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Frostcraft Skill Effects

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This is a guide to the Frostcraft Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn what the Frostcraft Skill does at each level, which Armor and Decorations have this skill, and our builds that use Frostcraft.

Frostcraft Skill Effects

Skill Effect
An aura of frost builds when your weapon is sheathed, raising attack. The effect decreases with each melee hit or shot/arrow fired.
Level Effect by Level
1 Activate effect.
2 Extends the Frost Gauge.
3 Extends the Frost Gauge even further.

Can You Roll Frostcraft via Qurious Armor Crafting?

YES. Frostcraft can be obtained as an extra skill on your armor when you try rolling for skills via Qurious Armor Crafting.

Best Armor Augments and Armor Recommendations

Charges When Not Attacking

MH Rise Sunbreak Frostcraft Gauge

The Frostcraft gauge is next to your weapon's sharpness bar and is passively charged as long as you are not attacking.

Gauge Fills Faster While Sheathed

While sheathed, the Frostcraft gauge will charge much faster.

It is advisable to use this skill in situations where your weapon is frequently sheathed. This can happen during repositioning or running around a monster.

Charge bar level 3 takes the longest to fill up. Charge bar level 4 is much quicker, being the 2nd fastest to fill next to the charge bar level 1.

Velkhana Weapons Increase Charge Speed

Weapon Time to Max Charge (Sheathed) Time to Max Charge (Unsheathed)
Kamura Warrior Cleaver 5.00s 33.12s
Winged Seraph 3.00s 26.00s

Using Velkhana weapons increases the charge rate of the Frostcraft gauge.

If you have a build centered on Frostcraft, you may want to pair it with a Velkhana weapon!

All Velkhana Weapons

Buffs Attack While Charged Up

Overhead Slash (GS)
Frostcraft Gauge Level MH Rise Sunbreak Frostcraft Bar with Labels
1 2 3 4
No Skill 105
Level 1 110 - - -
Level 2 105 126 - -
Level 3 105 110 126 136
If using Frostcraft Level 1, then the damage multiplier for 1 is 1.05x at the full first bar. No multiplier is applied if it is not used at full bar.
If using Frostcraft Level 2:
1: (x1.0)
2: (x1.2)
If Frostcraft Level 3 is slotted in:
1: (x1.0)
2: (x1.05)
3: (x1.2)
4: (x1.3)

This was tested with the Kamura Warrior Cleaver and Kamura Legacy Armor with Rimeguard Mail, Gloves, and Coil.

Each level of the Frostcraft gauge is a buff to your weapon's attack damage. The higher the level, the higher the buff.

Since every weapon fire or strike depletes the gauge, the buff will weaken unless you keep it within a level. Always remember that every shift in the level is a change in the strength of the buff.

Depletes on Weapon Fire or Strike

There are two ways the gauge is depleted: when you strike a monster with a melee weapon, or when you fire a ranged weapon.

There is no risk to the gauge when you miss your weapon swing. But you will have to be more conservative in making shots with a ranged weapon such as a bowgun.

Hard-Hitting Weapons Consume More Gauge

Weapons that deliver lots of damage in bursts, such as the Great Sword, will deplete more of the gauge. Meanwhile, weapons like the Dual Blades will deplete less, increasing the time of Frostcraft's attack buff applied in combos.

Use these to your advantage when making use of Frostcraft!

Equipment with Frostcraft Skill


Master Rank

Armor Base Defense Skills
Waist IconRimeguard Coil 123
Focus Lv. 3
Frostcraft Lv. 1
Arms IconRimeguard Gloves 123
Frostcraft Lv. 1
Torso IconRimeguard Mail 123
Frostcraft Lv. 1

Builds with Frostcraft

Master Rank Builds

Available Builds
Great Sword Image Frostcraft Velkhana Greatsword Build
Great Sword Image Frostcraft Greatsword Build w/ Partbreaker and Blood Rite
Long Sword Image Powder Frost Lucent Narga LS
Sword and Shield Image Frostcraft Velkhana Sword and Shield Build
Hammer Image TU4 Frostcraft Velkhana Hammer Build
Gunlance Image TU4 Frostcraft Shelling Build
Light Bowgun Image Endgame Raw Pierce Climber
Great Sword Image Frostcraft Amatsu Greatsword
Long Sword Image Silkbind Spammer Amatsu Long Sword
Great Sword Image Blood Awakening Status Frostcraft GS

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