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This is a farming guide for Commendation, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn more about how to get Commendation tickets, which quests reward Commendation, and which weapons you can craft and upgrade with it!

Commendation - Basic Information

Name Commendation ImageCommendation
Description A ticket awarded for showing courage. Collect them and maybe wonderful things will happen!
Rarity 4 Type Tickets and Coins
Sell Price 0 Hold Limit 99

Commendation - How to Find

Location Summary
Commendation is rewarded by certain low rank quests that feature two or more monsters.

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Hub Quest ★3 Disastrously Beautiful -
Hub Quest ★3 Beastly Chaos -
Hub Quest ★3 Tail to Tail -
Event Quest ★3 Heart of a Warrior -
Village Quest ★6 King of the Sky, Bane of the Land -
Village Quest ★6 Like a Flash of Lightning -
Village Quest ★6 A Test of Courage -
Village Quest ★6 Special License Quest 3 -

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½.

Do Village Quests for Commendation Farming

MH Rise - Heart of a Warrior Event Quest that rewards Commendation
Remember that Commendation can only be obtained from Low Rank quests that feature two or more monsters. If you want to farm for Commendation solo, Village Quests are faster to complete than Hub Quests so we suggest doing the Village Quests listed above!

MH Rise - Village Quests BannerVillage Quests MH Rise - Gathering Hub Quests BannerHub Quests

Commendation - How to Use

Effect Summary
Used as crafting and forging material.

Used to Craft Weapons

Sword & Shield Image Secta Nulo Black I (×1) Light Bowgun Image Wooden Dog Bowgun I (×1)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Bow Image Ivory Bow II (×1) Heavy Bowgun Image Anteka Burst I (×1)
Gunlance Image Canyne Cannon II (×1) Sword & Shield Image Catburglar (×1)
Long Sword Image Cawscythe II (×1) Bow Image Chaos Bow II (×1)
Charge Blade Image Cuddly Cat II (×1) Switch Axe Image Elite Switch Axe I (×1)
Lance Image Fragrance II (×1) Long Sword Image Gigant Makra II (×1)
Switch Axe Image Infernal Axe II (×1) Hunting Horn Image Poison Fungasax II (×1)
Hammer Image Pumpking II (×1) Bow Image Queen Blaster II (×1)
Switch Axe Image Sinister Axe II (×1) Great Sword Image Sinister Blade II (×1)
Dual Blades Image Sinister Blades II (×1) Bow Image Sinister Bow II (×1)
Light Bowgun Image Sinister Bowgun II (×1) Gunlance Image Sinister Gunlance II (×1)
Hammer Image Sinister Hammer II (×1) Long Sword Image Sinister Long Sword II (×1)
Charge Blade Image Sinister Slasher II (×1) Lance Image Sinister Spear II (×1)
Insect Glaive Image Sinister Staff II (×1) Hunting Horn Image Sinister Strum II (×1)
Sword & Shield Image Sinister Sword II (×1) Heavy Bowgun Image Sinister Volley II (×1)
Lance Image Heat Lance II (×1)

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