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Sunbreak Cohoot Guide: Owl Buddy and How to Use

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What is a Cohoot

This is an article about the Cohoot, a new pet owl in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want to know what it does, how you can interact with it, and how you can change its outfit, read on!

Cohoot Basic Information

Cohoot Official Render
Official Description
Cohoots are popular pets in Kamura, beloved for their affectionate and clever nature. Apart from providing some much-needed comfort to hunters, they also help out on quests by showing the positions of monsters.
In-between quests, you can dress them up in fancy outfits, so make sure to give them the daily attention they deserve.

A New Owl Pet in Monster Hunter Rise

Cohoot New Pet

The Cohoot is your Hunter's new owl pet and companion in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). You may interact with it while in Kamura Village like Poogie in the past games!

Unlike Poogie, your Cohoot can be accessed anywhere outside a quest through your Action menu!

What Cohoots Do

Scouts the Position of Monsters

Cohoots Scout Monsters

At the start of any quest, your Hunter will release a Cohoot to scout the map. It will show all monster positions and other relevant objects such as gathering points and endemic life.

The Cohoots, however, cannot identify the monsters completely. Unidentified monsters on the map will show up as question marks. You must reach these monsters for the first time to fully identify them!

Fully identified monsters will show up with their proper icons on the map on every quest.

Sends Out Join Requests

Send out Join Requests

Join Requests allow other hunters (players) to join your quest if you are connected online. You can send out Join Requests through your Cohoot!

Think of it like the SOS Flare in Monster Hunter World (MHW)! You can join other players' Join Requests through a quest board.

Join Requests Guide: How to Join and Send out SOS

Collects Items in its Nest

Cohoot Nest in Kamura Village


The Cohoot's nest can be found on top of the tall tree bearing the Buddy Plaza Shrine within the Buddy Plaza. In its nest are items, some of which are rare like the Lagniapple and Steel Egg.

So, be sure to check the nest as it refreshes after every 5th quest completed.

Cohoot Nest in Elgado Outpost

MH Rise Sunbreak - Cohoot Nest in Elgado

If you have the Sunbreak expansion, the Cohoot nest can be found within the Command Post area of the Elgado Outpost.

Entering the Command Post from the Centrel Plaza, head to the left and use Wirebugs to climb the rampart until you see a Cohoot nest!

You can obtain items from both nests. Taking items from only one nest will not cancel out the other.

Takes Selfies in Photo Mode

MHRise Cohoot Selfie

Whenever you decide to take a picture of youreslf through the Cohoot View in Photo Mode, your Cohoot will hold the camera and take a photo for you!

Accessing the Camera can be done through the Action menu.

How to Use Photo Mode

Cohoots Can Be Fed

Cohoot Interact With

Cohoots can be interacted with by feeding them through the Pet Menu!

In past games in the series, interacting with Poogies increases their affection and, in turn, increases the quality of the items they pick up.

As of this writing, feeding your Cohoot does as much as doing a gesture. But this does not mean you shouldn't. Like all companions, they deserve all love and affection.

How to Change Cohoot's Outfit

Access Cohoot Clothing

① Call Your Cohoot

You can call your Cohoot by accessing your Action menu at the bottom right and selecting Call Cohoot. Calling your Cohoot to you changes your game HUD interface.

Every other menu cannot be accessed except for Cohoot Controls which will pop up on the Right-side of your screen. You can still do camera controls while accessing Cohoot Controls.

② Open the Pet Menu

You can access the Pet Menu by pressing the NSW - X button for Switch, PS4 - Triangle Button.png for PlayStation, XBOX - Y Button.png for Xbox, or X for PC.

Once there, select Change Clothes option!

③ Choose Cohoot Clothing

Once the Cohoot Clothing options are open, you will then see the available clothing your Cohoot can wear!

More Cohoot outfits can be unlocked by completing requests or buying paid DLC.

List of Cohoot Outfits

Unlockable Cohoot Outfits

Base Game Outfits
Outfit How to Get
Cohoot Kamura GorgetKamura Gorget The Cohoot's default outfit unlocked from the beginning.
Cohoot Rugged FullsuitRugged Fullsuit Obtained after defeating Magnamalo in ★ 5 Village Quest Comeuppence. Gifted by Mihaba the Apprentice.
Cohoot Garb of Glad TidingsGarb of Glad Tidings Gifted by Komitsu the Sweettooth after clearing the First Rampage Quest.
Cohoot The Stealth WoofThe Stealth Woof Given as a reward in the side quest Flying Billboards. Requested Canyne Master Inukai
Sunbreak Expansion Outfits
Cohoot Royal Garb VestRoyal Garb Vest Given by talking to Dame Luchika in Elgado Outpost. Available in Master Rank only.
Cohoot Royal KnightRoyal Knight Available once the hunter has reached Elgado Outpost. Available in Master Rank only.
Cohoot Spelunker CrewSpelunker Crew Given as a reward from the side quest Spelunker Maintenance Mission. Requested by Gatlyn the Researcher. Available in Master Rank only.

Sidequests and Optional Subquests Guide

Paid DLC Cohoot Outfits

Paid DLC Outfits
Outfit How to Get
Pretty Present Update 3.8 Paid DLC. Individual outfit costs $0.99.
Reindeer Party Update 3.6.1 Paid DLC. Individual outfit costs $0.99.
MH Rise - Summery Sailor Cohoot OutfitSummery Sailor DLC Pack 4.Individual outfit costs $0.99.
MH Rise - Puffy Penguin Cohoot OutfitPuffy Penguin DLC Pack 4. Individual outfit costs $0.99.
MH Rise - On The Hunt Cohoot OutfitOn the Hunt DLC Pack 3. Individual outfit costs $0.99.
MH Rise - LiLi'l Wingdrake Cohoot DLC Pack 3. Individual outfit costs $0.99.
MH Rise - Ace Pilot Cohoot OutfitAce Pilot DLC Pack 2. Individual outfit costs $0.99.
MH Rise - Menacing Macaw Cohoot OutfitMenacing Macaw DLC Pack 2. Individual outfit costs $0.99.
MH Rise - Wind-up Cohoot OutfitWind-up Cohoot DLC Pack 1. Individual outfit costs $0.99.
MH Rise - Fluffy Hood Cohoot OutfitFluffy Hood DLC Pack 1. Individual outfit costs $0.99.

List of Downloadable Content and Prices

Cohoot Related Rewards

Cohoot Mask Layered Armor

MH Rise Sunbreak Cohoot Layered Armor Mask Showcase

A Cohoot Mask layered headpiece for your hunter can be obtained by completing the In Cahoots for Cahoot Pics side quest, which involves taking pictures of the white Cohoots in Elgado!

Cohoot Mask Layered Armor for Hunter

Cohoot Guild Card Awards

Guild Card Awards
MH Rise - Cohoots Cohoots' Dresser Collect all Cohoot outfits (Base game only).
MH Rise Sunbreak - Snowy Cohoot Mini-Pouch AwardSnowy Cohoot Mini-Pouch Feed the Snowy Cohoot nesting at the wooden tower in Elgado 15 times. Must be fed after finishing a quest for it to count.

Guild Card Awards can be viewed in the Rewards page of your Guild Card menu once they have been obtained.

The Cohoots' Dresser award has existed since the base game, and therefore only requires owning the default outfit and only unlocking three (3) others: Rugged Fullsuit, Garb of Glad Tidings, and The Stealth Woof. DLC Cohoot outfits are not required.

Take note that Snowy Cohoot Mini-Pouch award is only available in the Sunbreak expansion since it requires you to feed a Cohoot in Elgado.

Sunbreak Rewards and Achievements

Cohoot Names Suggestions

Cohoot names can be changed any time through Edit Name in the Pet Menu. If you need helping naming your Cohoot, we have some Cohoot name suggestions here! Refer to our name list for Cohoots and be the best Cohoot Master there is!

  • Hedwig - The most familiar of owl names. A magical one, too!
  • Owlbert Einstein - The smartest Cohoot deserve the smartest of names.
  • Owlfredo Linguini - No rat is in control for sure!
  • Dr. Hoo - Who?
  • Don Vito Cowlreone - Make sure to offer your friendship to your Cohoot.
  • Malfestio - Just don't get a request to eliminate your own Cohoot.
  • Noctua - Named after the owl of a certain goddess of wisdom.
  • Hypnos - Named after a certain deity of sleep.
  • Hoo Goes There - Yes, this name fits in the box.
  • Owlive Oil - To remind every hunter to hit the canteen before every hunt.
  • Strix - A cool name that came from a legendary bird in mythology.
  • Fukuro - A name to fit the theme of Kamura!
  • Feh - Named after an owl well-received by heroes.

Feel free to drop any Cohoot name suggestions in the comment section!

Cohoot Guide Comment Section

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