March 8th Digital Event - Livestream Coverage and Everything We Learned | Monster Hunter Rise | MHR (MH Rise)

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This is a summary of the Digital Event Official Livestream taking place on March 8th, 2021 for Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). Find out everything we learned at the event, and where the event can be accessed!

Watch the March 8th Digital Event

If you missed the Event when it was released, you can watch the playback at any time from the video above!

Second Demo with Magnamalo Confirmed!

Release Date March 11th, 2021
Contents Previous demo, plus new fight with Magnamalo

Battle with Magnamalo

A new battle with the monster Magnamalo will be available in a brand new addition to the demo! This battle will be much harder than the already-released Mizutsune, so be sure to team up for it!

New Previously Unseen Monster

Newly Appearing Monster.jpeg

The Monster appearing at around 33:55 of the Digital Event video has not been seen before in any trailer or Monster Hunter game.

In fact, our team noticed that it bears a striking resemblance to the Monster Hunter Rise logo.

Real Final Boss?

Monster Hunter Rise Logo.jpeg

With Magnamalo already confirmed for the second Demo, it seems anticlimactic to appear as the final boss of the game. It's possible that this new Monster will serve as true final boss.

If this really is the Monster from the logo, then it raises further questions – such as, why are there two monsters shown in the logo of the game?

New Monsters

Nargacuga, Zinogre, and Barroth Returning!

Nargacuga Zinogre

Two fan favorites returning from previous games, Nargacuga and Zinogre were announced to be back in Monster Hunter Rise!

In addition, Barroth appeared in a quick shot during the event, confirming its presence in the game.

Returning Monsters | Monster Hunter Rise

Chameleos and Other New Monsters Coming in Late April


We're happy to see Chameleos finally back in Monster Hunter Rise. That said, it won't be available immediately upon release of the game.

Coming in Free Title Update

Chameleos, along with several other new monsters, will be coming in the first Free Title Update, which has been confirmed for the end of April, so a release date of around April 30th is expected.

Another Free Title Update with several more monsters will be coming later at a currently unannounced time.

Switch Skills for New Silkbind Attacks

The new Switch Skills feature allows for players to switch out certain Silkbind Attacks, granting a total of three Silkbind Attacks for every weapon.

As only two Silkbind Attacks were previously available for each Weapon, this unlocks new potential for each Weapon and will potentially shake up the Weapon Tier List.

New Rampage Details Revealed

The Rampage has been confirmed to be a new game mode with a tower defense style of play.

Prepare three types of installations before the horde of Monsters arrives, then use power-up tools like the Counter Signal to fight off the Monsters and keep Kamura Village safe.

All Rampage Details

Hunter Connect and Like Feature

The newly announced Hunter Connect mode allows for matchmaking with other players online. This allows for players to easily find new fellow hunters without any fuss.

Like Function

Like Function.png

The Like Function serves as a pseudo-Friend system for the game, allowing players to Like one another after battlign together, so that they can find each other to set out on a hunt once again. Players can use this to avoid running the risk involved with connecting with a brand new group each time.

Photo Mode

Photo Mode.png

The Photo Mode feature makes it easier than ever to take screenshots on the fly. The in-game album makes it even easier, avoiding the need to leave the game to view the album each time you want to check the pictures you've taken so far.

Difficulty Scaling

Difficulty Scaling.png

Quest Difficulty has been announced to adjust flexibly based on the number of players involved. Monsters will become stronger the more players join forces to defeat it, and even if a player joins mid-battle or suddenly drops out, the difficulty will scale again to match the new number of players.

Digital Event Schedule

Three events for Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 have been scheduled for the week beginning March 8th. Tune in to the link below to catch each of the three events at the times below!

▶︎Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event Official Site

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