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List of Items and Materials

This is a list of items and materials in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know more about useable items, materials found in maps, and others, read on!

Item List


Items Directory
Consumables Battle Items Ammo and Coatings
Ancient Potion.pngAncient Potion Antidote.pngAntidote Armorskin.pngArmorskin Burnt Meat.pngBurnt Meat
Cleanser.pngCleanser Demon Powder.pngDemon Powder Demondrug.pngDemondrug Energy Drink.pngEnergy Drink
EZ Ration.pngEZ Ration First-aid Med.pngFirst-aid Med First-aid Med+.pngFirst-aid Med+ Hardshell Powder.pngHardshell Powder
Herbal Medicine.pngHerbal Medicine Herbal Powder.pngHerbal Powder Lifepowder.pngLifepowder Max Potion.pngMax Potion
Mega Potion.pngMega Potion Nullberry.pngNullberry Potion.pngPotion Well-done Steak.pngWell-done Steak

Battle Items

Items Directory
Consumables Battle Items Ammo and Coatings
Barrel Bomb.pngBarrel Bomb BBQ Spit.pngBBQ Spit Drugged Meat.pngDrugged Meat Dung Bomb.pngDung Bomb
Farcaster.pngFarcaster Flash Bomb.pngFlash Bomb Gunpowder.pngGunpowder Large Barrel Bomb.pngLarge Barrel Bomb
Pitfall Trap.pngPitfall Trap Poison Smoke Bomb.pngPoison Smoke Bomb Poisoned Meat.pngPoisoned Meat Shock Trap.pngShock Trap
Sonic Bomb.pngSonic Bomb Throwing Kunai.pngThrowing Kunai Tinged Meat.pngTinged Meat Whetstone.pngWhetstone

Ammo and Coatings

Items Directory
Consumables Battle Items Ammo and Coatings
Unavailable.pngArmor Ammo Blast Coating.pngBlast Coating Cluster Bomb 1.pngCluster Bomb 1 Unavailable.pngCluster Bomb 2
Unavailable.pngCluster Bomb 3 Unavailable.pngDemon Ammo Unavailable.pngDragon Ammo Unavailable.pngExhaust Ammo 1
Unavailable.pngExhaust Ammo 2 Exhaust Coating.pngExhaust Coating Flaming Ammo.pngFlaming Ammo Freeze Ammo.pngFreeze Ammo
Normal Ammo 1.pngNormal Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 2.pngNormal Ammo 2 Unavailable.pngNormal Ammo 3 Para Coating.pngPara Coating
Unavailable.pngParalysis Ammo 1 Unavailable.pngParalysis Ammo 2 Pierce Ammo 1.pngPierce Ammo 1 Unavailable.pngPierce Ammo 2
Unavailable.pngPierce Ammo 3 Unavailable.pngPiercing Dragon Ammo Unavailable.pngPiercing Fire Ammo Unavailable.pngPiercing Ice Ammo
Unavailable.pngPiercing Thunder Ammo Unavailable.pngPiercing Water Ammo Unavailable.pngPoison Ammo 1 Unavailable.pngPoison Ammo 2
Poison Coating.pngPoison Coating Power Coating.pngPower Coating Unavailable.pngRecover Ammo 1 Unavailable.pngRecover Ammo 2
Unavailable.pngShrapnel Ammo 1 Unavailable.pngShrapnel Ammo 2 Unavailable.pngShrapnel Ammo 3 Unavailable.pngSleep Ammo 1
Unavailable.pngSleep Ammo 2 Sleep Coating.pngSleep Coating Unavailable.pngSlicing Ammo Spread Ammo 1.pngSpread Ammo 1
Unavailable.pngSpread Ammo 2 Unavailable.pngSpread Ammo 3 Unavailable.pngSticky Ammo 1 Unavailable.pngSticky Ammo 2
Unavailable.pngSticky Ammo 3 Thunder Ammo.pngThunder Ammo Water Ammo.pngWater Ammo Unavailable.pngWyvern Ammo

Material List


Materials Directory
Plant Insect Mining
Fishing Bone Pile Crafting Materials
Adamant Seed.pngAdamant Seed Antidote Herb.pngAntidote Herb Blastnut.pngBlastnut Unavailable.pngBlazenut
Blue Mushroom.pngBlue Mushroom Bomberry.pngBomberry Unavailable.pngDragonfell Berry Dragonstrike Nut.pngDragonstrike Nut
Exciteshroom.pngExciteshroom Felvine.pngFelvine Fire Herb.pngFire Herb Flamenut.pngFlamenut
Flowfern.pngFlowfern Unavailable.pngGloamgrass Bud Herb.pngHerb Huskberry.pngHuskberry
Ivy.pngIvy Latchberry.pngLatchberry Mandragora.pngMandragora Might Seed.pngMight Seed
Needleberry.pngNeedleberry Nitroshroom.pngNitroshroom Parashroom.pngParashroom Slashberry.pngSlashberry
Sleep Herb.pngSleep Herb Unavailable.pngSmokenut Unavailable.pngSnow Herb


Materials Directory
Plant Insect Mining
Fishing Bone Pile Crafting Materials
Bitterbug.pngBitterbug Flashbug.pngFlashbug Godbug.pngGodbug Honey.pngHoney
Spider Web.pngSpider Web Unavailable.pngThunderbug Toadstool.pngToadstool


Materials Directory
Plant Insect Mining
Fishing Bone Pile Crafting Materials
Armor Sphere.pngArmor Sphere Earth Crystal.pngEarth Crystal Iron Ore.pngIron Ore


Materials Directory
Plant Insect Mining
Fishing Bone Pile Crafting Materials
Big Combustuna.pngBig Combustuna Combustuna.pngCombustuna Unavailable.pngFlamefin Unavailable.pngGreat Flamefin
Unavailable.pngPopfish Unavailable.pngScatterfish Sushifish.pngSushifish

Bone Pile

Materials Directory
Plant Insect Mining
Fishing Bone Pile Crafting Materials
Monster Bone S.pngMonster Bone S Twisted Remains.pngTwisted Remains

Crafting Materials

Materials Directory
Plant Insect Mining
Fishing Bone Pile Crafting Materials
Dung.pngDung Empty Phial.pngEmpty Phial Gunpowder Lv2.pngGunpowder Lv2 Gunpowder Lv3.pngGunpowder Lv3
Unavailable.pngLarge Barrel Net.pngNet Unavailable.pngSmall Barrel

Hunting Helpers List

Antidobra.pngAntidobra Blastoad.pngBlastoad Brewhare.pngBrewhare Escuregot.pngEscuregot
Firebeetle.pngFirebeetle Mudbeetle.pngMudbeetle Poisontoad.pngPoisontoad Puppet Spider.pngPuppet Spider
Snowbeetle.pngSnowbeetle Stinkmink.pngStinkmink Thunderbeetle.pngThunderbeetle Trapbugs.pngTrapbugs

List of Endemic Life

Monster Materials List

Arzuros Pelt.pngArzuros Pelt Arzuros Shell.pngArzuros Shell Bubblefoam.pngBubblefoam Bullfango Pelt.pngBullfango Pelt
Great Izuchi Hide.pngGreat Izuchi Hide Great Izuchi Pelt.pngGreat Izuchi Pelt Izuchi Tail.pngIzuchi Tail Jagras Hide.pngJagras Hide
Kelbi Horn.pngKelbi Horn Mizutsune Purplefur.pngMizutsune Purplefur Mizutsune Scale.pngMizutsune Scale Mizutsune Tail.pngMizutsune Tail
Rathian Scale.pngRathian Scale Rathian Shell.pngRathian Shell Rathian Spike.pngRathian Spike Raw Meat.pngRaw Meat
Screamer Sac.pngScreamer Sac Sharp Claw.pngSharp Claw Sharp Fang.pngSharp Fang Warm Pelt.pngWarm Pelt
Wroggi Hide.pngWroggi Hide Wroggi Scale.pngWroggi Scale Unavailable.pngWyvern Tear

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