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This is an article on G Rank and Ultimate expansions in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on for the best information on the potential release date of G Rank or Master Rank in MH Rise plus the possible Monster Hunter Rise Ultimate expansion!

Is G Rank (Master Rank) in MH Rise?

Will Probably Come in Sunbreak Expansion

MH Rise - Sunbreak

It is known tradition that the first game that comes out in a Monster Hunter series will only feature low rank and high rank with G Rank coming out as a completely separate game or expansion. This was the case for MHGU and MHW: Iceborne respectively.

Since we are in the age of downloadable content (DLC), we expect the G Rank of MH Rise to come with the Sunbreak expansion.

Sunbreak Expansion:
Release Date and Features

What is G Rank?

An Expansion for the Base Game (Master Rank)

MH Rise - Monster Hunter 4G

G Rank expansion for MH4 was called MH4G or MH4U (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate).

G Rank is generally an expansion for the base game in every Monster Hunter game with added features like new maps, monsters, and quests.

In games before MHGen and MHW, Capcom released the G Rank expansion as a completely separate game. Since consoles and PCs nowadays support DLCs, Capcom has opted to make the G Rank expansion a paid DLC.

MHW Drops G Rank in Favor of Master Rank

MH Rise - Change to Master Rank in MHW
In Monster Hunter World, Capcom decided to drop the G Rank naming and instead go with Master Rank. If you are coming from Monster Hunter World, Master Rank might be more familiar to you but G Rank and Master Rank are the same thing. We don't know yet if MH Rise will use Master Rank or G Rank but we will update this as soon as it is confirmed!

Capcom Also Dropped the G Title Naming

In addition to completely renaming G Rank to Master Rank, Capcom also dropped adding the G title suffix since MHXX and MHW: Iceborne. We think Rise will follow this format and will not be named MHRiseG but we will update this article when news comes up!

Features More Difficult Quests

MH Rise - More Difficult Quest in G Rank Expansion

The Fatalis quest in the MHW: Iceborne expansion was notoriously difficult.

G Rank offers an extensive number of quests that have higher difficulty than anything the base game has to offer. This opens up new opportunities and challenges for Hunters that conquered the base game!

Quest Types and List of Quests

New, Stronger Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - New Monsters In G Rank Expansion

Acidic Galvenus introduced in the MHW: Iceborne expansion.

Aside from new quests, G Rank also adds completely new monsters, new variants, and more returning monsters. Of course, more powerful versions of monsters from the base game are also in G Rank!

Monsters List

New Map

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - New Map for G Rank Expansion

Hoarfrost Reach introduced in the MHW: Iceborne expansion.

G Rank sometimes introduces new maps and locales to hunt in. This gives Hunters new places to explore!

In the Iceborne expansion of MHW, for example, Capcom introduced a completely new locale known as the Hoarfrost Reach. This could be the case for when an expansion for MH Rise comes out!

List of Maps and Locations

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