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This is the Build Submission Board for Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Please use this page for showing other players your custom builds, or discussing ideas for builds within the game Fire Emblem Heroes.

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68 Anonymous10 daysReport

Congrats on getting the timely Refine, too! Have fun :)

67 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Welp Summoners. I'm doing it. my first +10. his 2nd merge is currently in the works due to lack of feathers. But his been built. & prepared. May all Fear him. His an Absolute menace. demolishing a plethra of units with his high stats. Sadly Magic is beyond his Conqourers rampage. & Feddie still holds her bs. But Other Axe weilders & Lancerd will fear him. A B!Eirika +10 thats fully built. may stand a chance. But he'll slaughter all who witness his Glory. I'm proud of this man

66 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

For you that asked for a Adult Tiki build, here you have! I changed her prefered since it is pretty outdated. You could go with Lantern or Lightning, both can work. Remember to keep her close to her allies to get Atk/Res Form's effect

65 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Forgot to put the pic

64 Anonymous2 monthsReport

I updated my Fallen Corrin Build. Noontime is here to heal Corrin after the damage dealt by Distant Pressure and Rouse Atk/Spd 4 to have a better damage output and Null Panic. Gonna try to get A!Laegjarn for him

63 rentaj72 monthsReport

are you asking for a build?

62 rentaj72 monthsReport

Wow! Good job :D Nice to see older units take on Fedelgard

61 Anonymous2 monthsReport

*in Aether Raids Offense

60 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Just realized that he can one shot a fully invested +10 fallen edelgard with deadeye charged Thank you Corrin

59 Anonymous2 monthsReport

adult tiki wall please :C

58 rentaj72 monthsReport

I don't think you could go wrong with Atk/Res menace :)

57 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Thanks! Ninja and New Year are still future merge projects while Fallen is actually in my team. It's just that I feel like there's not many options in slot C for him. I'm already using a lot of Menace Skills, maybe Atk/Res menace could be good?

56 rentaj72 monthsReport

I'd love to see your N!Corrin (M) in action! What do you think of putting Blue Flame on him for more flat damage shenanigans? I'd change Even Tempest on your Fallen Corrin (M) though. Maybe a Menace or Threat. will work better. I like the commitment on NY!Corrin! He definitely got a new life with that kit.

55 Anonymous2 monthsReport


54 Anonymous2 monthsReport

New Year Corrin. A prerry outdated unit, I wanted to give him another life. He can get up to +18 in Atk and +22 in Def, resulting in 70 in both stats. If used correctly, he can also inflict -20 in Atk and Def and neutralizing foe's visible bonuses in these stats

53 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Ninja Corrin. Ninja Naginata and Flashing Blade 4 allows him to get up to 36 true damage, while Close Call is here to protect him from heavy hitters

52 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Fallen Corrin

51 Anonymous2 monthsReport

After Plegian Kris, I've done builds for 3 Male Corrins. Feel free to share what you think about these!

50 Anonymous@Game83 monthsReport

Yes, Spring Idunn is a good candidate, as well as Brave Hector, Winter Felix, and Henriette herself :)

49 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Would Spring Idunn make for a good Far Save tank? Outside of her, who would be great?

48 Anonymous person3 monthsReport

I played around with Plegian Raphael and made him pretty good for me, hope the other Raphael fans can use this to make him apart of their teams again

47 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Looks great!

46 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Welp I've finally done it. Here is Walhart Prime The rest of the Dragon Flowers & Merges will come with time

45 Anonymous3 monthsReport

& Here's LnD So far I've tested it 2 ways. A 1 v 1 against both loadouts against each other. in the 1v1 LnD takes the win with Superior Atk n Spd But adding Aversa into the mix giving Gangrel his Stat Debuff boost & +4 to all stats. Atk/Res Takes it Easily

44 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Welp i am back. & this time it actually isn't anything to do with Walhart. But Instead Gangrel, I've been playing Awakening on the 3DS & realised i buffed tf out of my Walhart, but i kinda left Gangrel behind. & i started comparing him to Sothe. So i'ma skip all the rambling & get straight to it. Atk/Res Solo 3 OR Life n Death 3 Here is the atk/res Build (Btw the B & C skill are still being considered so any ideas will be appreciated)

43 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I wanted a 2 cooldown special to maximise his healing. So maybe Ruptured Sky would be the best

42 Anonymous3 monthsReport

That works too! Just be mindful of the conditions to maximize the bonuses.

41 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I also thought of replacing Atk/Spd Solo for Blade Session

40 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Ok thanks!

39 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Looks good! Glimmer should probably be changed since Kris will get his 2 hits in and not activate it, which leaves the special available for next combat. Try a 3 charge special instead, like Luna.

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