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This is a list of Tactics Drills Guides for the Basics difficulty. If you are looking for solutions for Tactics Drills (Basics), find the map title from the list of maps below.

List of Tactics Drills (Basics) and Guides

Reward Map Name
Basics 21 Hero Feathersx300 Flying Allies
Basics 20 Hero Feathersx300 Cavalry Allies
Basics 19 Hero Feathersx300 Armored Allies
Basics 18 Orbx1 Infantry Movement
Basics 17 Hero Feathersx300 Watch Your Cooldown
Basics 16 Hero Feathersx300 Sing and Dance
Basics 15 Hero Feathersx300 Movement Tricks
Basics 14 Hero Feathersx300 Escaping Danger
Basics 13 Hero Feathersx300 Baiting Foes
Basics 12 Orbx1 Heal to Win
Basics 11 Hero Feathersx300 Boosting with Rally
Basics 10 Hero Feathersx300 Weaken Foes with Daggers
Basics 9 Hero Feathersx300 Follow-Up Attacks
Basics 8 Hero Feathersx300 Counterattacks
Basics 7 Hero Feathersx300 Understanding Breath
Basics 6 Orbx1 Attacking with Magic
Basics 5 Hero Feathersx300 Effective Attacks
Basics 4 Hero Feathersx300 Can't Fight Back!
Basics 3 Hero Feathersx300 Ranged Attacks
Basics 2 Hero Feathersx300 Red, Blue, and Green
Basics 1 Hero Feathersx300 Activate a Special Skill

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