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This is an article compiling the different community jargon and slang for different words in Fire Emblem Heroes. To know the meanings of the different types of terms used in the community, read on!

FEH Jargon and Slang

As with a lot of fandoms, the FEH commmunity has come up with various ways to call a unit, a game feature, or a skill.

This usually stems from trying to shortcut a lot of terms or using a more commonly used term from an older fandom to describe a similar mechanic.

List of Common FEH Jargon and Slang

For Units

Brave Hector Chibi Image.pngFallen Ike Chibi Image.png
Term Meaning
A!+name of unit Ascended Unit.
Ex. A!Idunn for Ascended Idunn.
B!+name of unit Brave Unit from a Choose Your Legends banner.
Can be shortened further depending on the unit name.
Ex. Bector for Brave Hector, Bero for Brave Veronica.
F!+name of unit Fallen Unit.
Can be shortened further depending on unit name.
Ex. Fedelgard for Fallen Edelgard, FIke for Fallen Ike.
L!+name of unit Legendary Unit.
Can be shortened further depending on unit name.
LIke for Legendary Ike, LAzura for Legendary Azura.
NY!+name New Year's Unit.
Ex. NY!Fjorm for New Year Fjorm, NY!Alfonse for New Year Alfonse.
S!+name Spring or Summer Unit.
Ex. S!Delthea for Spring Delthea, S!Micaiah for Summer Micaiah.
V!+name Valentine's Unit.
Can be shortened further depending on unit name.
Vector for Valentine's Hector, VFaye for Valentine's Faye.
W!+name Winter Unit.
Ex. W!Lysithea for Winter Lysithea.
M or F+name Used to indicate the version of an avatar unit, whether male or female.
MCorrin for Corrin (M) or FRobin for Robin (F).
Brave Unit Any unit released through Choose Your Legends.
Termed due to the very first CYL heroes all having "Brave" in their titles.
This trend continues even though CYL units released onwards no longer have "Brave" in their titles.
Cavs Cavalry units.
Armors Armored units.
Fliers Flying units.
Dancer Any unit with Dance, Sing, or Play in their assist skill.
Derived from Fire Emblem's long history of using refresher units in their games.
Alt Short for Alternate version. Another version of an existing unit in the game.
Usually appears as a Special Hero with a different weapon and/or outfit.
Examples are Lyn having different sorts of alts such as Brave Lyn, Summer Lyn, and Legendary Lyn.

General Terms

Takumi Chibi Image.pngPirate Vika Chibi Image.png
Term Meaning
PRF Short for "Preference" which usually designates an exclusive weapon/skill that is almost always the "preferred" weapon/skill.
Ex. Maltet is Brave Hector's PRF weapon.
Balls Term used to describe teams that are focused on one unit with a team built around them or an entire team that need to be adjacent to each other to give each other buffs.
Ex. Catria Ball, Flier Ball.
Fodder Any unit that will be used for Skill Inheritance.
Pity / Pity-Break / Pity-Broken / Spooked Getting a 5★ non-focus unit on a banner.
Spark / Sparkable A banner that will give you any of the focus units for free after pulling 40 times.
Demote / Demoted Units that were of a higher rarity either made available at a lower rarity through a game update or a unit on a banner that is a 5★ also being available as a 4★.
Ex. Pirate Vika is available both as a 5★ and 4★ when she debuted in the Perilous Seas banner.
Powercreep / Powercrept A general term used for describing the event a unit is revealed to be significantly more powerful than the units released before it or any other unit released prior.
Can also be used to describe skills.
Ex. Young Ike's Distant Dart powercrept Distant Counter.
Promote Refers to the Unlock Potential feature in the game. Enables you to raise a unit's rarity.
Whale General term for a player who spends a large amount of money on the game.
They are mostly indicated by having an entire team of +10s with extremely premium skills, but not always.
Dolphin A term for a "baby whale".
A player who spends money on the game but not as much as a whale.
Brave Weapon Any weapon that allows its user to attack twice.
Comes from weapons like Brave Axe+ or Brave Sword+, but now refers to every weapon that allows the same effects such as Reinhardt's Dire Thunder or Altina's Ragnell·Alondite

General Abbreviations

Heroic Grail Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.pngFeh Doll.png
Term Meaning
FEH / Feh Fire Emblem Heroes.
Could also refer to Feh the Messenger Owl if only the F is capitalized.
IS / IntSys Intelligent Systems, the developers of Fire Emblem Heroes.
SI Skill Inheritance.
VG Voting Gauntlet.
TT Tempest Trials.
GHB Grand Hero Battles.
LHB Legendary Hero Battles.
MHB Mythic Hero Battles.
BHB Bound Hero Battles
F2P Free to Play.
Mostly referred to units that are easily obtained (mostly for free) through completing quests, events, or through lower rarities on banners as either demotes or from the normal summoning pool.
IVs Individual Values, the term originating from Pokemon.
Used to describe a unit's boons and banes (displayed in blue and red respectively when toggled on in the game settings).
BST Base Stats Total.
Refers to a unit's base stats without any weapons or skills equipped. This determines their scoring potential in game modes like Arena.

Skill Abbreviations

Olivia Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.pngReinhardt Chibi.png
Term Meaning
LnD Life and Death, could be used with a number to indicate the tier of the skill.
Ex. LnD4 for Life and Death 4
DB Death Blow, could be used with a number to indicate the tier of the skill.
Ex. DB4 for Death Blow 4
WoM Death Blow, could be used with a number to indicate the tier of the skill.
Ex. WoM3 for Wings of Mercy 3.
QR QR, could be used with a number to indicate the tier of the skill.
Ex. QR3 for Quick Riposte 3.
Despe Desperation, could be used with a number to indicate the tier of the skill.
Ex. Despe 3 for Desperation 3.

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