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This is the Build Submission Board for Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Please use this page for showing other players your custom builds, or discussing ideas for builds within the game Fire Emblem Heroes.

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118 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

It would make him good, but still nowhere near L!Sigurd. That guy is straight up a mistake.

117 Lucinator_14about 1 monthReport

Here's another one! This one is a max investment Lucina. Sealed Falcion is always the better weapon at the end of the day, so it would make sense to go with it for this build. I really don't know why I put Vital Astra, I just thought It complemented her Spd dmg reduction check with spurn and dmg output thanks to her high-speed stat. JDA is there to give her Atk+4 and her allies at all times. Darting Breath is also there to complement Vital Astra as an instant trigger.

116 Lucinator_14about 1 monthReport

I was thinking about trying to make Ares a Non-Traditional Build (*cough* *cough* Distant Vantage) by giving him Sturdy Surge, S/D Near Trace, Atk/Spd Menace and Spd/Def Solo as Seal. Could this make him the top of sword cavalierys along with L!Sigurd and L!Nanna, especially against the hellspawn F!Edelgard?

115 Jay2 monthsReport

What do you's think of my current Forma Rudolf. Plan to hopefully get Crafty Fighter for B skill don't know what to get for A skill to replace that tho. Maybe Atk/Def Unity

114 Anonymous2 monthsReport

would you care to try it out against my Walhart?

113 JoshuaZ2 monthsReport

What about a build for Tine with Ruptured Sky as her Special, Atk/Spd Ideal 4 as her A skill, and Atk/Spd Menace as her C skill? Since she gets a Deadeye effect from her weapon and 1-2 cooldown reduction in addition to Atk/Spd +6 boosts and Damage +7 from her weapon, she'd make a great tank buster combining the effects of both Deadeye and Ruptured Sky.

112 Lucinator_142 monthsReport

whoops just realized I forgot to say that the image was taken before I enhanced Def/Res Solo 2

111 Lucinator_142 monthsReport

le (highly) unkillable F!Edelgard *Look at the image for build details* With Svalinn Shield, it’s easier to avoid instantly surrendering in Aether Raids or Arena thanks to armor effective from Legendary + Valentine Chrom and Legendary Micaiah. Aether + Armored Wall = easy damage and Hp recovery. Def/Res Solo 3 is just to make her even more bulky. If you want more damage reduction instead of recovery, just swap out Aether for Escutcheon or Aegis

110 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Replace Threat. with Menace (Obviously). What would you's Rate this Build for L!Ike or Switch Sturdy, with Atk/Def Ideal 4

109 Anonymous3 monthsReport

So it works the Same as Gharnefs tome then

108 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Basilio Build? Aether could obviously be switched for something more fitting. this is just my Summoner build. & after some thought i think it'd actually work very well with Basilio. as they have almost the same stats

107 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Vital Astra does not work well with Sturdy War Sword. Vital Astra needs to be charged before combat begins to provide the damage reduction. Sturdy War Sword only provides the cooldown reduction when combat begins, but before the first attack is launched.

106 Anonymous3 monthsReport

What do you think of a Vital astra build with times pulse for duo ike ? It would slightly increase the damage reduction and provide true damage at the cost of another c skill (tier 4 rouse ?) and healing

105 JoshuaZ3 monthsReport

Yeah, I guess at 30 Res from his weapon and having to spend an A skill on countering from distance it would be too low. What about an expensive build for Legendary Nanna with Surge Sparrow as her A skill? It would be an upgrade over Atk/Spd Push 4 that would heal her instead of removng health. Would mainly be useful for some with extra fodder like a spare Brave Eirika.

104 Anonymous3 monthsReport

His Res is too low to be a reliable Far Save unit.

103 JoshuaZ3 monthsReport

I notice Zephiel's only build recommendation is for Near Save but since his refined weapon gives a Distant Def effect it would make more sense for him to be a Far Save unit.

102 JoshuaZ3 monthsReport

Riev for some reason is not working well in Aether Raids Defense. Contrary to the description for Argent Aura, only one enemy is targeted along with those within 2 spaces, not multiple enemies. And the skill often doesn't activate in Aether Raids at all for some reason. I boosted Riev to 58 HP with both Sudden Panic and Panic Ploy but his debuffs often fail to take effect. I see now why he is only an 8.5, if his weapon worked as described he would be much better.

101 JoshuaZ3 monthsReport

Here is an Aether Raids Defense build for Riev to consider including: W: Argent Aura A: HP +5 B: Sudden Panic 3 C: Panic Ploy 3 Seal: HP +5 I don't mention Special/Assist because I designed Riev to be stuck in a corner and stay out of trouble debuffing/penalizing the enemy team to help BHector/AIdunn/Elimine/Nifl weather attacks. Argent Aura with Panic skills debuffs enemies 5 to all stats, stalls them, and converts bonuses to penalties in two ways while boosting HP to pass checks.

100 Anonymous3 monthsReport

ignore the stats in Combat, i copy pasted it from a notepad. it originally had the stats then i showed off how amped they get & the total. example Atk: 68+6+10 = 84

99 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Okay this is more of like a Dream Peak Build, Summoner Bond, Dragon Flowers, Trait, +10 all that. Tell me what ya Think? Ephraim Stats In Combat Hp: 60 Atk: 68 Spd: 35 Def: 43 Res: 30 Flame Siegmund Reposition Dragon Fang A: Close Def 4 B: Null Follow up C: Atk/Def Menace S: Atk/Def Solo

98 JoshuaZ4 monthsReport

Oh alright, thanks. I guess I will have to consider a different B skill for SLeif then.

97 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Special Fighter, and all the "Fighter" skills, are exclusive to armored units.

96 JoshuaZ4 monthsReport

Speaking of which, I would suggest changing Scion Leif's build to Atk/Def Menace for his C Skill and Special Fighter for his B skill. I am having good success using him in Aether Raids Defense right now with AIdunn, BHector, Elimine, Nifl, FEdelgard, and Otr, and am trying to upgrade him a bit. I am planning to pair him up with LSigurd and LEliwood eventually so his Duo skill can supercharge a boosted LSigurd. Right now his Njorun's Zeal works like a quick-acting Galeforce.

95 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Additionnaly, Atk/Def Menace will allow Henry to deal 12 true damage if he use Carrot-Tip Bow, and inflict Atk/Def-11 on the foe with a Plegian Bow

94 Anonymous4 monthsReport

93's comments are spot-on. Atk/Def Catch is also on the new Divine Codes.

93 Anonymous4 monthsReport

It could be good, but Close Foil works in enemy phase and Canto in player phase. If you want to make him work in both phases, it can work, but a Catch skill would also be a good option along with Atk/Def Menace

92 Ozzie4 monthsReport

Hey all, I'm building a +10 Spring Henry. So far I've got Close Foil and Atk/Def Far Trace, and I'm planning on eventually getting the Fallen Female Morgan Combat Manuel to give him Atk/Def Menace. Does this sound like a good build, or should I switch Close Foil for something more general?

91 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Skills that use debuffs to transform them as buffs, like Unity skills, do not work when another skill neutralizes the debuffs, like Bonus Doubler and Lull skills

90 JoshuaZ4 monthsReport

Although come to think of it AIdunn already nullifies penalties through her weapon. Still, if Unity took effect on the penalties it could be worth it. I don't know all the possible skill impacts on penalty reversals to know if it's definitely worth it or not. I guess the question is whether the cooldown charge change is worth the debuff counter.

89 JoshuaZ4 monthsReport

I recommend changing AIdunn builds for the A skill from Sturdy Stance to Atk/Def Unity to counteract and reverse debuffs. A/D Unity is in all ways a better skill that protects AIdunn's crucial Atk/Def stats from debuffing. I'm not sure but I think it might even counteract the dangerous Panic Manor in Aether Raids Defense.

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