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Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Combos Controls and Moveset

This is a guide to the Lance, a weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn about new Lance controls and combos, how to use the Lance charge, the Lance Dash Attack as well as details on Lance Switch Skills.

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Lance Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Mid Thrust
Buttons A.png High Thrust
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Wide Sweep
Button zR.png + Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png
Guard Dash
Button zR.png + Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Dash Attack
Button zR.png + Buttons A.png
Button zR.png Guard
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
Twin Vine (Kunai Jab)
Buttons zL.png + Buttons B.png
Twin Vine (Launch while guarding)
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png
Anchor Rage

Useful Combos

Basic Combo
Mid Thrust I
Buttons X.png
Mid Thrust II
Buttons X.png
Mid Thrust III
Buttons X.png
Buttons B.png
Closing Attacks While Guarding
Guard Dash
Button zR.png + Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png
Leaping Thrust
Buttons A.png
Mid Thrust II
Buttons X.png
Mid Thrust III
Buttons X.png
Endless Thrusting Combo
Cancel Thrust
Button zR.png + Buttons A.png
High Thrust I
Buttons A.png
High Thrust II
Buttons A.png
Cancel Thrust
Button zR.png + Buttons A.png

Lance Silkbind Attacks

Official Lance Preview Video

Twin Vine

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Twin Vine Silkbind Attack.jpg

Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png

Press Buttons zL.png + Buttons B.png to jump back closer to the attached monster

The Twin Vine silkbind attack attaches the hunter to the monster. While connected, the hunter can freely jump back beside the monster to close the gap faster.

Anchor Rage

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Anchor Rage Silkbind Attack.jpg

Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

The Anchor Rage is a silkbind attack that increases your attack damage when hit by an attack. The attack increase also depends on the power of the attack received!

Spiral Thrust NEW

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Spiral Thrust Switch Skill

This new Silkbind Attack can be switched out with Anchor Rage.

A quick two-step move, Spiral Thrust allows the user to change their position and aim for a counterattack.

The attack starts with a counter, using the shield to parry an attack, then sends the user flying forward with the Wirebug. This can catch targets off guard and leave them vulnerable.

If an attack is successfully countered using Spiral Thrust then an temporary attack buff will be granted and the Lance will glow for the duration.

Lance Switch Skills and Best Setup

Switch Skills are unlocked as you progress in the game. The very first one is obtained after finishing the ★3 Urgent Quest, Feathered Frenzy.

The best Switch Skills we recommend for each slot are marked in red.

Controls Original Skill Switch Skill
zL + A Anchor Rage
Wirebug Recovery Speed: Medium
Wirebug Cost: 1
Spiral Thrust
Wirebug Recovery Speed: Medium
Wirebug Cost: 1
zR + (X+A) Dash Attack Shield Charge
zR Guard Insta-Block

Spiral Thrust

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Spiral Thrust Switch Skill

Switched With Controls
Anchor Rage
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png
Two-step maneuver to counterattack. Uses the shield to parry then uses Wirebugs to pull you forward. Sucessful counters will grant an attack buff and increase the damage of the follow up thrusts.
Reposition using the Left Analog after the first dash or halt altogether.
Wirebug Gauge Recovery Speed: Medium
Wirebug Cost: 1

A two-step Lance dash maneuver that blocks an incoming attack from the start and allows you to dash attack twice with your Lance. We recommend getting this because it helps with Lance's lack of mobility.

Shield Charge

MH Rise - LANCE Shield Charge: size:440x245

Switched With Controls
Dash Attack
Hold Button zR.png, press Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Press X to perform a Shield Bash then A lead into a Leaping Thrust
A charging attack with the shield up. Can only dash for a limited amount of time while fending off attacks with the shield. Crashing into a monster deals shield-based blunt damage.

This skill replaces your usual Lance dash attack with a dash while holding your shield. Attacks met while dashing will be blocked and you will continue dashing. You can end the dash with a Shield Bash for big blunt damage. You can't use it for a long time like the Lance Dash though, you can only dash for a short while with the shield.


MH Rise - LANCE Insta Block

Switched With Controls
Press Button zR.png right as you're about to be hit.
After a successful Insta-Block, pressing X will lead into a Cross Sweep.
Swings your shield in an arch to parry attacks. Time your guard just before a monster hits you to follow-up with a Cross Slash. Great for countering right after blocking.

The greatest counterattack move by the Lance. Your hunter will swing the shield in an arch anticipating an attack. Time it properly before it hits and you can have the opportunity to follow it up with a Cross Slash (A)!

Switch Skills Guide: How to Unlock Switch Skills

Lance Attacks and Moves

High / Mid Thrust

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Thrust.jpg

For mid thrust, press Buttons X.png

For high thrust, press Buttons A.png

This is the bread-and-butter move of the Lance. As a Lance user, you can mix any of the two types of thrusts consecutively up to three times. After three thrusts, the motion will reset unless you cancel it using a cancel thrust (zR + A) or by dodging (B).

This is important to know this because when you don't cancel after three thrusts, the downtime before you can attack again is very long.

Improved Backstep Distance

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Backstep.gif

They improved the backstep and increased the distance greatly! This helps in mobility and avoiding attacks.

While weapons are unsheathed, Buttons B.png

Wide Sweep Charge Attack

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Wide Sweep Charged Attack.gif

Hold Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
then release at the right time

Doing a Wide Sweep with the Lance allows you to charge the attack before it releases automatically. This is Lance's most powerful attack so you should use it at all times when there is an opening.

Power Guard

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Power Guard

Input During Guard charge (zR + A),
Button zR.png + Buttons B.png

The Power Guard is a returning move that allows you to greatly withstand and reduce the stun time of attacks. It is one of the best counter tools of the Lance against enemy monsters if timed correctly.

Charged Counter Thrust / Leaping Thrust

This is the Power Guard's counterattack against enemy attacks. Press A to dish out a powerful counterattack after guarding against an enemy attack.

If you press X instead of A after a Power Guard, you will execute a Leaping Thrust which is good for closing gaps between you and the enemy.

While Using Power Guard,Buttons A.png

Press Buttons X.png instead for a Leaping Thrust

Guard Dash

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Guard Dash.gif

Button zR.png + Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png

Follow up with X for a Shield Attack or A for a Leaping Thrust.

One of the main mobility moves in the Lance's arsenal, Guard Dashing is an important move to know if you want to learn Lance. This not only closes the gap between you and the monster, but the initial Guard Dash motion (where the shield is in front of you) can also block enemy attacks!

Lance Dash Attack (Lance Charge)

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Charge or Lance Dash Attack

While in the air or unsheathed, you can execute a Lance Dash Attack (or Lance Charge as called by some) that enables you to dash forward. You can change direction ever so slightly using the Left Analog Stick and hop sideways using B.

You will consume stamina as you dash and will stop when you run out, hit a wall, or execute an attack by pressing X.

While in the air, Button zR.png

While unsheathed,
Button zR.pngButtons X.png + Buttons A.png

You may turn slightly using the Left Analog Stick and to hop sideways press B.

Recommended Combos for the Lance

Basic Thrust Triple Combo

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Bread and Butter Combo

Button Inputs
Buttons X.pngButtons X.pngButtons X.pngButtons B.png (step-evade)

This is Lance's bread-and-butter move. As a Lance user, you will use this combo more often than not. The consistency and frequency of using this combo will maximize your damage as a Lance main!

Attack While Guarding

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Attack While Guarding

Button Inputs
Button zR.png + Buttons A.pngButtons B.pngButtons X.pngButton zR.png + Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png

This is a combo that allows you to connect Guard Dash by striking after Power Guard. This can be used even when an enemy is attacking you!

Tips on How to Use the Lance

Check IconAlways stay beside the monster

Check IconUse Anchor Rage when possible

Check IconAlways Guard against attacks

Check IconAlways use Charged Sweep when possible

Check IconMake full use of the Counter Thrust

Check IconSheathe your Lance when you need to reposition unless you and the monster are connected via Twin Vine.

Stay Beside the Monster

Monster Hunter Rise - Lances Stay Beside Monsters

The power of the Lance relies on consistent poke damage so you must be beside the monster at all times. Learning to play very aggressively while knowing when to guard is the sign of a good Lance player.

Use Anchor Rage When Possible

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Use Anchor Rage

The Anchor Rage gives the Lance a much-needed attack boost. Use it whenever possible to mitigate the low DPS disadvantage!

Always Guard Against Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Always Guard Against Attacks

It is not advisable to sheathe your weapon every time you reposition yourself. Use Lance's guard to tank enemy attacks to maximize your DPS!

Make Sure to Always Use Charged Sweep When Possible

Monster Hunter Rise - Use the Lance Wide Sweep Charged Attack.gif

This is one of the highest damage moves from Lance. When there is an opening, charge up your Lance and sweep away! The DPS boost from this move is too good to pass up.

Make Full Use of the Counter-Thrust

Use CounterThrust

The Lance has the capability to counter-thrust after successfully guarding against an attack. As mentioned earlier, consistent damage is the key to using the Lance so counter-thrusting is one way to convert defense into offense!

Sheathe Your Weapon Only When Needed!

Monster Hunter Rise - Sheath Your Lance

If you need to reposition, always do it while the Lance is sheathed. When unsheathed, the Lance reduces you to a crawl making moving painfully slow. To reposition while unsheathed, use Twin Vine to dash towards the monster!

How Good is the Lance?

Tier List Ranking

Rank B Rank Icon

The Lance is very simple to use but difficult to master. You have to optimize guard counters and poking to maximize your damage output so it requires high monster knowledge.

Weapon Tier List

Lance Strengths

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Strengths

Check IconOne of the best with guarding

Check IconCan counterattack

Check IconLong reach and can aim high places

One of the Best Weapons for Guarding

The Lance is top tier when it comes to guarding. It can tank almost all monster attacks with minimal damage to the hunter!

Can Counterattack After Guarding

The Lance can also counterattack after absorbing damage from a guard. Use this wisely for maximum damage!

Long Reach and High Aim

Being physically long gives Lance the advantage with reach. It can easily reach heads position high up like Anjanath or Jyuratodus!

Lance Weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Weaknesses

Check IconVery poor mobility

Check IconDPS is not very high

Check IconCan be easily interrupted

A Poor Mobility Weapon

The Lance provides poor mobility while hunting. When unsheathed, the Lance will slow down the hunter to a crawl leaving him unable to properly reposition.

No High DPS Attacks

The Lance also does not have any attack that dishes high damage. It relies on consistent poke damage while guarding monster attacks.

Easily Interrupted by Allies

When playing with allies, Lance users can be tripped by certain attacks (from Long Swords and Gunlances, for example). Because of this, Lance users have to incorporate the Flinch Free skill into Lance builds.

Changes from MHW: Iceborne

Backstep Distance After Attack

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Backstep.gif

The backstep distance after an attack is increased therefore you can reposition more easily.

You Can Execute a Charged Sweep

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Wide Sweep Charged Attack.gif

Hold Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

A new move that opens up new high damage opportunities for the Lance. Use this whenever possible like when the monster is downed, trapped, stunned, or asleep.

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