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Training Area Guide

This is an article about the Training Area in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know what the Training Area offers as well as how to access it, read on!

Training Area Features

Test Our Your Weapons

Practice Your Weapons

You may use the training area to test out your weapon and armor builds to more efficiently take down monsters!

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Practice in Multiplayer

Multiplayer In TrainingEnlarge

In Monster Hunter World, only one player can enter the Training Area. This will change in Monster Hunter Rise as it was confirmed in the Training Area trailer that you can practice with your friends together!

Test the Capabilities of Your Buddies

Buddy In TrainingEnlarge

In the trailer, Hunters can bring their Buddies (Palico and Palamute) inside the Training Area which could help in practicing Buddy combos!

Practice Your Gunner Skills

Gunner in Practice

In a recently released Training Area video, it is confirmed that you can practice your gunner skills and moves in the Training Area using a practice range!

Adjust Settings from the Training Area arena

Arena Settings Training AreaEnlarge

It seems you can change the different settings for Toadversary and the target range by accessing a menu while inside the Training Area arena. Settings like Head Position, Actions, Target Movement, and Wirebug Gauge can be changed!

Training Area Facilities

Toadversary, the Tetranadon Dummy

Tetranadon DummyEnlarge

A huge dummy in the middle of the Training Area called Toadversary resembles that of a Tetranadon. The dummy reacts depending on the attacks you dish out so polish your wirebug and silkbind combos here when you can!

Toadversary Has Moves!

It is confirmed that Toadversary has multiple attack patterns, with two being confirmed in a video from Monster Hunter social media accounts! This is a huge help, especially for counterattack-type silkbind attacks!

Stomp Projectile
StompEnlarge ProjectileEnlarge

Toadversary Can Be Stunned

Toadversary Stun

It is confirmed that Toadversary can be stunned after a certain number of hits so you can practice the effectiveness of your blunt weapons here!

Gunner Practice Range

Practice Range

A practice range for gunners (LBG and HBG users rejoice!) is present in the Training Area. This can help refine your aim to aid for when you are fighting the real thing!

Canon and Ballista Practice

Cannon and Ballista PracticeEnlarge

It seems canons and ballistae are present in the training area. This could be a prelude to how we are going to use these siege weapons during a Rampage event near the endgame. When you have time, practice operating these things to help in future hunts!

Training Area Location

Probably Has Access In Kamura Village or World Map

Training Area in MHWEnlarge

In Monster Hunter World, the Training Area is accessible from the World Map. Although we have no information at the moment, the Training Area in Monster Hunter Rise may be accessed the same way or connected via Kamura Village.

Training Area Has Access to Kamura Village

Access to Other PlacesEnlarge

Though we do not know yet if the Training Area has access to the Training Area, we can confirm that you can go straight to the Kamura Village, the Gathering Hub, and your Room from the Training Arena Palico!

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