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IV Checker

This is a tool for checking and calculating the Individual Values (IVs) of your Heroes in the game Fire Emblem Heroes. The IVs for all 5★, 4★, and 3★ Heroes at both Level 1 and Level 40 are displayed. Use this tool to see which IVs your Heroes have.

NOTE: If you are using a mobile device made before 2016, this tool may not function as intended.

Guides to Hero IVs
Explanation of IVs IV Checker
Best IVs for All Heroes Best IVs for All Free Units
Trait Fruits: How to Change IVs

IV Checker

How to Use the IV Checker/Calculator

Step-by-Step Explanation

  1. Enter the Hero's name
  2. Select the unit whose IVs you wish to see
  3. Check the stats of your Hero at Level 1 and 5★ at Level 40
  4. You can save a 5★ unit's stats at Level 40 by using the Save feature

About the Stats Displayed Here

The stats shown here for a Level 1 Hero with skill bonuses refer to stat changes from skills already equipped at the time a Hero is summoned. Checking a Hero's stats after Unlocking Potential may result in some variation, so make sure to check the stats without bonuses from skills as well.

About Saved Data

Please note that data will be deleted automatically if you delete your cookies or do not access this page for 180 days.

Understanding IVs

What are IVs?

In Fire Emblem Heroes, the stat variation of each unit are known as its Individual Values, or IVs. For every Hero, there is a variant with what are known as base stats, and variants with a raised and lowered stat (both stats differ from the base stat by 3 points).

How to Tell IVs Apart From Each Other

You can tell a Hero's IVs apart by looking at their stats at Level 1 or Level 40. A unit's stats at Level 40 are pre-determined, so by comparing the stats of your Hero with the ones here, you can see which stats exhibit an asset (raised stat) or flaw (lowered stat).

For a more detailed explanation of IVs, please see the article below.

How to Check Your IVs / Explanation of Base Stats

Other Useful FEH Links Regarding IVs

Stats at Level 40

Level 40 Stats
Stats for all 5★ Heroes
(With Skills)
Stats for all 5★ Heroes
(Without Skills)
Stats for all 4★ Heroes
(Without Skills)
Stats for all 3★ Heroes
(Without Skills)

Stats at Level 1

Level 1 Stats
5★ Initial Stats 4★ Initial Stats
3★ Initial Stats -

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