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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Anjanath Guide

This is a hunting guide for Anjanath, a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn Anjanath's weaknesses, forgeable weapons, forgeable armor, drops, and more!

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Anjanath Hunter Notes

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Anjanath Returning Monster
Type Brute Wyvern Previous Games MHW, MHWI
Threat Level 6/10 Rampage Type MH Rise - Gate Crasher Rampage TypeGate Crasher
Major Weakness Other Weakness
Blight / Elemental Damage Abnormal Status
This belligerent monster will attack anything without hesitation. The membrane along its tail fans out when it is provoked—a behavior theorized to be either an act of intimidation or thermoregulation, as it has been known to do so when it breathes fire.

Anjanath Weaknesss and Resistance

MH Rise - Slash Damage MH Rise - Blunt Damage MH Rise - Bullet Damage MH Rise - Fire Damage
50 49 44 0
MH Rise - Water Damage MH Rise - Thunder Damage MH Rise - Ice Damage MH Rise - Dragon Damage
20 9 14 5

Bold are the recommended Weapon Type and Elemental Damage.

Anjanath Weapon Damage Breakdown

Part Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Head 70 70 60
Snout 80 75 65
Neck 30 30 15
Torso 30 30 45
Wing 50 45 55
Leg 30 30 15
Tail 60 60 55
Overall 50 49 44

Anjanath Elemental Weakness Breakdown

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head 0 25 10 15 5
Snout 0 20 10 15 10
Neck 0 20 5 15 5
Torso 0 15 5 10 0
Wing 0 25 15 20 10
Leg 0 15 5 10 0
Tail 0 20 10 15 5
Overall 0 20 9 14 5

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Anjanath Hunting Tips

MH Rise - Anjanath First Appearance.png

Anjanath spits fiery blasts from its mouth utilizing a unique organ in its throat when it is angered. When it does so, focus attacks on its throat to gain an edge.

Status Effect Vulnerabilities

Poison Stun Paralysis Sleep
Blast Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight
-- ★★
Thunderblight Iceblight

The more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player.

Item Vulnerabilities

Pitfall Trap Shock Trap Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb Meat Effects Dung Bomb

◯ = Vulnerable; ✕ = Fully Resistant; ▲ = Situational

Kinsect Extracts

Monster Part Extract
Head Red Extract
Snout Red Extract
Neck Red Extract
Torso Orange Extract
Wing Orange Extract
Leg White Extract
Tail Orange Extract

Red = Attack Increase, White = Movement Boost, Orange = Anti-knockback When Attacking

Kinsect Extract Guide

How to Beat Anjanath

Check IconBeware the Enraged Mode

Check IconKnock It Down!

Check IconAttack the Throat, Head, and Wings When Enraged

Check IconShielded Weapons: Block the Flame Breath!

Check IconStay Mobile

Beware the Enraged Mode

Enraged Mode

Anjanath's Enrage Mode alters its body, increasing its deadliness across the board.

Here is a list of Anjanath's notable changes during this particular phase:

  • Anjanath unlocks the ability to produce flames in its throat and nostrils, allowing it to execute Flame Attacks.
  • Anjanath's jaw attacks can inflict Fireblight due to the build-up of flames inside its throat.
  • Anjanath's attacks are generally faster and are less telegraphed.

Knock It Down!

Legs KO
Head KO

Anjanath's weakness is susceptibility to knock downs. Attack the legs and head as much as possible to keep it in place — A downed Anjanath is an easy Anjanath.

Attack the Throat, Head, and Wings When Enraged

MH Rise - Hitting Anjanath Weak Points When Enraged

Once in Enrage Mode, the Anjanath's throat organ comes to life and shoots flame. From the head to the throat, the Anjanath becomes open to attacks since its attack pattern is easy to read. Try to break its head to open up a weak point which can help stagger the monster. Its small fleshy wings are viable to punish if you happen to be using ranged weapons or manage to knock it down.

Shielded Weapons: Block the Flame Breath!

MH Rise - Blocking Anjanath Flame Breath
Shield users rejoice! Anjanath's Flame Breath can be blocked without the Guard Up skill. Take advantage of this opening and unleash your heavy-hitting counterattacks as much as possible.

Stay Mobile

MH Rise - Stay Mobile to Avoid Getting Hit

Anjanath may be big but it can be surprisingly fast especially when enraged. Be careful when attacking the legs as its charge attack will knock nearby hunters quite a distance.

Anjanath Attack Patterns

Name Description
Flame Attacks The Anjanath bellows a straight line of flame, attempting to burn its target to a crisp.
Head Bash The Anjanath eyes its target before slamming its ugly head at it.
Dino Rush The Anjanath drags its chin on the ground and rushes towards its target.
Dino Jump The Anjanath bites the air, roars, and leaps towards the direction of its target.
Jaw Attacks The Anjanath unhinges its slobbery maw and attempts to bite its target.
Tail Slap The Anjanath uses its massive tail to shoo off pesky hunters and buddies.
Leg Kick The Anjanath uses its hind legs to hit anything staying under it.
Hip Check The Anjanath slams its hip at any hunters and buddies attacking it.
Rock Hurl The Anjanath uses its massive jaws to hurl a boulder at its attackers.

Flame Attacks

MH Rise - Anjanath Flame Breath Attack
Anjanath spews fire from its mouth and nostrils when Enraged! Here are the possible attack patterns:

Flame Attack Patterns

Fiery Sneeze MH Rise - Anjanath Fiery Sneeze
Anjanath clears its nostrils by ejecting fiery beams towards its target.
Flame Breath MH Rise - Anjanath Flame Breath
Anjanath unleashes a massive beam of flame from its jaw, dealing a lot of damage to anyone caught in the attack.

Head Bash

MH Rise - Anjanath Head Bash
Anjanath postures up before slamming its head towards one of its sides. This particular attack has a fairly wide range, so always be ready to dodge or block!

Dino Rush

MH Rise - Anjanath Dino Rush
Anjanath flaps its wings and rushes towards its target in a fit of rage. This attack turns its entire body into one big hitbox — Stay clear from its path or block at all costs!

Dino Jump

MH Rise - Anjanath Dino Jump
Anjanath uses its powerful legs to jump towards its target, causing massive damage and knocking anyone down.

Jaw Attacks

MH Rise - Anjanath Jaw Attacks

Anjanath uses its massive jaw to bite anyone in front of it. Stay on your toes and pay attention to its head at all times to dodge accordingly! This particular attack has three possible patterns:

Jaw Attack Patterns

Single Chomp MH Rise - Anjanath Single Chomp
Anjanath uses its massive jaw to bite anyone in front of it.
Triple Chomp Combo MH Rise - Anjanath Triple Chomp Combo
Does three quick bites towards its target. This attack can knock anyone down it hits.
Jaw Crush MH Rise - Anjanath Jaw Crush
Anjanath snaps its jaw at you in an attempt to grab you. When caught, it will start crushing you and deal two ticks of damage.

Tail Slap

MH Rise - Anjanath Tail Slapping Palamute
Anjanath uses its massive tail to strike at anyone who lingers behind it for too long. This particular attack has two possible patterns:

Tail Slap Patterns

Tail Sweep MH Rise - Anjanath Tail Sweeping
Anjanath swipes its massive tail in a 180° rotation, dealing damage and knocking down anyone caught in the attack.
Double Tail Slap MH Rise - Anjanath Double Tail Slapping
Anjanath diagonally slaps the ground behind it two times, launching anyone it connects to.

Leg Kick

MH Rise - Anjanath Leg Kicking Palico
Anjanath can use one of its legs to kick anyone positioned near them for too long. This attack deals minor damage and can potentially trip anyone it connects to.

Hip Check

MH Rise - Anjanath Hip Checking Palico
Anjanath flings its body sidewards in an attempt to launch anyone who stays at its flank for too long.

Rock Hurl

MH Rise - Anjanath Hurling Rocks
Anjanath plugs its massive jaw to the ground, unearthing a large rock before hurling it towards its target. Always be mindful of this attack whenever there is a good distance between you and Anjanath.

Anjanath Locations

Anjanath Known Habitat

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Area
Shrine Ruins.pngShrine Ruins 3 / 4 / 7 / 10 1 / 3 / 4 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 3
Sandy Plains.pngSandy Plains 5 / 8 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 2
Flooded Forest.pngFlooded Forest 12 5 / 3 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 11
Lava Caverns.pngLava Caverns 13 4 / 5 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 10

Anjanath Quest Appearances

Low Rank
High Rank
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Hub Quest ★3 Bully of the Caverns
(Key Quest)
Village Quest ★5 Nosey Nuisances
Village Quest ★5 Nocturnal Tracker
(Key Quest)
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Hub Quest ★6 Showdown in the Arena
Hub Quest ★6 Dissect the Dual Blades
Hub Quest ★6 Closer Than it Appears
(Key Quest)
Hub Quest ★7 Fought, Failed, Fired Up
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 4

Anjanath Materials and Drops

High Rank Anjanath Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Anjanath Tail 65% (Tail)
Anjanath Scale+ 30% (Body), 25% (Tail)
Anjanath Pelt+ 26% (Body)
Anjanath Fang+ 22% (Body)
Anjanath Nosebone+ 17% (Body)
Anjanath Plate 4% (Body), 7% (Tail)
Anjanath Gem 3% (Tail), 1% (Body)
Material Drop Rate
Anjanath Scale+ 60% (Leg x1), 40% (Leg x2)
Anjanath Fang+ 60% (Head)
Anjanath Nosebone+ 30% (Head)
Anjanath Plate 7% (Head)
Anjanath Gem 3% (Head)

Low Rank Anjanath Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Anjanath Scale 31%
Anjanath Fang 23%
Anjanath Pelt 21%
Anjanath Tail 12%
Flame Sac 10% (x2)
Anjanath Plate 3%
Material Drop Rate
Anjanath Fang 62% (Head)
Anjanath Scale 60% (Leg x1), 40% (Leg x2)
Anjanath Nosebone 35% (Head)
Anjanath Plate 3% (Head)

Anjanath Dropped Materials

High Rank
Low Rank
Material Drop Rate
Anjanath Scale+ 36%, 49%
Large Wyvern Tear 35%
Anjanath Pelt+ 30%
Wyvern Tear 15%
Anjanath Fang+ 10%, 20%
Anjanath Plate 3%, 1%
Anjanath Gem 1%
Material Drop Rate
Wyvern Tear 50%
Anjanath Scale 39%, 50%
Anjanath Pelt 30%
Anjanath Fang 20%
Anjanath Plate 1%

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