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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - How to Aim with the Bow: Manual Aim Vs. Gyroscrope

This is a guide to aiming in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn how to aim, other aiming options, and whether manual aiming is better than the Switch's Gyroscope feature.

How to Aim

Unsheath then Hold ZL

To aim, you must first unsheathe your weapon. Once done, you can hold the ZL button. This might come as an obvious thing but mentioning it is a necessity.

Use the Right Stick to Change Direction

Monster Hunter Rise - Using Right Stick to Change Direction.gif

The Right analog stick is used to manually aim the bow. This is the manual method and is more reliable in terms of accuracy than the newly introduced gyroscope feature.

Dodging while Aiming Executes Charging Sidestep

Monster Hunter Rise - Bow Charging Sidestep.gif

One of the techniques that bow users use when playing the Bow is the Charging Sidestep move which grants a level of charge after performing a dodge while aiming. This move allows you to stay out of harms way while not losing out on DPS.

Bow Guide: Combos, Controls and Moveset

Alternate Aiming Method


Monster Hunter Rise - Bow Aiming with Gyroscope.jpg

The gyroscope is a feature that allows you to aim using the Switch's position. Want to aim up? Tilt the Switch upwards! The Gyroscope opens up new input methods for ranger users. By having the Gyroscope, using the Charging sidestep becomes easier since you don't have to make your thumb perform two actions in a short amount of time.

List of Settings: Best Settings to Choose

Manual Aim Vs Gyroscope

Manual Aim for better Accuracy

Monster Hunter Rise - Normal Bow Aiming.gif

With manual aiming, you can get a better aim at monsters and hit their weak spots with ease. It is easier to use than Gyroscrope and is more reliable in general.

Gyroscrope for quick aiming

Monster Hunter Rise - Gyroscope Bow Aiming.gif

The Gyroscope's main appeal is its ability to free up your right hand for aiming. However, the camera becomes shaky when being used even with just minor movements so this feature is not for everyone.

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