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Best Units for Infernal and Abyssal Maps Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

This is an article for the best units to use in Infernal and Abyssal maps. To know which characters you can invest in to clear higher difficulty maps, read on!

Recommended Units for Infernal and Abyssal Maps

Units With Sing/Dance

Peony - Sweet Dream Image Peony
Obtained through Story
Reyson - White Prince Image Reyson
3★/4★ Unit
Rinea - Reminiscent Belle Image Rinea
Obtained through Heroic Grails
Azura - Young Songstress Image Azura (Young) Obtained through Heroic Grails

Dancers are Important in Any Map

The important thing when trying to clear higher difficulty maps is having a dancer on your team.

This is because granting more actions to a unit can mean the difference between defeat or victory, as Infernal and Abyssal maps often try to swarm you with many enemy units.

Peony is a strong dancer that can be obtained after clearing Book IV - Chapter 1, Part 5.

These are just a few dancers that are easily obtainable, but you can use other dancers in their place.

Just remember that once you get a dancer, building them should be top priority because of how useful they are!

Units That Can Be Obtained From Banners

Sothis - Girl on the Throne Image Sothis Azura - Vallite Songstress Image Legendary Azura Celica - Queen of Valentia Image Legendary Celica Alm - Saint-King Image Legendary Alm

Many 5★ units (especially Legendary and Mythic Heroes) that can be obtained from banners are very powerful, and thus are helpful in clearing Infernal and Abyssal maps.

These are some of the powerful units that you can pull and build.

Legendary Azura is one of the best dancers in the game that can be pulled from a banner, so if you manage to snag one, build her straight away as she can be used in other game modes as well.

All Legendary and Mythic Heroes

Duo and Harmonized Heroes

Dorothea - Twilit Harmony Image Plegian Dorothea Alm - Lovebird Duo Image Valentine's Alm Lyn - Ninja-Friend Duo Image Ninja Lyn Sigurd - Destined Duo Image Masquerade Sigurd

Another set of special type units that can be used are Duo and Harmonized Heroes.

These units have a skill that can be used once per battle that can be very helpful in helping turn the tide of battle.

These are only a few examples of the units you can pull, so when a banner featuring a Duo or Harmonized hero comes up, you may want to try checking it out!

Units With Long-Range Counterattack Weapons

Ike - Vanguard Legend Image Legendary Ike
Obtained through Xenalogue Maps
Fjorm - Princess of Ice Image Fjorm
Obtained through Story

Legendary Ike and Fjorm are two of the best free units that you can get that can clear in clearing Infernal and Abyssal maps.

Ike can be obtained after clearing Xenologue 3: The People's Hero, while Fjorm can be obtained after clearing Book II - Chapter 1, Part 5.

Both of these units have weapons that allow them to counterattack regardless of range.

Fjorm is especially powerful against ranged enemy units due to her Special Ice Mirror II, which reduces their damage.

Legendary Ike, on the other hand, has good sustain and can take multiple hits due to Radiant Aether II.

Double Attack Weapon Units

Reinhardt - ThunderReinhardt Cordelia - Knight Paragon Image Cordelia Klein - Silver Nobleman Image Klein Gordin - Altean Archer Image Gordin

These units are available at 3★/4★ and possess weapons that enable them to attack twice when they initiate.

This is very useful, as this means they can usually take out enemy units in one attack or at the very least, deal a significant amount of damage.

Extremely powerful 5★ units that you can pull from special banners that have a weapon with this effect are Altina and Ninja Lyn.

Galeforce Units

Roy - Blazing Lion Image Legendary Roy Yarne - Timid Taguel Image Yarne Leif - Unifier of Thracia Image Legendary Leif Tibarn - Shipless Pirate Image Pirate Tibarn

One of the quickest ways to clear a high difficulty map quick is to use units that have the skill Galeforce.

While the Special is on a long cooldown, it can be shorted with effects such as Heavy Blade 3.

There have been people who have cleared these higher difficulty maps in one turn due to the use of Galeforce, so it's a team that you can try!

Other Useful Units

Eir - Merciful Death Image Eir
Obtained through Story
Lyn - Brave Lady Image Brave Lyn
5★ Unit

Eir is a unit that you can obtain after clearing Book III - Chapter 1, Part 5 and is very useful in many game modes.

She can act as a debuffer and semi healer to your team, as well as take out any magical enemy units due to her high speed and resistance.

Brave Lyn also boasts high speed and damage, and can be obtained by purchasing the Starter Support Pack.

Some give her Brave Bow+ to use so she can attack many units 4 times when she initiates. She is usually paired with Reinhardt as both can quickly clear the map.

Staff Units

Veronica - Brave Princess Image Veronica Camilla - Light of Nohr Image Brave Camilla Nanna - Nordion Princess Image Nanna Flayn - Playing Innocent Image Flayn

These units serve to deal chip damage to enemy units, making them easier to kill, and also to restore HP to their allies.

Many people like to use healers that have the Dazzling-Wrathful combination in either their weapons or skills, paired with effects that deal chip damage like Savage Blow 3.

Flayn is useful due to the effect of Caduceus Staff which reduces the damage done to her allies.

If you're looking for a mobile healer, a cavalry or flying healer is recommended!

Specific Team Compositions to Try for Infernal and Abyssal Maps

1 Mage, 3 Dancers

Lysithea - Child Prodigy Image Lysithea Azura - Young Songstress Image Azura (Young) Azura - Vallite Songstress Image Legendary Azura Peony - Sweet Dream Image Peony

This team is made up of 1 mage that can often one-hit enemy units and 3 dancers to buff and support them.

You can use any mage you think has enough firepower to one-hit enemy units, but for this team, we have chosen Lysithea.

Her Hades Ω not only accelerates her Special trigger, but also grants her buffs if her Special is ready.

She also comes with Time's Pulse 3, which grants Special cooldown count -1. Paired with a fast cooldown Special like Moonbow or Ruptured Sky, she can take out several units in one turn.

The dancers can be anyone, but it's highly recommended that they are units that can give plenty of buffs both at the start and during combat.

The downside to this team composition is that the dancers cannot dance each other, so careful placement is a must.

Wings of Mercy + Galeforce

Tibarn - Lord of the Air Image Tibarn Tibarn - Shipless Pirate Image Pirate Tibarn Reyson - White Prince Image Reyson Rafiel - Blessed Wings Image Rafiel

This team is made up of 2 units with Galeforce and 2 dancers.

You can substitute this team for any of the Galeforce users previously mentioned above, but for we went for a beast theme for this team due to their extra movement.

The aim of this type of team is to clear the entire map in one turn with consecutive uses of Galeforce and taking advantage of Wings of Mercy 3.

You can give Wings of Mercy to all units so they can immediately swoop in and either dance or take out more enemy units once one of them has entered the thick of the fight.

The downside to this type of team is that because they deal physical damage, they will struggle against armored units, especially in Abyssal maps.

Walled Sustain

Hector - Brave Warrior Image Brave Hector Dimitri - Savior King Image Legendary Dimitri Peony - Sweet Dream Image Peony Triandra - Nightmare Image Triandra

This team is a bit specifc as you need to use Brave Hector and Legendary Dimitri, along with 2 dancers.

Mostly made for enemy phase, you can take advantage of Brave Hector's Maltet refine to have Hector deal huge amounts of damage to enemy units that attack him.

Paired with Sol for sustain and Ostian Counter, Hector can take hits from multple enemies while taking them out and staying healthy.

The same concept applies to Legendary Dimitri. With the damage reduction on Areadbhar and the debuffs inflicted by Atrocity, he can also tank a lot of hits while dealing damage.

Give Legendary Dimitri Distant Counter and Noontime, and he can keep himself as healthy as Hector.

Peony and Triandra can be swapped out for any other set of dancers, but it's recommended that you use dancers that can give massive buffs and debuff enemy units.


There are many unit combinations to try when clearing these higher difficulty maps.

While challenging, you can clear them with free to play and easily obtainable units, provided that they are built properly.

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