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In FEH, IVs can either make or break a unit. The newly released Trait Fruits allows summoners to change the IVs of their favorite units without spending more orbs. If you want to learn more about Trait Fruits, this page is for you.

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Trait Fruits: How to Change IVs

What are IVs or Traits?


"Some heroes might have an asset, such as excelling an attacking, and a flaw such as lacking in their defense." -Feh

IVs or Traits are a mechanic in Fire Emblem Heroes that cause stat variation in identical copies of a hero. In the case above, there are 3 Fjorms that have different IVs. They all have the same skills and all are maxed at Lv. 40. However, because of the IVs, their stats differ from each other's stats. The first one has a higher Atk that, but a lower Def stat, the second one has a higher Def stat and a lower Atk stat and the last one sports a more balanced statline.

If you need a more thorough discussion on IVs, see our guide to IVs If you need to use an IV calculator, you can check our IV Checker and Calculator below.

IV Checker and Calculator

Where Can You Get Trait Fruits?

Trait Fruit.png

Trait Fruits are the currency or item you will have to collect to pay for changing the IVs or traits of a unit. You can get them from the events listed in the image above (The Arena, Resonant Battles, Mjölnir's Strike, Forging Bonds) and we are guessing that they will be handed out in small quantities just like how Silver Coins and Refining Stones are distributed.

Frontline Phalanx Kick-Off Quests

Frontline Phalanx Quest Jpg.png

The new event, Frontline Phalanx, will feature Kick-Off Quests upon release! It will give us an upwards of 100 Trait Fruits, which is enough for changing the IVs or Traits of one hero.

How To Change IVs or Traits

Fjorm IV Change.png

After collecting Trait Fruits, you will need to go to the Allies tab to change their a unit's IVs or Traits. From the Feh Channel release on Trait Fruits, it seems you can change both Assets and Flaws using 100 Trait Fruits. This is all up for confirmation once the Trait Fruit updates goes out!

What does this mean for Heroes without IVs?

Kronya - Gleaming Blade IconKronya
Aversa - Dark One IconAversa
Alfonse - Prince of Askr IconAlfonse

"Other heroes like our ol' pal Alfonse don't have assets or flaws" -Feh

Trait Fruits provide units that normally do not have IVs or Traits to finally enjoy the boost in stats! This is confirmed through the Feh Channel released August 14th. These include the Askr Trio, heroes from Tempest Trials+ and heroes from Grand Hero Battles. This extends to the Heroic Grails units too! Expect an influx of HP boosted Aversas in Aether Raids!

Forma Unit.jpg

"So even Forma units that have joined you can have their traits altered." -Feh

Last but not the least, even units purchased from the Hall of Forms event can have their trait allies. Your Sword Reinhardt can finally get access to that +Atk IV that has been restricted from him. Enjoy your +Atk Reinhardt with premium skills!

Recommended Characters for Trait Fruits

Units to Change IVs For

  • A powerful 5-star limited character
  • Free Units you want to make stronger
  • Heroes that will receive a superboon
  • Heroes you have already merged
  • Heroes with poor IVs
  • Your favorite Hero

5-Star Limited Units

Recommended 5-Star Characters
Idunn - Dragonkin Duo ImageSpring Idunn Alfonse - Askran Duo ImageNew Year Alfonse Edelgard - Adrestian Emperor ImageBrave Edelgard Leif - Unifier of Thracia ImageLegendary Leif

It's recommended to give Trait Fruits to the limited 5-star Heroes, since these units are so rare that it's hard to enhance their IV's via merging.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

Strong Free Units

Sample Grand Hero Battle and Tempest Trials+ Units
Aversa - Dark One ImageAversa Astram - MidiaAstram Naesala - SkyNaesala Minerva - Princess-Knight ImageYoung Minerva

Heroes obtained from Grand Hero Battles and Tempest Trials+ do not have native access to IVs.

You can use Trait Fruits on these units in order for them to gain any stat boons or banes.

Heroes that Capitalize on a Superboon

Before Merge After Merge
Tibarn - Shipless Pirate ImagePirate Tibarn
DEF↑HP↓ (+3/-4)
Tibarn - Shipless Pirate ImagePirate Tibarn
ATK↑RES↓ (+4/-3)

Heroes that can capitalize on a superboon can get the best benefits from Trait Fruits. Merging them prior to IV enhancement is also a good way to eliminate any weak stats.

Since some units naturally have +4/-4 IVs, you can use Trait Fruits to get these +4 boons, as well as eliminate a -4 bane if a merge is unavailable.

Heroes You Have Merged

Before Merge After Merge
Lysithea - Earnest Seeker ImageBrave Lysithea
1 Merge: RES ↑(+3)
Lysithea - Earnest Seeker ImageBrave Lysithea
1 Merge: ATK ↑(+4)

Heroes upgraded via Merge Allies may no longer have a superbane. These are also suitable candidates to recieve stat enhancements with Trait Fruits, since you can further bring out their power.

Merge Allies Guide | How to Merge Units

Units with Bad IVs

It's also recommended to use Trait Fruits on characters with bad IVs like -ATK or -DEF, depending on their roles as damage dealers or tanks.

Your Favorite Unit

Perhaps you have a personal favorite who you want to raise a particular stat for. Since FEH is a game where any unit you like can be made viable if given the required resources, feel free to upgrade a unit you love, even if they don't fall into any of the categories listed above.

Characters Not Recommended for Trait Fruits

Healers and Refreshers

Healers Refreshers
Silque - Selfless Cleric ImageValentine's Silque Mist - Helpful Sister ImageMist Peony - Sweet Dream ImagePeony Leanne - ForestLeanne

Support-centered Heroes like Healers and Refreshers can be used even if they have poor IVs. These units rarely need to fight if ever, and are primarily used to keep the team alive. If you do intend to use one of these as an attacker, then changing IVs may be called for.

Common 4-Star Characters

Sample Common 4 Star Characters
Eliwood - Knight of Lycia ImageEliwood Nowi - Eternal Youth ImageNowi Nino - Pious Mage ImageNino Gordin - Altean Archer ImageGordin

Common characters with 4-stars or less are not recommended for Trait Fruit enhancement. Since they're pretty common, getting duplicates of them with your preferred IVs, and for Merging, can easily correct their IV's.

The 3 Starter Characters

The 3 Starters
Alfonse - Prince of Askr ImageAlfonse Sharena - Princess of Askr ImageSharena Anna - Commander ImageAnna

These starter heroes have no duplicates for Merging, making it hard to correct their stats. There is little benefit to giving them Trait Fruits unless these are your favorites to use in battle.

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