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This is a guide for Update 3.3, the August/September Update of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for the latest information on Update 3.3 including the release date, new event quest info, the Megaman 11 Collab with the Rush Layered Armor, the Street Fighter Collab with the Akuma Layered Armor, new Challenge Quest, Paid and Free DLC, patch notes, and how to download Update 3.3!

Update 3.3 Release Date

Available on August 26th, 2021

Update Roadmap
Release Date Update Information
April 28, 2021 Update 2.0 ・Several new monsters
・HR cap updated
May 27, 2021 Update 3.0 ・Several new monsters
・New ending
June 24, 2021 Update 3.1 ・CAPCOM Collab 1: MH Stories 2
・Weekly Event Quests
July 29, 2021 Update 3.2 ・CAPCOM Collab 2: Okami
・Weekly Event Quests
August 26, 2021 Update 3.3 ・CAPCOM Collab 3: Street Fighter
・Weekly Event Quests
September 24, 2021 CAPCOM Collab 4 ・CAPCOM Collab 4: Megaman11
October 1, 2021 Update 3.4 ・Weekly Event Quests
October 29, 2021 CAPCOM Collab 5 ・CAPCOM Collab 5: Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection Collab Event
November 2021 Sonic the Hedgehog Collab ・Sega: Sonic 30th Anniversary Collab Event
January 12, 2022 PC Release ・PC release on Steam
Sunbreak Expansion ・New monsters
・New locales and maps
・New quest rank

As confirmed by Capcom, the Collab Quest to obtain the Akuma Layered Armor will be available starting August 27, 2021. However, you may start updating your game the day before, on August 26, 2021.

Which Collaboration Do You Want to Have Next?

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Update 3.3: Capcom Collab 3

Megaman 11 Collaboration:
Rush Costume

MH Rise - Rush Costume.png

This update also brought us the fourth CAPCOM Collab event called The Blue Bomber's Best Bud. Complete this event quest and unlock the ability to forge the Rush Costume for you Palamutes!

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
The Blue BomberThe Blue Bomber's Best Bud
Unlock Conditions:
Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting September 24th
Special Rewards:
Dog Bolts

Street Fighter Collaboration:
Akuma Layered Armor

Monster Hunter Rise Capcom Collab 3 Street Fighter - Akuma

The first event quest for this update is a collaboration between MH Rise and Street Fighter! Get the Akuma Layered Armor by finishing the quest, SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam!

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam IconSF: Ultimate Promotion Exam
Unlock Conditions:
Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting August 27th
Special Rewards:
Satsui no Hado

Update 3.3: New Event Quests

More Event Quests Released Weekly!

MH Rise - Weekly Event Quest Update 3.3.png

We will also be getting weekly event quests for the duration of September! These are released weekly every Friday, 12AM GMT+00 so stay tuned!

This list sorts Event Quests from newest to oldest!

Quest Name Monster/Locale
MH Rise - The Blue BomberThe Blue Bomber's Best Bud
Released: September 24th

Locale: Arena
MH Rise - Boomy Dango Event Quest IconBoomy Dango
Released: September 17th

Locale: Sandy Plains
MH Rise - Scorching Showdown Event Quest IconScorching Showdown
Released: September 10th

Locale: Sandy Plains
MH Rise - White Desert Blossom Event Quest IconWhite Desert Blossom
Released: September 3rd

Locale: Sandy Plains
MH Rise - SF Ultimate Promotion Exam Quest IconSF: Ultimate Promotion Exam
Released: August 27th

Locale: Shrine Ruins

Event Quests List: Schedule and Roadmap

Update 3.3: New Challenge Quest

Challenge Quest 04: Magnamalo

MH Rise - Challenge Quest 04 Magnamalo

Location Arena Target
Long Sword Dual Blades Hammer Switch Axe Light Bowgun 
Unlock Conditions Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting September 24th

Challenge Quest 03: Tigrex

MH Rise - Challenge Quest 03 Tigrex

Location Arena Target
Great Sword Sword and Shield Gunlance Switch Axe Bow 
Unlock Conditions Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting August 27th

List of Challenge Quests and Rewards

Update 3.3: New Paid Nintendo eShop DLC

Special Sticker Set 5

MH Rise - Special Sticker Set 5

According to the updated roadmap by CAPCOM, we will be getting new Special Stickers in the Nintendo eShop! Check out the link below for details of this new sticker set.

List of DLC: DLC and Prices

Patch: Ver. 3.3.1 Patch Notes

MH Rise - Update 3.3.1 News Banner

Main Additions / Changes

  • New Event Quests will be available every week.
  • New DLC can be purchased from Nintendo eShop.

Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous

Base / Facility

  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing the vents that can be activated during the "Arena 06" quest to appear in random places rather than fixed locations.


  • Fixed a bug causing Almudron's mud to be displayed at an angle in relation to the ground.
  • Fixed a bug occasionally preventing the player from being able to launch Somnacanth or Bishaten into a wall after Wyvern Riding if they're minimum size.
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to get poisoned if they get hit by Bishaten's wings during its pounce attack if it's holding a Parafruit with its tail.
  • Changed the monster sizes for certain quests. Affected monsters: Aknosom, Bishaten, Rajang, Teostra, Apex Mizutsune, Apex Rathalos, Apex Zinogre, Crimson Glow Valstrax


  • Fixed a bug causing an error to occur if the connection is lost or if the player departs on a quest when a Buddy performs a combo or support action.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the cursor from speeding up when increasing the values for the size or position of certain body parts when changing Advanced Settings on the Character Edit screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing the "Twin Ponytails" hairstyle to clip through the Lagombi Helm and the Rathalos Helm.
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing the appearance of the player character's wrists to look unnatural when equipping the Floral Sleeves.
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing the player's Palamute to freeze temporarily when performing a combo in sync with the player's attacks if it has the Large Shuriken equipped.
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing Large Barrel Bombs to explode immediately after being placed.
  • Fixed a bug in the amount of Spirit Gauge consumed when comboing from the long sword's Spirit Step Slash into a Spirit Blade attack (Spirit Blade III or Dividing Slash).
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to wait for input after pressing the button to perform the long sword's Iai Spirit Slash.
  • Reduced the frequency of the long sword's Iai Spirit Slash's follow-up attacks hitting Magnamalo's torso despite the player attacking its forelegs.
  • Fixed a bug causing the damage of other attacks to decrease after landing a certain number of consecutive hits with the dual blades' Heavenly Blade Dance.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the 5th melody effect from being displayed in the log when activating 5 of the hunting horn's melody effects at once.
  • Fixed a bug causing the gunlance's Shelling to hit areas outside of the direction the player is facing if they perform the action while moving.
  • Fixed a bug preventing directional input from being registered when using the gunlance's Ground Splitter after a certain number of actions.
  • Fixed a bug causing Auto Shoutouts to appear for only one player when hitting multiple players at once with support ammo (Demon Ammo/Armor Ammo/Recover Ammo)
  • Fixed a bug preventing Bubbly Dance Level 3 from inflicting bubbleblight when the player performs an attack immediately after dodging with the bow.


  • Fixed a bug causing collected Sun Goddess Pictures to remain on screen if another player collects them during the loading screen when you join the "Rising Sun!?" event quest while it's already in progress.
  • Fixed various text bugs.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

Source: Monster Hunter Rise Official Site

How to Download Update 3.3

Hover over Monster Hunter Rise in your main menu, then press the + button on your controller.
Go to Software Update, then press "Via the Internet." You will also need to close the game if it's currently running. It should be downloading now!

Alternatively, you can also restart your Switch by pressing the power button long enough for power options to appear. When your Switch has restarted, a notification for an update should appear.

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