Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Best Weapons to Use in Solo or Offline Hunts

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Some weapons are better when used for solo or offline hunts in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn more about the best weapons for solo hunters and tips for playing solo!

Best Solo Weapons

Long Sword

MH Rise - Long Sword Maintain Red Spirit Gauge

Check IconEncourages countering attacks

Check IconVery high DPS

The Long Sword is both at the top of our tier list and a recommendation for our best weapons for beginners for a reason. The Long Sword is great for most hunts and is especially powerful when solo since countering should be easier when you can predict monster movements more easily.

Long Sword Guide
Combos, Controls, and Moveset

Sword and Shield

MH Rise - Perfect Rush 2

Check IconVersatile playstyle

Check IconCan score stuns and tail cuts

Check IconAble to use items with weapon drawn

Knock out monsters while slicing them up with the Sword and Shield. With this weapon, you can fill in several roles yourself, whether it's by bashing heads to stun or cutting tails for extra carves.

The ability to use items without having to sheathe is also useful when solo. Whether it's for emergency healing, quickly setting a trap, or throwing Flash Bombs, there's so much you can do to make hunting easier for yourself with this ability.

Sword and Shield Guide
Combos, Controls, and Moveset

Light Bowgun

MH Rise - Keep Proper Distance While Using Light Bowgun

Check IconHigh damage output

Check IconMaintains critical distance more easily

Check IconHighly mobile ranged option

Ranged weapons in Rise have great damage potential, and they're generally safe to use solo if you know what a monster is going to do. The Light Bowgun has great mobility and relies less on stamina management while also dishing out impressive numbers when hunting.

Not having to guess a monster's target is also good for maintaining critical distance, making sure that aiming for weakspots is easier and hits for optimal damage.

Light Bowgun Guide
Combos, Controls, and Moveset

Other Weapons Can Solo Too

Monster Hunter Rise - Dual Blades Demon Mode Increases DPS

Monster Hunter Rise has several other weapons to choose from, all of which can be used to solo the game. Our picks above highlight weapons that get better when playing solo or offline, but mostly assume you can already read a monster.

If you're still learning the ropes, check out our guide for beginner weapons that can be picked up easily.

Best Beginner Weapons

Solo Weapon Tips

Take Advantage of Predictability

MH Rise - Long Sword Foresight Slash is Your Friend

Hunting solo or offline can be an easier way to play since the monster will only be after you most of the time. Keep this predicatability in mind and read their moves, so you'll know when to unleash your strongest attacks or counters on them.

Start Hunts Prepared

MH Rise - Hunter Getting a Boost from Dangos

Since you don't have other hunters to fall back on, you'll need to make sure you're ready to take on monsters on your own. Follow basics tips like keeping yourself well stocked with items and eating before hunts so that they will go smoothly.

14 Tips and Tricks for Beginners
How to Start Strong

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Best Weapons to Use in Solo or Offline Hunts
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