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This is a ranking page for the hero Chrom - Exalted Prince from the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to learn the best IVs (Individual Values), best builds (Inherit Skill), weapon refinement, stats at Lv 40, and more for Chrom.

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Chrom - Exalted Prince Icon Chrom

Chrom Rating and Basic Information

FEH Chrom Banner

Overall Rating 7.5/10
Reroll Ranking (excluding Inherit Skill) Unranked
(▶Reroll Ranking)
Ranking (including Inherit Skill) C
(▶FEH Tier List)

Chrom - Exalted Prince: Basic Information

Color / Weapon Type / Move Type
What Kind of Character Are They? ・Powerful effect obtainable via the Weapon Refinery
・High Atk and Hp stats
・Can buff his allies' Def

Chrom Skills at 5★

Might: 16  Range: 1
Effective against dragons. At the start of every third turn, unit recovers 10 HP.

Cooldown Count = 5
Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res -50%. Unit recovers HP = half damage dealt.

Grants Def +7 at start of turn if unit’s HP ≤ 50%.

Grants adjacent allies Def +4 during combat.

Resplendent Attire Available

Resplendent Hero

Resplendent Attire has been released for Chrom. With their Resplendent Attire equipped, they will have a different appearance, have new voice clips, and additionally, gain +2 to all stats. If you really like Chrom or you want to make them stronger, you may want to buy a FEH pass and get the Resplendent Attire.

List of Resplendent Heroes

Chrom Best IVs

Recommended IVs

Stat Superboon/Superbane IV Recommendation
HP (21) Normal HP ★★☆☆☆
Atk (25) No Attack IV ★★★★★
Spd (6) Spd Boon ★★★☆☆
Def (7) No Def IV ★★★★☆
Res (4) Res Bane ★★☆☆☆

◯ = Stat gains +4 with a superboon, ✕= Stat goes down by -4 with a superbane, - = No assets or flaws


The best IVs for Chrom are +Atk and -Res. A higher Atk stat allows Chrom to one-shot dragon units effectively, the niche role wherein he does best. Res is less important if he can effectively one-shot dragon units.

Chrom Best Builds

Steady Breath ChromHOT

Weapon Skill IconFalchion
Special Skill IconAether
Passive Skill C: -
Atk or Def

See Explanation and Source Heroes

How to Use, Explanation

This build makes use of Steady Breath. Since his special cooldown will speed up each time Chrom takes an attack, Aether will be easier to trigger, making him very powerful. The most effective way is use this build is in the enemy phase, by having Chrom endure attacks from foes to destroy them with a counterattack.

Source Hero

Skill Hero
Chrom - Exalted Prince Icon Chrom - Exalted Prince (5★)
Chrom - Exalted Prince Icon Chrom - Exalted Prince (5★)

▶Other information regarding skills can be found here

Source Heroes for All Skills

You can replace Falchion with a Sealed Falchion if you have the resources to do so.

Chrom Best Weapon Refinement

Effect of Chrom's Refined Weapon

Exclusive Weapon Effect from Refining (Special Effect Type)
SP: 400
Might: 16 Range: 1 HP: +3
Effective against dragon foes. At start of odd-numbered turns, restores 10 HP.
If unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 during combat.
Arena Medal:500 Divine Dew:200

Falchion (Awakening) can be refined, but we recommend running Sealed Falchion instead

The special effect for Falchion grants Chrom +4 to all stats during combat when he is close to an ally. It's pretty easy to utilize, and since you will likely want a support unit nearby anyway, it is a good fit for him.

Effect of Chrom's Refined Evolved Weapon

Exclusive Weapon Effect from Refining (Special Effect Type)
SP: 400
Might: 16 Range: 1 HP: +3
Effective against dragon foes. If unit’s HP < 100% at start of combat or if【Bonus】is active on unit, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +5 during combat.
【Bonus】 All effects that last "for 1 turn" or "that turn only." Includes bonuses granted by a skill like Rally or Hone and positive status effects (extra movement or effects like Dominance).

At start of combat, if foe's HP ≥ 75%, grants Atk/Spd/Def+5 to unit during combat and foe cannot make a follow-up attack.
Arena Medal:500 Divine Dew:200

We recommend the Special Effect Refine for Sealed Falchion

With any upgrade you take for Sealed Falchion, it will make it easier to grab the +5 Atk/Spd/Def/Res buff because it adds another trigger condition. If a bonus is active on Sealed Falchions wielder, they will now activate the buff too.

Additionally, and more imporantly, the sword will now grant an additional +5 Atk/Spd/Def buff during combat it the enemy is at least at 75% HP. It also blocks follow-up attacks from the enemy so this is a very valuable effect.

This is superior to the normal Falchion's special effect refine.

Weapon Refinery Tier List

About the Weapon Refinery

Chrom Stats

Stat Rankings

Neutral Stats at Lv. 40 (5★)
Stat Total 157
HP 47 47
Rank: 25/648
Atk 37 37
Rank: 133/648
Spd 25 25
Rank: 519/648
Def 31 31
Rank: 223/648
Res 17 17
Rank: 629/648

Note that the graph reflects the units stats without bonuses from resplendent attire.

Stat Values

Lv 40+10 Stats (5★)

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
+10 Merges W/ Skill Bonuses 52 58 29 36 21 196
Lv.40 +10 52 42 29 36 21 180

See Lv 40 +10 Stats With IVs
HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
Lv.40 +10
54 41 29 35 21 180
Lv.40 +10
51 44 29 35 21 180
Lv.40 +10
51 41 33 35 21 181
Lv.40 +10
51 41 29 38 21 180
Lv.40 +10
51 41 29 35 24 180

Stats at Lv 40

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
5★- Adjusted for Skills 47 53 25 31 17 173
5★ Lv.40 47 37 25 31 17 157
4★ Lv.40 44 35 23 29 15 146
3★ Lv.40 43 33 22 27 14 139

Initial Stats (with Skills)

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
5★ Lv.1 21 25 6 7 4 63
4★ Lv.1 20 20 5 7 3 55
3★ Lv.1 20 16 5 6 3 50

Stat Comparison of Similar Heroes

45 33 30 28 22 158
41 31 34 29 23 158
Chrom Icon Chrom
47 37 25 31 17 157
43 34 36 25 19 157
43 34 36 25 19 157

Note: Stats bonuses from skills are not taken into account.

Chrom Roles, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Chrom Roles

Chrom - Exalted Prince Roles
Close Physical Attack ImageClose-Physical Ranged Physical AttackRanged-Physical Close Magic AttackClose-Magic Ranged MagicRanged-Magic
Physical Wall ImagePhysical Wall Magic WallMagic Wall Effective ImageEffective Weapon Movement Assist ImageMovement Assist
Exclusive Skill ImageExclusive Skill No All Range Counterattack ImageAll-Range Counter RecoveryRecovery No Refresher ImageRefresher
No Legendary Hero ImageLegendary No Mythic Hero ImageMythic No Duo and Harmonized ImageDuo /
Resplendent ImageResplendent

Chrom is a close physical attacker (range = 1). Therefore, when not accounting for the Weapon Triangle, the amount of damage he deals will be equivalent to his Atk minus the foe's Def stat.

Chrom's Strengths

Powerful effect through Falchion

Falchion is strong against dragon characters such as Myrrh and Idunn. It deals 1.5x damage on dragon units such as the previously mentioned duo. In addition, Falchion heals Chrom for 10HP at the start of every odd-numbered turn. The effects are very straightforward and easy to utilize. The healing aspect of Falchion makes Chrom a great unit in consecutive battle maps such as Tempest Trials.

Special Refinement and Weapon Evolution Available

Falchion has a special refinement effect of granting Chrom +4 to all stats in combat whenever he is adjacent to allies. It synergizes well with Spur Def 3 so make sure to always be adjacent to allies when attacking. Avoid pairing Chrom with units that are stronger when they are alone such as L!Edelgard and Sothis.

However, Chrom's Falchion can be evolved to Sealed Falchion which is superior to the Falchion by a mile when it has access to its special effect refine.

Powerful Special Skill

Aether treats foe's Def/Res as 50% of their original values, and it heals him for half the damage dealt. It is one of the most powerful skills available, but its special cooldown counter is 5. However, if the attack is timed correctly, or you build his skillset around speeding it up, it can easily turn the tides of battle.

Spur Def Buffs Allies

Spur Def 3 grants a fair +4 Def to allies who are in combat that are adjacent to Chrom. It's a flexible skill that doesn't need to meet its requirements at turn start so you can adjust the positioning of Chrom and her allies before attacking foes.

Chrom's Weaknesses

Low Spd

Chrom's Spd sits at 25 at Lv. 40. This makes him susceptible to follow-up attacks that can easily take him out. Both magical and physical attacks can take him out rather easily, so make sure that he is always out of the danger zone and only engage enemies that cannot take him out with follow-up attacks or counterattacks.

Low Res

Chrom has a very low Res stat of 17 at Lv. 40 so you should avoid magic users that have high Atk. Even if Chrom's Falchion is strong aganst dragon units, you will have a hard time dealing with blue dragons like Legendary Tiki (Young).. If you attack her with Chrom, odds are that Chrom will be taken out by the counterattack. Leave units like her to other units so Chrom can focus his firepower on easier to take down foes.

Should you Unlock Potential?

Should You Unlock Potential for this Hero? B Rank Icon

We Recommend Unlocking Potential for Chrom - Exalted Prince!

We recommend that you use Unlock Potential to bring Chrom - Exalted Prince from 4 Stars to 5 Stars. Chrom - Exalted Prince is very useful as a Close-range attacker, so you may find using Unlock Potential on Chrom - Exalted Prince helpful if your team lacks a party member with this role.

Unlock Potential Tier List

Chrom - List of Skills


Skill Name Might Range Effect Learned At
6 1 No Effect 3★
8 1 No Effect 3★
11 1 No Effect 3★
16 1 Effective against dragons. At the start of every third turn, unit recovers 10 HP. 5★


This Hero has no Assist skills that can be learned.


Skill Name Effect Learned At
(Cooldown Count = 3) Restores HP = 30% of damage dealt. 3★
(Cooldown Count = 3) Restores HP = 50% of damage dealt. 4★
(Cooldown Count = 5) Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res -50%. Unit recovers HP = half damage dealt. 5★


Skill Name Effect Learned At
Grants Def +3 at start of turn if unit’s HP ≤ 50%. 3★
Grants Def +5 at start of turn if unit’s HP ≤ 50%. 3★
Grants Def +7 at start of turn if unit’s HP ≤ 50%. 4★
Grants adjacent allies Def +2 during combat. 3★
Grants adjacent allies Def +3 during combat. 4★
Grants adjacent allies Def +4 during combat. 5★

Chrom as a Source Hero

Chrom Avatar

Value of Skills ★★★★☆

Inheriting Aether

Chrom can be used to inherit the skill Aether. This skill is only inheritable from 5 star Chrom, so be sure and think carefully about who to fodder the skill off to.

How to Get Resplendent Chrom / Illustrations / Quotes

How to Get Resplendent Chrom

Obtain Via FEH Pass

FEH Pass
Distribution Date 06/10/2021 - 06/25/2021

Resplendent Chrom can be obtained by buying a FEH Pass. After the distribution period has ended, they can also be purchased by FEH pass subscribers.

Feh Pass Benefits and Special Features


Illustrator PenekoR
Attire Múspell

How to Get Chrom / Illustrations / Voice Actor / Quotes

How to Get Chrom

Obtain Through Regular Summon

Chrom is a Hero who can be pulled from any summon.

Note: Not currently a featured hero in any Summon events.

▶Current Focuses and Which You Should Pull From

Voice Actor and Illustrator Information

Voice Actor
Matt Mercer
Illustrator Ebira (えびら)
Appears In


Quotes: Special Triggered

See Special Triggered Quotes
Anything can change!
I will not fail!
Our bonds give me strength!
I’ll finish this!

Quotes: Castle

See Castle Quotes
Seeing you and Alfonse together reminds me of the time I’ve spent with a friend of mine…
Back home, my Shepherds deal with outlaws and monsters. It’s strange that here we battle against Heroes.
Keeping watch? Your dedication reminds me of a certain tactician. Don’t push yourself too hard!
Care to spar? Or perhaps we could just work on self-defense drills so I don’t break anything…
I was practicing my swing and wound up smashing a pot. Forgive me, {Summoner}.

Lv 40 Dialogue

See Lv 40 Dialogue
It seems like a lot of time has passed since you and I first met. At first I was bewildered, but…
your guidance has made me stronger. May we ever remain side by side.
You know, when I first met you, you reminded me a lot of Robin.
Not just your manner, but the way you plan, help everyone, and work to keep all of your allies alive.
There is no one I’d rather have guiding my steps. This bond we’ve built will last forever.

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