reliable ranking of the different Sacred Seals available, but always take into consideration the synergy of the Seals with your characters. For example, Quickened Pulse might be ranked lower compared to the Solo seals, but Reinhardt in particular is very good with it as it allows him to potentially unleash a skill like Moonbow on a priority target in the first turn!

Always remember that Sacred Seals are more flexible when compared to their skill counterparts as they can be transferred to other units any time at a whim!

Example of Sacred Seal-kit Synergy

Eir Fire Emblem Heroes FEH Best Sacred Seals

This is an example of the Swift Sparrow 2 Sacred Seal. Since Eir already has the same skill on the A slot, and she sports a player phase playstyle anyway, it would not hurt to get another copy of it in the Seal slot. This increases her KO range, makes it easy for her to land follow-up attacks and lessens her susceptibility to hostile follow-up attacks.


Best Sacred Seals FEH

While it may take some time to gather all of the materials needed for creating and enhancing these skills (Sacred Coins and Hero Badges), this guide should give you an idea of which seals to save these materials for and get even more out of your heroes.

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