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This is a board for posting your best Fire Emblem Heroes memes. Feel free to browse some of the funniest FEH memes, or share your own!

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17 Anonymousover 1 yearReport


16 korasaouaover 1 yearReport

true XD

15 Anonymouserover 1 yearReport

Hello, FEH complaint desk? FEdelgard is picking on me again

14 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Glad that I'm not the only one then! I wouldn't have the intro screen audio change though. It's grown on me

13 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally Fire Emblem Heroes blasted in public... on the train haha

12 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

This is too funny, I'm so sorry HAHAHA

11 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

gimme orbs, FEH!!

10 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

glad I'm not the only one then! happened to me a lot. Got a lot of weird stares in public but idrc lol

9 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Not a meme, but this happened last week..... randomly woke up at 3AM. Couldn't sleep again so I decided to play some FEH. Didn't notice volume was on max and Alfonse just blasted the room with FIRE EMBLEM HEROES. My brother got mad cause we weren't able to sleep 3AM onwards. It was a bad and groggy day...

8 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

that's because its semi-legit. It was from an April Fool's prank XD I'd really like FEH to be a playable character in the game but I think many people would hate that. FEH is just so cute

7 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

this looks so legit! where did you get it?

6 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport


5 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

WHAT HAHAHA. Wouldn't work. Ball will get smashed into smithereeeeeens!@!@!@!@!@

4 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

OP on r/FireEmblemHeroes hahaha I was thinkin the same thing lmao.

3 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Hahahaha its the proper way to do things though. Waste of your time if you aim to manual all those 50k points

2 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport


1 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Actually me during this current TT lmaooo

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