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This is a guide to Arena Duels in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you would like to know about the rules of Arena battles, how your Arena Score is calculated, or how to play this mode, please read on.

What is the Arena?

Arena Image

A Ranked Battle where you earn Feathers and Orbs

The Arena is a ranked battle mode in FEH where you battle against other player's Defence Teams that are controlled by AI, competing with players from all countries for a high score. Based off of your score ranking, you will be able to earn rewards such as hero feathers and orbs.

Arena Battles Key Points

  • You are given 3 Dueling Seords per day, which reset at 3:00 AM Eastern Time (12:00 AM Pacific)
About Dueling Swords
  • You are given rewards once per week, based on your highest score.
About Seasons
  • The score you receive in each battle is determined by the stats of the enemy team's units.
About Scoring
  • Your party with a shield next to its name is your defense team.
    About Defense Teams
  • There are 3 kinds of rewards, with the main one being Hero Feathers.
    About Rewards
  • Your tier movement is decided by your score rank within your current Tier.
    About Tiers

Arena Rules

About Dueling Swords

Dueling Swords

In the Arena, you will use a special type of Stamina, known as Dueling Swords. When you have three dueling swords at the top of the Battle screen, you have the max amount of swords. There are three ways to recover your swords (below).

How to Recover Dueling Swords

  • Restored daily at 7:00 AM UTC
  • Use a Dueling Crest to restore your swords
  • Use orbs to restore your swords

About Seasons

The Arena has intervals known as seasons, which each last for a week. At the end of each season, your score for that season is calculated, and your rewards and tier placement are determined by how well you did.

You can obtain your rewards as soon as the the next Arena season begins. You must claim your rewards within a week or else you will lose them.

Season Schedule

Tuesday 7:00 AM UTC - Season Start
Wednesday Arena Open
Note: This is when you can collect your previous season rewards
Monday 11:00 PM UTC - Season Ends
Arena Closed: Monday @ 11:00 PM to Tuesday @ 7:00 AM UTC

Score Calculation

Arena Bonus Heroes FEH.png

Your Arena Score is calculated based on how powerful your opponent's units are. The following factors determine how strong your opponents are.

Factor Explanation
Stat Totals, Levels, and Rarities of Your Units The higher each of these are, the higher your opponent's will be.
Merge Allies A unit with multiple merges gains more points than one without them.
A 4 Star Unit with +10 Merges nets a higher score than a 5 Star with no merges.
Skill Inheritance Higher SP skills are worth more than other ones.
Bonus Unit Every week, there will be a new set of bonus units that you can put in your team to boost your score.
You only need to put one of these units in your team to earn the bonus (multiple instances of the bonus units do not stack score bonuses).

The points you receive are based on opponent difficulty

When matching with an opponent, you must select either Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

A higher difficulty will result in both units that have better stats and skills, and better AI. Always choose Advanced for the best score.

Since matchmaking is based around your party's strength, you should in theory be able to take on any team you are matched with.

A Dueling Sword is used once you select your enemy, and surrendering will cause you to lose it.

Chain Rewards

You are given a score from each battle, and winning consecutive battles will cause your score to increase.

When you win five consecutive Arena Battles, that score is added up, and it will become your score for that season, until you can replace it with a higher one.

Additionally, you are given a reward for your first time clearing battles consecutively (one for each of the five battles).

Bonus Score for Bonus Heroes

When you use one of the season's Bonus Heroes, you will be able to receive three different types of bonuses.

Bonus Heroes Stat Boost

Bonus Heroes in the Arena will receive HP+10 and Atk/Def/Res+4.

However, these bonus stats will not contribute to your score, and only the Bonus Hero receives them.

Increased Score for No Deaths!

You will get the largest obtainable score if you complete a five battle run without any team members dying. You will lose more and more of your score based on the amount of allies who died in battle.

Number of Deaths Score Change
0 Max Score
1 -10% (90% of Max Score)
2 -20% (80% of Max Score)
3 -30% (70% of Max Score)

Defense Teams

In Arena Battles, one designated party of yours will be controlled by AI and battle real players as well. Therefore, other than setting the team, you do not have to do anything.

From Edit Allies, you can set a defense team by clicking on the bottom left button.

About Rewards

The main reward for doing Arena Battles is feathers, although you will receive a few orbs and Trait Fruits as well.

This is one of the best ways to collect a ton of feathers, so aim for the highest rank you can. There are three types of awards in Arena Battles, which are rewarded at the end of each season.

  • Chain Rewards for clearing each of five battles in succession
  • Rewards for your Defense Score
  • Tier Promotion and Tier Placement Rewards

Chain Rewards

Winstreak Reward
1 Battle
Hero Feathers3000
2 Battles
Arena Medals100
3 Battles
Sacred Coins10
4 Battles
Orb Icon×1
5 Battles
Refining Stones10

Defense Rewards

Defense Score Reward
Defense Score251~
Hero Feathers500
Defense Score201~250
Hero Feathers400
Defense Score151~200
Hero Feathers300
Defense Score101~150
Hero Feathers200
Defense Score1~100
Hero Feathers100

Tier Rewards

Tier Tier Name Reward
21 Great Summoner
Hero Feathers×3,500 Orb Icon×5
20 First Dragons
Hero Feathers×3,000 Orb Icon×4
19 Nohrian Noble
Hero Feathers×2,000 Orb Icon×4
18 Hoshidan Noble
Hero Feathers×1,800 Orb Icon×4
17 12 Deadlords
Hero Feathers×1,700 Orb Icon×3
16 Holy Guard
Hero Feathers×1,600 Orb Icon×3
15 Four-Riders Rank
Hero Feathers×1,500 Orb Icon×3
14 Imperial General
Hero Feathers×1,400 Orb Icon×3
13 Eight Generals
Hero Feathers×1,300 Orb Icon×3
12 Wyvern General
Hero Feathers×1,200 Orb Icon×3
11 Great General
Hero Feathers×1,100 Orb Icon×2
10 Knight General
Hero Feathers×1,000 Orb Icon×2
9 Mage General
Hero Feathers×900 Orb Icon×2
8 Archer General
Hero Feathers×800 Orb Icon×2
7 Weissritter
Hero Feathers×700 Orb Icon×1
6 Grünritter
Hero Feathers×600 Orb Icon×1
5 Lanceritter
Hero Feathers×500 Orb Icon×1
4 Sable Knight
Hero Feathers×400 Orb Icon×1
3 Dragoon
Hero Feathers×300
2 Dragoon
Hero Feathers×200
1 7th Platoon Trainee
Hero Feathers×100

About Tier Promotion

In the FEH Arena, your rank is known as a Tier. This will determine the type of rewards you are elligible to earn each season.

You will be promoted or demoted based on your placement within a tier

When you are among one of the higher scoring percentiles of a tier, you will be promoted to a higher tier. However, if you score is on the lower end of the tier, you will instead be demoted.

The percentiles for being promoted or demoted within each tier as shown below. The most tiers you can move up at once is three, and you can only move down a tier from the 8th Tier and above.

Tier +3 +2 +1 - -1
21 - - - ~30% ~100%
20 - - ~20% ~30% ~100%
19 - - ~35% - ~100%
18 - - ~40% - ~100%
17 - - ~50% ~70% ~100%
16 - - ~50% ~70% ~100%
15 - ~10% ~50% ~70% ~100%
14 ~5% ~20% ~50% ~75% ~100%
13 ~10% ~20% ~55% ~75% ~100%
12 ~10% ~20% ~55% ~75% ~100%
11 ~10% ~30% ~55% ~80% ~100%
10 ~20% ~30% ~55% ~80% ~100%
9 ~20% ~30% ~55% ~80% ~100%
8 ~20% ~30% ~55% ~80% ~100%
7 ~30% ~40% ~60% ~100% -
6 ~30% ~40% ~60% ~100% -
5 ~30% ~40% ~60% ~100% -
4 ~30% ~40% ~70% ~100% -
3 ~40% ~50% ~70% ~100% -
2 ~40% ~50% ~80% ~100% -
1 ~40% ~50% ~80% ~100% -

Arena Summary

Arena Key Points

  • Each season lasts a week
  • Rewards and Tier Movement is determined at the end of the season
  • This mode is an easy eay to stock up on Hero Feathers

Aim for 5 victories in a row!

In the Arena, the points you earn for consecutive battles are cumulative, and a winstreak results in a point bonus. The first thing you should do is just aim to complete the five battles and earn the chain rewards. From there, you can do try another run if you wish to aim for a higher score.

If you are wondering which units are currently powerful in the Arena, be sure to check our Tier Lists, which can be found below!

FEH Tier List

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