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This is the Build Submission Board for Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Please use this page for showing other players your custom builds, or discussing ideas for builds within the game Fire Emblem Heroes.

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27 Diaa5 monthsReport

>>26 Thank you so much

26 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>>25 thus, invisible buffs like Atk/Spd Solo 4 don't work

25 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>>24 only visible buffs work with Blade tome effects

24 Diaa5 monthsReport

Hi guys. I have a question regarding the skills which grants the total bonuses to the Atk (units like Nino and Thirja have this skill as their weapon). I know that they grant the external bonuses to the Atk. Do they grant also incombat bonuses the the Atk ( if I use for example Atk/spd solo4 or spd/res solo or something like those skills .. Will these incombat buffs granted to the Atk ? Also, if yes then will the buffs in other states removed or moved to Atk as if I didn't buff the res at all ?

23 stalwartheart6 monthsReport

>>22 +Spd definitely

22 R6 monthsReport

Do you guys know which iv to have legendary Eirika as? Is it +atk or +spd? I plan on using her base kit unless there is a better build for her.

21 Anonymous8 monthsReport

>>20 Idunn is best built as a sustain omni-tank. Sol or Aether are both good options (I would personally prefer Sol). Atk Smoke 3 and her default B skills are good. You should switch the A skill to at least Distant Ward and ideally Distant Counter. The S Seal should be a Sturdy or Mirror Stance skill, whichever you think would fill the niche better on your team.

20 Diaa8 monthsReport

Hi guys. Do you know some builds that can help me get the most out of Spring Idunn ? She is good but she isn't as good as even brave hector with the refined weapon. Her stats are high but she is not even near that hector. Though i can help her by rebuilding her again. She can easily receive hits but she almost never one shot the foes. He current skills ( at C, atk smoke3. B and A skills are the same as her original skills. S seal is renewal 2), how can i improve her ?

19 stalwartheart8 monthsReport

>>18 I'd say take the -Spd/Res because he does not really need Spd and the extra Res helps. for B skills, you can pick whatever you need for Hector. Both are good but I think Special Fighter is better since it works for both phases. Bold fighter only works in the player phase (when attacking) with the new weapon refine, he becomes a solid multi-phase unit so hmm I thinnk get special fighter

18 Diaa8 monthsReport

Which one is better to build on (brave hector with normalized states or him with -spd/+res) ? Also, which B skill is best for him especially after the weapon refine he got? (Confused between Bold fighter and Special fighter)

17 stalwartheart8 monthsReport

>>16 you're welcome! no she attacks first, receives an attack then if her Spd is enough, a follow-up attack occurs

16 Diaa8 monthsReport

>>15 Thank u so much bro. I still got a lot of things to know about this game. Speaking of that, what will happen when i equip close counter to kronya when her foe has <100% Hb? She has vantage effect in her weapon. So does that mean that she hits twice in a row without her being hit?

15 stalwartheart8 monthsReport

>>14 yes, in-combat buffs stack indefinitely

14 Diaa8 monthsReport

If i equip 2 skills that gives my unit buff to ATK/SPD during comba(both skill says during combat not at start of turn or something else), will both skills works? Or they just take the highest value?

13 Anonymous8 monthsReport

>>12 yup! that will happen. Reinhardt will attack 4 times. but in this case, Reinhardt still needs the Spd advantage which is very unlikely as Reinhardt has very low Spd.

12 Diaa8 monthsReport

I wounder what happens when i equip desparetion3 to a unit which attacks twice like Reinhart for example. Whould he attack 4 times(if conditions fulfilled) without the enemy counter him?

11 Anonymous9 monthsReport

>>10 atk/def bond is like that but it requires 1 space not 2

10 Diaa9 monthsReport

Is there an A skill which grants Atk/def if unit within 2 spaces of an ally (other than demitri,s skill)? Solo Atk/def is good but it isn't what I'm looking for. Willing to give it to calude, what do u think guys?

9 stalwartheart9 monthsReport

>>8 Distant counter is only inheritable by melee units and allows them to counter ranged units close counter on the other hand is only inheritable by ranged units and allows them to counter melee units

8 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Is there a difference between Distant counter and close counter skills? Both can counter regardless of range but I don't know other than that !

7 stalwartheart9 monthsReport

>>6 nope! You will lose the merges upon promotion. If you need a 5★ +10, you need to merge (11) eleven 5★ copies.

6 Anonymous9 monthsReport

If i got ×5 copies of the same unit, and i merge them to be +4 unit, after that i unlock potential of this unit. Does it stay +4 after i unlock potential for this unit to be 5* ?

5 Anonymous10 monthsReport

>>4 Nope. It is added to the stats outside of a battle like normal stats. It does not count as a bonus so Bonus Doubler or Blade tomes don't work with it

4 Anonymous10 monthsReport

>>1 Does the Blade Tome double the bonus we get from fury? I'm thinking of inheriting fury to my +8 Tharja atm.

3 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

>>2 Tharja's quite common though! It's just the feathers that's a pain. Though don't get me wrong your 4 star is still going to be a beast in the arena.

2 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

>>1 Nice build! I'm building a Tharja right now but its a 4* +10 with a 5* Weapon. I'm F2P so its going to take years to build a 5* +10

1 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Almost done with this Tharja build! Just need 3 more merges and some dragon flowers.

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    • What is a recommended hero merge level for endgame that we should target eg for edelguard? Is M+1 good enough?

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      Thanks a lot Mike. Yes that’s duo/ninja Lyn. I’ll keep it then.

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