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This is a guide on Summoner Support in Fire Emblem Heroes. To get more information about the Summoner Support system and it's benefits, read on!

What is Summoner Support?

A Good Way to Promote Your Favorite Characters

Summoner Support S Support Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

Summoner Support is a way for you to improve your relationship with your chosen unit and give them beneficial effects.

You can access Summoner Support through the Interact With Allies tab in the Allies menu.

Only one unit can receive your support at any given time.

How the System Works

Here is how the Summoner Support system works:

  • You can change your support to any one unit as many times as you like
  • If you swap supports to another unit, you will start at bond level C.
  • If you support one unit and then swap to another and then swap back to the first unit, you will start again at bond level C.
  • Ally and Summoner Supports overlap their effects
  • Summoner Support effects are not active in Arena defense or Aether Raids defense.

Bond Level and Effects

Summoner Support Bonuses Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

Bond Level Effects
S HP+5, Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2
A HP+4, Spd/Def/Res+2
B HP+4, Def/Res+2
C HP+3, Res+2

Bond levels will increase when your unit defeat enemies that are Lvl 35 or higher.

How to Grind Summoner Support

Chain Challenges is Recommended

Summoner Support Chain Challenges Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

Doing Chain Challenges on Normal are not just a great way to grind for Summoner Support, you can also use them for SP Grinding as well!

Estimated Bond Leveling Battles

Bond Level Estimated Number of Maps Estimated Enemy Units Defeated
C to B 8 maps 26 foes
B to A 24 maps 94 foes
A to S 48 maps 229 foes

Bond Levels are shown when a unit is Lvl 40 and a 5★.

Clearing a total of 80 maps will get you to S rank with your chosen unit, going 8 rounds fo the 10 map Chain Challenge Normal.

However, take note that different numbers of enemy units may spawn on each map, so the number of defeated enemies seemed to not be taken that much into account when grinding for Support, but instead the number of maps or battles.

Recommended Units for Support Support

Tanky Units

Hector - Brave Warrior ImageBrave Hector Edelgard - Adrestian Emperor ImageBrave Edelgard Ike - Brave Mercenary ImageBrave Ike Sothis - Girl on the Throne ImageSothis

One of the most recommended unit types for Summoner Support are tanky units.

Since the HP and stats given by a Bond Level S is pretty significant, it can push these units to be even tankier.

A good bonus is if your chosen tanky unit has a Distant Counter effect, whether it be on a skill or weapon, so they can also counterattack anyone who initiates on them.

Pure Firepower / Glass Cannon Units

Reinhardt - ThunderReinhardt Lyn - Brave Lady ImageBrave Lyn Lyn - Ninja-Friend Duo ImageNinja Lyn Byleth - Fell StarSummer Byleth (F)

These units are known for their high firepower and one-shot potential, so giving one of them an S Support would increase their strength and further improve their capability to defeat a lot of enemy units on their own.

Using the Same Units

While you can only Summoner Support with one unit, any duplicate units will not share the same Bond Levels as the original.

This means if you would like to make a team with several of S-Supported duplicates (through the use of the Feh Pass benefits), you will need to grind Summoner Support for each one.

Your Favorite Character

You can also Summoner Support your favorite character!

Ultimately, if you have a favorite character, even if they're not very strong or in the meta, the bonuses will greatly help them in battle.

So don't be afraid to give an S Support to any unit you like!


Summoner Support is a very useful tool that you can use to grant any unit bonuses that can prove effective in combat.

Take full advantage of the feature and raise your Bond Levels with your chosen unit to make them more powerful!

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