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This is a walkthrough to Hall of Forms event in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you would like to know how to play this event, as well as rewards, strategy, and other information about Hall of Forms, please read on.

Current Hall of Forms Event Information

Best Units to Exchange for Forma Souls

Current Hall of Forms Forma
Celica - Imprisoned Soul Image Fallen Celica Delthea - TatarrahFallen Delthea Berkut - Purgatorial Prince Image Fallen Berkut Sonya - Vengeful Mage Image Sonya
Next Availability 03/24/2021 ~ 04/07/2021

Choose Fallen Celica or Fallen Berkut if you want to purchase one

While there's no must-have unit to exchange for Hall of Forms, you can get your favorite character if you wish.

We do, however, recommend getting Fallen Celica or Fallen Berkut if you are looking to add more units to your roster.

Fallen Celica's weapon refine is very strong, giving her Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 during combat and an additional unit Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 if hers or her foe's HP is < 100% at start of combat.

It also gives her survivability by healing her after combat.

Fallen Berkut's weapon allows him to counterattack regardless of range if he's within 2 spaces of an ally and will deal damage to his allies after combat. This enables a lot of strategies like enabling Wings of Mercy 3 for dancers and enabling Desperation 3 for some units.

Fallen Delthea Can Be Obtained Via Heroic Grails

Fallen Delthea was previously a free unit given via Grand Hero Battles, and thus can be obtained via Heroic Grails.

If you want to get more copies to merge her up, you can just exchange your Grails.

How to Farm Heroic Grails

You Cannot Use Forma Units as Skill Inheritance Fodder

Please take note that you cannot use any units obtained through Hall of Forms as fodder for Skill Inheritance. Be careful when you're exchanging!

What is Hall of Forms?

An event where you must battle with a select set of Heroes

Hall of Forms

Hall of Forms is an event where you must battle using only a pre-determined set of heroes called Forma to work your way through an increasingly difficult set of levels called Chambers. The Forma begin at lower levels, but you can level them up and even teach them new skills to proceed. Forma are only used in Hall of Forms, and it is not possible for you to use any of your own heroes in this event.

Make Use of a Special Type of Stamina


Hall of Forms uses a special kind of stamina when played. You will receive three of these stamina every day, meaning that you can challenge the event three times daily when active. Additionally, you can earn Forma Torches as a reward in this event, which can be used to refill your stamina.

Shaping Your Forma

Level Up Your Forma!

Alm Stats

Forma begin at low levels with no known skills. Just like regular heroes, they can be leveled up after gaining Exp. through defeating foes. Since they level up much more quickly than regular heroes, you should be able to train them to become very powerful even with limited battles.

Don't Skip Shaping Your Forma!

Shape Your Forma

When clearing each map, you will have a change to power up your Forma. This allows you to equip them with a skill or Sacred Skill from a randomly chosen list, or give them a +1 merge. The Forma who first defeats a foe in battle will be the only one to upgrade, so think carefully about which ally you want to give skills or bonuses to, and make sure they does not go to one who has already obtained many useful skills and upgrades if other allies still lack them.

The List of Skills is Completely Random

Learn Skills

When Shaping Your Forma, you will be given a list with one of each type of equippable skill: Weapon Skill, Assist Skill, Special Skill, Passive Skill A, Passive Skill B, Passive Skill C, and Sacred Seal. The list that you are given is completely random, so if a good skill shows up, you will be able to really power your Forma up. When selecting a skill, it is learned automatically, so you do not need to spend SP before you can use it.

Lost if All Units are Defeated

If all of your units are defeated in a battle, you won't have a chance to shape your forma, and they will not retain any levels gained in battle. On the contrary, as long as at least one unit survives until the end, the first unit to defeat an enemy will be able to gain a skill/merge, and all levels gained will be retained, so make sure that you don't get any Game Overs, or your precious Stamina will essentially be wasted.

Level Up and Gain Skills at Lower Level Chambers

As you continue to clear more and more chambers, the difficulty will go up significantly. Since getting a Game Over means you will not be able to strengthen any of your units, you should avoid taking on higher level Chambers until your units are powerful enough for them. If you feel like you will have a hard time clearing the next Chamber, go back to an already cleared lower-level Chamber to level up and gain new skills, and once your units are powerful enough, proceed ahead!

Also note that you will generally have an easier time clearing Chambers with fewer enemy units. For higher level Chambers, try to avoid going in when there are five enemies if possible, and instead use the oppotrunity to Shape your Forma at an easier level until the next Chamber has only three or four enemies!

Hall of Forms Rewards

Earn Prizes from each Chamber

Chamber 15

You will obtain a reward for your first time clearing a Chamber. Be sure and clear each chamber at least once to get all of the rewards.

List of Clear Rewards

Chamber Reward
Forma Torch Icon
Forma Torch ×3
Chamber 1
Dragonflower (F) Image
Chamber 2
Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×200
Chamber 3
Dragonflower (F) Image
Chamber 4
Forma Torch Icon
Forma Torch ×1+ Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×200
Chamber 5
Orb ImageOrb ×1
Chamber 6
Dragonflower (F) Image
Chamber 7
Forma Torch Icon
Forma Torch ×1+ Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×200
Chamber 8
Dragonflower (F) Image
Chamber 9
Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×200
Chamber 10
Forma Torch Icon
Forma Torch ×1+ Orb ImageOrb ×1
Chamber 11
Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×200
Chamber 12
Dragonflower (F) Image
Chamber 13
Dragonflower (F) Image
Dragonflower×3+ Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×100
Chamber 14
Orb ImageOrb ×1
Chamber 15
Dragonflower (F) Image
Dragonflower×3+ Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×100
Chamber 16
Dragonflower (F) Image
Dragonflower×3+ Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×100
Chamber 17
Orb ImageOrb ×1
Chamber 18
Dragonflower (F) Image
Dragonflower×3+ Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×100
Chamber 19
Dragonflower (F) Image
Dragonflower×3+ Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×100
Chamber 20
Orb ImageOrb ×1
Orb ImageOrb ×5
Dragonflower (F) Image
Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather ×1500
Forma Torch Icon
Forma Torch ×6

Obtain Daily Rewards for your first map cleared each day

Completion Rewards

In Hall of Forms, you can earn Orbs and Dragonflowers as a reward for your first time clearing a map each day. These are totally different from the rewards gain by clearing chambers, so be sure and come back daily for an easy reward.

List of Rewards Earned Once a Day

Day Played Reward
1st Day
Orb ImageOrb ×2
2nd Day
Dragonflower (F) Image
3rd Day
Orb ImageOrb ×3
4th Day
Dragonflower (F) Image
5th Day
Orb ImageOrb ×2
6th Day
Dragonflower (F) Image
7th Day
Orb ImageOrb ×3
Orb ImageOrb ×10
Dragonflower (F) Image

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