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List of Items and Materials

This is a list of items and materials in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn more about useable items, with farming guides for each type of item and material!

How to Farm Items and Materials

We suggest leaving the HUD Map Type to Detailed Map when farming specific items. This will allow you to search for specific items by first setting them on the Detailed Map, then revealing their positions on the mini-map for easy hunting.

Step How to Farm Materials with Detailed Map
1 Options > Game Settings > HUD Map Type: Detailed Map
2 Open the + Menu and select Detailed Map
3 Press L and R to sort between categories, or press X to filter to specific Materials
4 Upon returning to the game, the mini-map will display the Material(s) you have selected

When setting the HUD Map Type to General Map, even if you select Materials on the Detailed Map screen, they will not be reflected on the mini-map.

Best Settings to Choose

Types of Items and Materials

List of Hot Items NEW

Account Items
Bauble Cactus Bismuth Prism Boatshell Coal
Divine Rhino Fabled Spice Firelantern Gargwa Egg
King Rhino Legendary Herb Monster Guts Popo Tongue
Pricey Shoot Quality Wyvern Egg Raftshell Rhenoplos Egg
Rock Rose Simple Prism Unique Mushroom Wisplantern
Other Items
Dragonite Ore Iron Ore Machalite Ore Well-done Steak
Monster Bone S Monster Bone M Monster Bone L Monster Bone+
Fertile Mud Jumbo Bone Monster Broth Sharp Fang
Warm Pelt Outfit Voucher Lazurite Jewel

List of Items and Materials by Type

Item and Material Types
Plants.pngPlants Medicine.pngFood and Medicine Fish.pngFish
Insects.pngInsects Traps and Bombs.pngTraps and Bombs Ammo and Phials.pngAmmo and Phials
Bones.pngBones Monster.pngMonster Materials Account Item.pngAccount Items
Tickets Icon.png
Tickets and Coins
Scraps Icon.png
Monster Materials Icon.pngUpgrade Material Types
Other Items Other Materials

Account Items

Alaffresia Bauble Cactus
Beast Tear Big Bismuth Chunk
Big Frost Fossil Bismuth Augite
Bismuth Chunk Bismuth Fragment
Bismuth Prism Bitter Frostcone
Boatshell Cascade Prism
Chalcedony Bone Chalcedony Greatbone
Chalcedony Skull Choice Mushroom
Choice Shoot Coal
Cool Frostcone Desert Berry
Divine Rhino Dragon Treasure
Drone Substance Fabled Spice
Fine Stomach Firelantern
Foreign Coin Frost Fossil
Gaia Rose Gargwa Egg
Gelid Frostcone Glittering Nacre
Gold Gargwa Egg Gourmet Pitcher
Hearty Pitcher Herbivore Egg
Inflammable Coal Jewel Cactus
King Rhino Kingly Cactus
Laffresia Large Beast Tear
Large Wyvern Tear Lava Berry
Legendary Herb Misty Prism
Monster Guts Mysterious Coin
Phantolantern Popo Tongue
Pricey Shoot Pricey Shroom
Quality Wyvern Egg Raftshell
Rhenoplos Egg Rhenoplos Egg+
Rock Rose Round Acorn
Royal Mint Coin Royal Rhino
Sand Rose Secret Stash
Shiny Nacre Shipshell
Simple Prism Super Shoot
Tripoint Pitcher Tropical Berry
Unique Mushroom Volatile Coal
Wisplantern Wyvern Egg
Wyvern Tear

List of All Account Items

Ammo and Phials

Armor Ammo Blast Coating
Cluster Bomb 1 Cluster Bomb 2
Cluster Bomb 3 Demon Ammo
Dragon Ammo Exhaust Ammo 1
Exhaust Ammo 2 Exhaust Coating
Flaming Ammo Freeze Ammo
Normal Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 2
Normal Ammo 3 Para Coating
Paralysis Ammo 1 Paralysis Ammo 2
Pierce Ammo 1 Pierce Ammo 2
Pierce Ammo 3 Piercing Dragon Ammo
Piercing Fire Ammo Piercing Ice Ammo
Piercing Thunder Ammo Piercing Water Ammo
Poison Ammo 1 Poison Ammo 2
Poison Coating Power Coating
Recover Ammo 1 Recover Ammo 2
Shrapnel Ammo 1 Shrapnel Ammo 2
Shrapnel Ammo 3 Sleep Ammo 1
Sleep Ammo 2 Sleep Coating
Slicing Ammo Spread Ammo 1
Spread Ammo 2 Spread Ammo 3
Sticky Ammo 1 Sticky Ammo 2
Sticky Ammo 3 Thunder Ammo
Tranq Ammo Water Ammo
Wyvern Ammo

List of All Ammo and Phials


Dragonbone Relic Dragonhusk Shard
Elder Dragon Bone Eroded Skeleton
Jumbo Bone Massive Bone
Monster Bone L Monster Bone M
Monster Bone S Monster Bone+
Monster Keenbone Quality Bone
Stoutbone Sturdy Bone
Twisted Remains Twisted Rockbone

List of All Bones


Armored Bream Big Combustuna
Brocadefish Combustuna
Crimsonfish Cutejelly
Flamefin Gastronome Tuna
Goldenfish Goldenfry
Gothjelly Great Flamefin
Great Gastronome Tuna Great Whetfish
King Brocadefish Platinumfish
Popfish Scatterfish
Speartuna Springnight Carp
Supreme Brocadefish Sushifish

List of All Fish

Food and Medicine

Adamant Seed Ancient Potion
Antidote Armorskin
Burnt Meat Catalyst
Cleanser Dash Juice
Demon Powder Demondrug
Deodorant Dust of Life
Energy Drink EZ Meat Bait
EZ Ration First-aid Med
First-aid Med+ Hardshell Powder
Herbal Medicine Herbal Powder
Immunizer Jumbofruit
Lifepowder Max Potion
Mega Armorskin Mega Demondrug
Mega Potion Might Seed
Nulberry Potion
Rare Steak Ration
Raw Meat Well-done Steak

List of All Food and Medicine

Hunting Helpers

Antidobra Blastoad
Brewhare Escuregot
Firebeetle Mudbeetle
Poisontoad Puppet Spider
Snowbeetle Stinkmink
Thunderbeetle Trapbugs

List of Endemic Life


Bitterbug Blossom Cricket
Butterfly Beetle Flashbug
Godbug Spider Web
Thunderbug Toxic Kumori

List of All Insects

Monster Materials

Acute Fang Aknosom Beak
Aknosom Crest Aknosom Crest+
Aknosom Feather Aknosom Feather+
Aknosom Scale Aknosom Scale+
Almudron Claw Almudron Claw+
Almudron Fin Almudron Fin+
Almudron Plate Almudron Scale
Almudron Scale+ Almudron Shell
Almudron Shell+ Almudron Tail
Almudron Whisker Almudron Whisker+
Altaroth Jaw Altaroth Stomach
Amber Fang Amber Fang+
Anjanath Fang Anjanath Fang+
Anjanath Gem Anjanath Nosebone
Anjanath Nosebone+ Anjanath Pelt
Anjanath Pelt+ Anjanath Plate
Anjanath Scale Anjanath Scale+
Anjanath Tail Anteka Antler
Apex Beastclaw Apex Blaze Sac
Apex Bubblefoam Apex Curlhorn
Apex Shockshell Apex Venom Spike
Aqua Sac Arzuros Brace
Arzuros Brace+ Arzuros Carapace
Arzuros Pelt Arzuros Pelt+
Arzuros Shell Baggi Hide
Baggi Scale Baggi Scale+
Barioth Carapace Barioth Claw
Barioth Claw+ Barioth Pelt
Barioth Pelt+ Barioth Shell
Barioth Spike Barioth Tail
Barroth Carapace Barroth Claw
Barroth Claw+ Barroth Ridge
Barroth Ridge+ Barroth Scalp
Barroth Shell Barroth Tail
Basarios Carapace Basarios Pleura
Basarios Pleura+ Basarios Shell
Basarios Tail Basarios Tears
Basarios Wing Bazelgeuse Carapace
Bazelgeuse Fuse Bazelgeuse Gem
Bazelgeuse Scale+ Bazelgeuse Tail
Bazelgeuse Talon Bazelgeuse Wing
Beast Gem Big Fin
Bird Wyvern Gem Bisha Tailcase
Bishaten Feather Bishaten Feather+
Bishaten Fur Bishaten Fur+
Bishaten Horn Bishaten Horn+
Bishaten Tailcase+ Bishaten Talon
Bishaten Talon+ Block of Ice
Block of Ice+ Bnahabra Carapace
Bnahabra Shell Bnahabra Stinger
Bnahabra Wing Bombadgy Igniter
Bubblefoam Bubblefoam+
Bullfango Head Bullfango Pelt
Bullfango Pelt+ Chameleos Claw+
Chameleos Gem Chameleos Hide+
Chameleos Spike Chameleos Tail
Chameleos Wing Coma Sac
Crimson Liquid Daora Carapace
Daora Claw+ Daora Dragon Scale+
Daora Gem Daora Horn+
Daora Tail Daora Webbing
Dash Extract Diablos Carapace
Diablos Fang Diablos Marrow
Diablos Medulla Diablos Ridge
Diablos Ridge+ Diablos Shell
Diablos Tailcase Dosbiscus
Elder Dragon Blood Electro Sac
Eroded Husk Fertile Mud
Fire Dragon Scale+ Flabby Hide
Flame Sac Freezer Sac
Frost Sac Fulgurbug
Gajau Scale Gajau Skin
Gajau Whisker Gajau Whisker+
Gargwa Feather Gargwa Guano
Gleaming Shell Gold Rajang Pelt
Golden Almudron Orb Golden Muck
Golden Sludge Goss Harag Bile
Goss Harag Brace Goss Harag Brace+
Goss Harag Claw Goss Harag Claw+
Goss Harag Fur Goss Harag Fur+
Goss Harag Hide Goss Harag Hide+
Goss Harag Horn Goss Harag Horn+
Great Baggi Claw Great Baggi Claw+
Great Baggi Hide Great Baggi Hide+
Great Izuchi Hide Great Izuchi Hide+
Great Izuchi Pelt Great Izuchi Pelt+
Great Izuchi Tail Great Izuchi Tail+
Great Stoutbone Great Wroggi Brace
Great Wroggi Brace+ Great Wroggi Hide
Great Wroggi Hide+ High-quality Pelt
Horn of Origin Hydro Hide
Hydro Hide+ Ibushi Bluespike
Ibushi Carapace Ibushi Claw+
Ibushi Hide+ Ibushi Horn+
Ibushi Windsac Immature Sponge
Inferno Sac Izuchi Pelt
Izuchi Pelt+ Izuchi Tail
Jaggi Hide Jaggi Hide+
Jaggi Scale Jaggi Scale+
Jagras Hide Jagras Hide+
Jagras Scale Jagras Scale+
Jyuratodus Carapace Jyuratodus Fang+
Jyuratodus Fin+ Jyuratodus Scale+
Kelbi Horn Kestodon Carapace
Kestodon Scalp Kestodon Shell
King's Beak King's Crest
Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale+
Lagombi Ear Lagombi Ear+
Lagombi Frozenclaw Lagombi Iceclaw
Lagombi Pelt Lagombi Pelt+
Lagombi Plastron Lagombi Plastron+
Magna Ghostprism Magna Soulprism
Magnamalo Blade Magnamalo Blade+
Magnamalo Horn Magnamalo Horn+
Magnamalo Plate Magnamalo Scale
Magnamalo Scale+ Magnamalo Scute
Magnamalo Scute+ Magnamalo Shell
Magnamalo Shell+ Magnamalo Tail
Majestic Horn Meaty Hide
Meaty Hide+ Mizutsune Claw
Mizutsune Claw+ Mizutsune Fin
Mizutsune Fin+ Mizutsune Plate
Mizutsune Purplefur Mizutsune Purplefur+
Mizutsune Scale Mizutsune Scale+
Mizutsune Tail Mizutsune Water Orb
Monster Broth Monster Fluid
Monster Hardbone Narga Medulla
Narga Razor Narga Tailspike
Nargacuga Blackfur Nargacuga Cutwing
Nargacuga Fang Nargacuga Fang+
Nargacuga Marrow Nargacuga Pelt+
Nargacuga Scale Nargacuga Scale+
Nargacuga Tail Narwa Carapace
Narwa Claw+ Narwa Hide+
Narwa Horn+ Narwa Sparksac
Narwa Tentacle Omniplegia Sac
Orb of Origin Pale Bone
Pale Extract Pale Steak
Paralysis Sac Pearl Hide
Piercing Claw Poison Sac
Pukei-Pukei Carapace Pukei-Pukei Quill
Pukei-Pukei Sac Pukei-Pukei Sac+
Pukei-Pukei Scale Pukei-Pukei Scale+
Pukei-Pukei Shell Pukei-Pukei Tail
Pukei-Pukei Wing Purple Magna Orb
Quality Fin Quality Stomach
Queen Substance Rachnoid Silk
Rachnoid Silk+ Rajang Blackfur
Rajang Claw+ Rajang Fang+
Rajang Horn+ Rajang Tail
Rakna-Kadaki Carapace Rakna-Kadaki Glowgut
Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaw Rakna-Kadaki Silk
Rakna-Kadaki Spike Rath Marrow
Rath Medulla Rath Wingtalon
Rath Wingtalon+ Rathalos Carapace
Rathalos Plate Rathalos Ruby
Rathalos Scale Rathalos Scale+
Rathalos Shell Rathalos Tail
Rathalos Webbing Rathalos Wing
Rathian Carapace Rathian Plate
Rathian Ruby Rathian Scale
Rathian Scale+ Rathian Shell
Rathian Spike Rathian Spike+
Rathian Webbing Red Serpent Orb
Remobra Head Remobra Hide
Remobra Hide+ Rhenoplos Carapace
Rhenoplos Scalp Rhenoplos Shell
Rich Mud Ripened Mushroom
Rouge Spikewing Royal Ludroth Claw
Royal Ludroth Claw+ Royal Ludroth Crest
Royal Ludroth Crest+ Royal Ludroth Scale
Royal Ludroth Scale+ Royal Ludroth Tail
Scale of Origin Screamer Sac
Sharp Claw Sharp Fang
Sharqskin Scale Shimmering Scale
Slagtoth Hide Slagtoth Hide+
Slagtoth Oil Sleep Sac
Somnacanth Dust Somnacanth Fin
Somnacanth Fin+ Somnacanth Scale
Somnacanth Scale+ Somnacanth Sedative
Somnacanth Shell Somnacanth Shell+
Somnacanth Talon Somnacanth Talon+
Spongy Hide Spongy Hide+
Stargazer Bloom Striped Hide
Suspicious Fang Suspicious Fang+
Teostra Carapace Teostra Claw+
Teostra Gem Teostra Horn+
Teostra Mane Teostra Powder
Teostra Tail Teostra Webbing
Tetra Carapace Tetra Carapace+
Tetranadon Beak Tetranadon Beak+
Tetranadon Disc Tetranadon Disc+
Tetranadon Hide Tetranadon Hide+
Thunder Sac Thunder Serpent Orb
Tigrex Carapace Tigrex Claw
Tigrex Claw+ Tigrex Fang
Tigrex Fang+ Tigrex Maw
Tigrex Scale Tigrex Scale+
Tigrex Scalp Tigrex Shell
Tigrex Tail Tobi-Kadachi Claw
Tobi-Kadachi Claw+ Tobi-Kadachi Electrode
Tobi-Kadachi Electrode+ Tobi-Kadachi Membrane
Tobi-Kadachi Pelt Tobi-Kadachi Pelt+
Tobi-Kadachi Scale Tobi-Kadachi Scale+
Torrent Sac Toxin Sac
Twisted Horn Uroktor Scale
Uroktor Scale+ Valstrax Claw+
Valstrax Spineshell Valstrax Tail
Volvi Carapace Volvi Rickrack
Volvidon Claw Volvidon Claw+
Volvidon Shell Warm Pelt
White Liver Wind Serpent Orb
Wroggi Hide Wroggi Scale
Wroggi Scale+ Wyvern Gem
Zinogre Carapace Zinogre Claw
Zinogre Claw+ Zinogre Electrofur
Zinogre Horn Zinogre Horn+
Zinogre Jasper Zinogre Plate
Zinogre Shell Zinogre Shocker
Zinogre Shocker+ Zinogre Shockfur
Zinogre Tail

List of All Monster Materials


Carbalite Ore Dragonite Ore
Dundormarin Earth Crystal
Felyne Fur Ruby Firecell Stone
Firestone Fucium Ore
Gracium Icium
Iron Ore Lightcrystal
Machalite Ore Novacrystal

List of All Ores

Other Items

Armorcharm Armortalon
Barrel Lid BBQ Spit
Bhernastone Blue Seed
Crimson Seed Dung
Empty Phial Exploding Kunai
Gold Seed Golden Egg
Gray Seed Gunpowder
Gunpowder Lv2 Gunpowder Lv3
Lagniapple Large Barrel
Loc Lac Ore Minegardenite
Net Powercharm
Powertalon Silver Egg
Silver Seed Small Barrel
Steel Egg Throwing Kunai
Trap Tool Val Habar Quartz

List of All Other Items

Other Materials

Advanced Armor Sphere Aquaglow Jewel
Armor Sphere Armor Sphere+
Bloodrun Jewel Dreamshell
Hard Armor Sphere Heavy Armor Sphere
Lazurite Jewel Sinister Cloth
Sinister Darkcloth Wisdom Crystal

List of All Other Materials


Antidote Herb Blastnut
Blazenut Blue Mushroom
Bomberry Bumblepumpkin
Dragonfell Berry Dragonstrike Nut
Exciteshroom Felvine
Fire Herb Flamenut
Flowfern Gloamgrass Bud
Herb Honey
Huskberry Ivy
Latchberry Mandragora
Mountshrooms Needleberry
Nitroshroom Omegapumpkin
Parashroom Shadeshrooms
Slashberry Sleep Herb
Smokenut Snow Herb
Stargazer Flower Sunscorned Grass

List of All Plants

Traps and Bombs

Barrel Bomb Drugged Meat
Dung Bomb Farcaster
Fire Barrel Bomb Flash Bomb
Flashfruit Ice Barrel Bomb
Large Barrel Bomb Mega Barrel Bomb
Parafruit Pitfall Trap
Poison Smoke Bomb Poisoned Meat
Poisonfruit Shock Trap
Sonic Bomb Thunder Barrel Bomb
Tinged Meat Tranq Bomb
Water Barrel Bomb

List of All Traps and Bombs

Tickets and Coins

Ace Hunter Coin Barioth Coin
Barroth Coin Bazelgeuse Coin
Buddy Ticket Commendation
Dango Ticket Defender Ticket 1
Defender Ticket 2 Defender Ticket 3
Defender Ticket 4 Defender Ticket 5
Defender Ticket 6 Defender Ticket 7
Defender Ticket 8 Defender Ticket 9
Friend Voucher Guild Ticket
High Commendation Hunter King Coin
Kamura Ticket Kulu Coin
Nargacuga Coin Outfit Voucher
Pawprint Stamp Pinnacle Coin
Rajang Coin

List of All Tickets and Coins


Aknosom Scrap Aknosom Scrap+
Almudron Scrap Almudron Scrap+
Anjanath Scrap Anjanath Scrap+
Arzuros Scrap Arzuros Scrap+
Baggi Scrap Baggi Scrap+
Barioth Scrap Barioth Scrap+
Barroth Scrap Barroth Scrap+
Basarios Scrap Basarios Scrap+
Bazel Scrap+ Bishaten Scrap
Bishaten Scrap+ Bnahabra Scrap
Bnahabra Scrap+ Bone Scrap
Bone Scrap+ Chameleos Scrap+
Diablos Scrap Diablos Scrap+
Fur Scrap Fur Scrap+
Goss Harag Scrap Goss Harag Scrap+
Humble Scrap Humble Scrap+
Ibushi Scrap+ Insect Scrap
Insect Scrap+ Izuchi Scrap
Izuchi Scrap+ Jaggi Scrap
Jaggi Scrap+ Jyura Scrap+
Kadachi Scrap Kadachi Scrap+
Khezu Scrap Khezu Scrap+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Scrap Kulu-Ya-Ku Scrap+
Kushala Daora Scrap+ Lagombi Scrap
Lagombi Scrap+ Magnamalo Scrap
Magnamalo Scrap+ Mizutsune Scrap
Mizutsune Scrap+ Nargacuga Scrap
Nargacuga Scrap+ Narwa Scrap+
Ore Scrap Ore Scrap+
Pukei Scrap Pukei Scrap+
Rajang Scrap+ Rakna-Kadaki Scrap+
Rathalos Scrap Rathalos Scrap+
Rathian Scrap Rathian Scrap+
Rhenoplos Scrap Rhenoplos Scrap+
Royal Ludroth Scrap Royal Ludroth Scrap+
Slagtoth Scrap Slagtoth Scrap+
Somnacanth Scrap Somnacanth Scrap+
Teostra Scrap+ Tetranadon Scrap
Tetranadon Scrap+ Tigrex Scrap
Tigrex Scrap+ Valstrax Scrap+
Volvidon Scrap Volvidon Scrap+
Wroggi Scrap Wroggi Scrap+
Zinogre Scrap Zinogre Scrap+

List of Scraps

Upgrade Material Types

Aknosom Material Aknosom+ Material
Allmother+ Material Almudron Material
Almudron+ Material Anjanath+ Material
Arzuros Material Arzuros+ Material
Barioth Material Barioth+ Material
Barroth Material Barroth+ Material
Basarios Material Basarios+ Material
Bazelgeuse+ Material Bishaten Material
Bishaten+ Material Bone Material
Bone+ Material Chameleos+ Material
Crimson Glow Valstrax+ Material Diablos+ Material
Goss Harag Material Goss Harag+ Material
Great Baggi Material Great Baggi+ Material
Herbivore Material Herbivore+ Material
Ibushi+ Material Izuchi Material
Izuchi+ Material Jyuratodus+ Material
Khezu Material Khezu+ Material
Kulu-Ya-Ku Material Kulu-Ya-Ku+ Material
Kushala+ Material Lagombi Material
Lagombi+ Material Ludroth Material
Ludroth+ Material Magnamalo Material
Magnamalo+ Material Mizutsune+ Material
Monster Material Monster+ Material
Nargacuga+ Material Narwa+ Material
Neopteron Material Neopteron+ Material
Ore Material Ore+ Material
Pukei-Pukei Material Pukei-Pukei+ Material
Rajang+ Material Rakna-Kadaki Material
Rathalos Material Rathalos+ Material
Rathian Material Rathian+ Material
Small Monster Material Small Monster+ Material
Somnacanth Material Somnacanth+ Material
Teostra+ Material Tetranadon Material
Tetranadon+ Material Tigrex+ Material
Tobi-Kadachi Material Tobi-Kadachi+ Material
Volvidon Material Volvidon+ Material
Wroggi Material Wroggi+ Material
Zinogre+ Material

List of Upgrade Material Types

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