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This is a ranking page for the hero Corrin - Fateful Prince from the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to learn the best IVs (Individual Values), best builds (Inherit Skill), weapon refinement, stats at Lv 40, and more for Corrin (M).

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Corrin - Fateful Prince Icon Corrin (M)

Corrin (M) Rating and Basic Information

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Overall Rating 7.5/10
Reroll Ranking (excluding Inherit Skill) Unranked
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Ranking (including Inherit Skill) C
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Corrin - Fateful Prince: Basic Information

Color / Weapon Type / Move Type
What Kind of Character Are They? ・Balanced stat spread
・Becomes a better supporter by using the Weapon Refinery
・Can prevent foes from passing through adjacent spaces

Corrin (M) Skills at 5★

Skill Name Might Range Effect
16 1 If unit initiates combat, grants Spd+4 during combat.
Cooldown = 4
Boosts Atk by 50%.
Grants Def + 3.
If unit’s HP ≥ 50%, foes cannot move through spaces adjacent to unit.
(Does not affect foes with Pass skills.)

Corrin (M) Best IVs and Stats at Lv. 40


Lv 40+10 Stats (5★)

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
+10 Merges W/ Skill Bonuses 47 53 37 35 28 200
Lv.40 +10 47 37 37 32 28 181

See Lv 40 +10 Stats With IVs
HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
Lv.40 +10
49 36 36 32 28 181
Lv.40 +10
46 39 36 32 28 181
Lv.40 +10
46 36 39 32 28 181
Lv.40 +10
46 36 36 35 28 181
Lv.40 +10
46 36 36 32 32 182

Stats at Lv 40

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
5★- Adjusted for Skills 42 48 32 31 24 177
5★ Lv.40 42 32 32 28 24 158
4★ Lv.40 39 30 30 25 22 146
3★ Lv.40 38 28 28 24 21 139

Initial Stats (with Skills)

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
5★ Lv.1 20 24 8 6 5 63
4★ Lv.1 19 19 8 5 4 55
3★ Lv.1 19 15 7 5 4 50

Recommended IVs

Stat Superboon/Superbane IV Recommendation
HP (20) HP Superbane ★★★☆☆
Atk (24) No Attack IV ★★★★☆
Spd (8) No Spd IV ★★★★★
Def (6) Def Bane ★★☆☆☆
Res (5) Res Boon ★☆☆☆☆

◯ = Stat gains +4 with a superboon, ✕= Stat goes down by -4 with a superbane, - = No assets or flaws

IV Checker (All Heroes / All Rarities)


The best IVs for Corrin (M) are +Spd and -Res. Corrin's (M) exclusive weapon, Yato, can increase his Spd if Corrin initiates combat. Further increasing his Spd through IVs boosts his offensive ability to perform follow-up attacks. It also boosts his survivability by a bit as this will also make Corrin (M) less susceptible to follow-up attacks from the foe. Corrin's (M) Res is already low and he won't do well against magic attackers anyway, so it is the go-to bane.

Stat Comparison of Similar Heroes

40 31 35 30 28 164
43 35 32 30 22 162
40 31 33 32 22 158
Corrin (M) Icon Corrin (M)
42 32 32 28 24 158
44 30 31 25 28 158
37 25 35 32 28 157

Note: Stats bonuses from skills are not taken into account.

Corrin (M) Best Builds

Follow-up Support Corrin (M)HOT

Weapon Skill IconYato
Assist Skill IconDraw Back
Special Skill IconMoonbow
Passive Skill A IconFury 3

See Explanation and Source Heroes

How to Use, Explanation

This build is based around triggering M!Corrin’s exclusive weapon’s effect. Fury will increase his Spd stat, allowing for more follow-up attacks. The C and S slots are based around ally buffs, allowing you to max out allies’ stats.

Source Hero

Skill Hero
Corrin - Fateful Prince Icon Corrin - Fateful Prince (5★)

▶Other information regarding skills can be found here

Source Heroes for All Skills

Corrin (M) Best Weapon Refinement

Effect of Corrin's Refined Weapon

Exclusive Weapon Effect from Refining (Special Effect Type)
SP: 400
Might: 16 Range: 1 HP: +3
Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2.
If unit is within 2 spaces of support partner, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to that ally during combat.
Arena Medal:500 Divine Dew:200

We recommend the Special Effect Refine for Yato

Since Corrin really needs a Support unit on his team to realize his full potential, having this bonus skill will allow him to get an extra boost to his stats while also returning the favor of boosted stats to an ally.

Weapon Refinery Tier List

Corrin (M) Roles, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Corrin (M) Roles

Corrin - Fateful Prince Roles
Close Physical Attack ImageClose-Physical Ranged Physical AttackRanged-Physical Close Magic AttackClose-Magic Ranged MagicRanged-Magic
Physical Wall ImagePhysical Wall Magic WallMagic Wall Effective ImageEffective Weapon Movement Assist ImageMovement Assist
No All Range Counterattack ImageAll-Range Counterattack RecoveryRecovery No Refresher ImageRefresher Assist Not Legendary ImageLegendary/Mythic

Corrin is a close physical attacker (range = 1). Therefore, when not accounting for the Weapon Triangle, the amount of damage he deals will be equivalent to his Atk minus the foe's Def stat.

Corrin's Strengths

Can Increase Spd with Yato

Corrin (M) can obtain the exclusive weapon the Yato at 5 stars. The Yato gives him a +4 Spd buff whenever he attacks enemies. With a +Spd IV Corrin (M), you can reach 39 Spd with this weapon. This makes Corrin (M) able to execute follow-up attacks on a wide number of foes.

Well-Rounded Stats

Corrin (M) has a few weak points when it comes to stats and although not the best at offense, he can still dish out respectable damage to enemies due to his skills and inherently good Spd stat.

The only stat you should worry about is his Res, which you can always make up for through superior positioning and strategy. If you are using a +IV Res Corrin (M), he will get +4 to the stat, making him a pretty well-rounded unit.

Corrin's (M) Weaknesses

Low Res

Corrin (M) has low Res. If Corrin is attacked by a Magical attacker, he will take a lot of damage. Be careful of enemies that either use Tomes or Dragonstones as they can deal high damage to Corrin, especially Reinhardt who has a Blue Tome that is guaranteed to one-shot Corrin. Always be mindful of Corrin's positioning in relation to the enemies who pose a threat to him.

Yato isn't Very Strong

The Yato can be strengthened through Weapon Refinement. However, the effect that it provides you isn't really that strong. We recommend switching his weapons to Wo Dao+ or Armorsmasher+ if you really want to use Corrin (M)

Should you Unlock Potential for Corrin (M)?

Should You Unlock Potential for this Hero? C Rank Icon

We Do Not Recommend Unlocking Potential for Corrin - Fateful Prince!

We cannot recommend you to Unlock Potential to make Corrin - Fateful Prince a 5 Star Hero. Corrin - Fateful Prince is difficult to make use of except under specific conditions. Unless Corrin - Fateful Prince is a favorite character of yours or you have excess Hero Feathers to spare, we recommend you pass on Unlocking their Potential.

Unlock Potential Tier List

Corrin (M) - List of Skills


Skill Name Might Range Effect Learned At
6 1 No Effect 3★
8 1 No Effect 3★
11 1 No Effect 3★
16 1 If unit initiates combat, grants Spd+4 during combat. 5★


This Hero has no Assist skills that can be learned.


Skill Name Effect Learned At
(Cooldown Count = 4) Boosts Atk by 30%. 3★
(Cooldown Count = 4) Boosts Atk by 50%. 4★


Skill Name Effect Learned At
Grants Def + 1. 3★
Grants Def + 2. 3★
Grants Def + 3. 4★
If unit’s HP ≥ 90%, foes cannot move through spaces adjacent to unit.
(Does not affect foes with Pass skills.)
If unit’s HP ≥ 70%, foes cannot move through spaces adjacent to unit.
(Does not affect foes with Pass skills.)
If unit’s HP ≥ 50%, foes cannot move through spaces adjacent to unit.
(Does not affect foes with Pass skills.)

Corrin (M) as a Source Hero

Corrin (M) Avatar

Value of Skills ★☆☆☆☆

No Skills Recommended to Inherit.

Corrin (M) does not possess any skill that we recommend inheriting off to another Hero. Instead, you should build around Corrin (M). However, Corrin's (M) strength lies only in Weapon Refinement so that he can get Yato. If you do not plan to refine his weapon, we suggest sending him home.

How to Get Corrin (M) / Illustrations / Voice Actor / Quotes

How to Get Corrin (M)

Obtain Through Regular Summon

Corrin (M) is a Hero who can be pulled from any summon.

Note: Not currently a featured hero in any Summon events.

▶Current Focuses and Which You Should Pull From

Voice Actor and Illustrator Information

Voice Actor
Cam Clarke
Illustrator Maiponpon (まいぽんぽん) / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Appears In


Corrin (M).pngEnlarge Corrin (M).pngEnlarge Corrin (M).pngEnlarge Corrin (M).pngEnlarge

Quotes: Special Triggered

See Special Triggered Quotes
We won’t give up!
I’ve made my choice!
I stop you!
My path is certain!

Quotes: Castle

See Castle Quotes
What path will this realm follow? It’s not my place to make any pivotal decisions. You must help them.
I once had to make a hard decision: to side with the kingdom of my birth or with the one that raised me.
It reassures me to see you do patrols. I used to do the same at my castle. Brings back memories!
I wish I could show you my castle. There’s so much to do there. It’s even got a tree house—where I sleep!
I was just thinking about my siblings. I’ve got quite a few. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Lv 40 Dialogue

See Lv 40 Dialogue
It’s good to see you. We’ve spent so much time together, I’m uneasy when you’re not around.
I’d like to just keep you where I can see you, but people would call me overprotective. Heh.
I’ve felt...overprotected my whole life, so it’s a strange feeling to want to do it myself.
You are obviously essential to the realm’s defense, so it’s natural to protect you, I suppose.
I guess I’m saying we’ve got your back, so don’t worry about what path to choose. Just keep going.

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