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Story Walkthrough

This page contains walkthrough information for all quests of of the Main Story in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to learn enemy levels, EXP obtained, as well as obtainable rewards!

Main Story Quests by Book

Book I Story Quests

Intermission: The Rite of Blades Intermission: Awakening Ancient Power
Chapter 13: Diabolical Bloodline Chapter 12: Bitter Enemies
Chapter 11: Rite of Shadows Chapter 10: World of Radiance
Chapter 9: Heroes Invade Chapter 8: Back to Awakening
Chapter 7: World of Blazing Chapter 6: World of Birthright
Chapter 5: Back to Mystery Chapter 4: World of Awakening
Chapter 3: World of Binding Chapter 2: World of Conquest
Chapter 1: World of Mystery Prologue: World of Zenith

Book II Story Quests

- Chapter 13: A Way Home
Chapter 12: Seeping Poison Chapter 11: Prince of Ice
Chapter 10: The King's Demise Chapter 9: Hellfire
Chapter 8: Rite of Frost Chapter 7: Snow and Ash
Chapter 6: The True Quarry Chapter 5: Blood and Snow
Chapter 4: Fiery Resolve Chapter 3: Guided by a Dream
Chapter 2: Princess of Ice Chapter 1: The Flame

Book III Story Quests

- Chapter 13: Marvelous Dream
Chapter 12: Lethal Swordsman Chapter 11: Where It Began
Chapter 10: Omnicidal Witch Chapter 9: Cohort of the Dead
Chapter 8: Truth of a Name Chapter 7: A Home Unknown
Chapter 6: Realm of the Dead Chapter 5: A Father's Legacy
Chapter 4: A King's Worth Chapter 3: Countdown
Chapter 2: The Dread Gate Chapter 1: Death

Main Story Quests by Difficulty

Book I
Normal Hard Lunatic
Book II
Normal Hard Lunatic
Book III
Normal Hard Lunatic

Other Map Walkthroughs

Permanent Maps

Story Quests Paralogue Quests
Aether Raids Tactics Drills

Special Maps

Grand Hero Battles Bound Hero Battles
Legendary Hero Battles Mythic Hero Battles
Limited Hero Battles Hero Battles
Rival Domains -

Current Events

Event Name Active Period
Daily Special Maps Banner
Daily Special Maps
[Grand Hero Battle]
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Grand Hero Battle: Murdock Banner
Grand Hero Battle: Murdock
[Grand Hero Battle]
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Forging Bonds
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