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Celestial Stones Guide Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

This is a guide on how to get Celestial Stones in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). To learn how to obtain Celestial Stones and where to use them, read on!

What are Celestial Stones?

An Item for Exchanging

Celestial Stone Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

Celestial Stones are a type of currency that can be used in the Celestial Stone Shop.

With them, you can obtain different items such as Trait Fruits and Dragonflowers.

How to Use Celestial Stones

Exchanging Them at the Celestial Stone Shop

Celestial Stone Shop Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

Once you start collecting Celestial Stones, you can exchange them at the Celestial Stone Shop for Trait Fruits, Dragonflowers, and Forma Souls.

You can access the Celestial Stone Shop via the Store tab on the bottom of the screen.

List of Items That Can Be Traded for Celestial Stones

Item Number of Exchanges Celestial Stones Needed
Trait Fruit.png Trait Fruit x 100 1 4
Forma Soul.png Forma Soul x 1 1 3
Red Dragonflower.png Red Dragonflower (Infantry) x 100 6 1
Green Dragonflower.png Green Dragonflower (Armored) x100 6 1
Yellow Dragonflower.png Yellow Dragonflower (Cavalry) x 100 6 1
Blue Dragonflower.png Blue Dragonflower (Flying) x100 6 1

Keep in mind that you have a limited number of exchanges you can do with each item in the shop.

When the days left to exchange counter at the top of the shop has run out, all items will reset their number of exchanges and you will be able to trade again.

How to Obtain Celestial Stones

You Get One After 40 Summons

You can obtain one Celestial Stone after performing 40 summons on a new banner.

Because of this, you will only be able to obtain Celestial Stones on new banners and not on revivals.

No Expiration Date

Celestial Stones do not have an expiration and you can keep collecting them, even if the days left to exchange in the shop have passed.

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