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This is a guide to the Online Feature in the Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) demo! Read on to learn how to play multiplayer in the demo, both online and with local co-op, and the advantages of multiplayer compared to solo play.

Whatever method you choose, you can find others to play online with on Game8's multiplayer board!

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How to Play Local Co-op (Local Connection)

Internet and Nintendo Online Account Not Required

Unlike Online Play, players are not required to have Nintendo Switch Online, or even an internet connection, to play over Local Connection.

As the Nintendo Switch produces its own ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection, players are able to play local co-op on Monster Hunter Rise even on buses or trains!

Local Co-op Setup Guide (Demo)

1 Select Multiplayer.jpgEnlarge
From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer.
2 Play Locally.jpgEnlarge
Select Play Locally.
3 Find or Create a Lobby.jpgEnlarge
Choose to either Find Lobby or Create a Lobby.
1. One player will need to Create a Lobby first before others can join.
2. Other players should select Find Lobby to join the first player. If multiple players Create a Lobby, they'll end up in separate games.
Optionally, a password can be set to prevent other nearby players from accidentally joining.

How To Play Online

Internet Is Required

kamura multiplayer
We'll first be stating the obvious, an internet connection is required to play online and is the basic prerequisite in any online features. A stable internet connection is required to avoid random disconnections in the middle of the hunt.

A Nintendo Online Account is Required

Nintendo Online Account for Switch
Additionally, a Nintendo Online Account is required to play online in Monster Hunter Rise. This is a requirement for the majority of the Nintendo Switch's game library to play online, and Rise is no exception.

The duration for each payment varies by plan so to find the ideal plan for your Online Account, please refer to Nintendo's subscription plans below.
Nintendo Online Pricing Plans

Online Multiplayer Setup Guide (Demo)

1 Select Multiplayer.jpgEnlarge
From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer.
2 Play Online.jpgEnlarge
Select Play Online.
3 Search by Lobby ID.jpgEnlarge
Choose to Find Lobby, Create a Lobby, or Search by Lobby ID.
4-1 Find Lobby.jpgEnlarge
Find Lobby: After choosing your target monster and language preferences, you'll be able to see a list of rooms. This is a good choice for hopping into a random game, and less recommended for joining your friends.
4-2 Show Lobby ID.jpgEnlarge
Create a Lobby: This will allow you to host your own game for either friends or strangers to join. If you want to play only with friends, it's best to set a passcode.
As shown in the image above, you can click X to see your Lobby ID. Send this ID to your friends to invite them to your game.
4-3 Enter Lobby ID.jpgEnlarge
Search by Lobby ID: This is the best option for playing with specific friends.
1. After another friend has Created a Lobby with a passcode, enter the Lobby ID here. Note that the ID is case sensitive.
2. On the next screen, you can enter a passcode if one was indicated.

Tip: Retry with the Same Party is Useful

Retry with Same Party.jpgEnlarge

The wording is a bit confusing, but selecting the 'Retry with the same party' option will not force you to play the same Quest again. You'll be able to choose what Quest to play next, while maintaining the same members.

Players who want to drop out can simply select 'No', and new players even have a chance to join in after this option is selected, so it's very flexible.

Solo Vs. Multiplayer

Monster Gets Increased HP

rise monster
When playing multiplayer, the enemy monsters will have more HP than their single-player counterparts. This is done to ensure that the monster doesn't fall as fast due to the increased number of damage it takes from multiple hunters.

It's not yet clear what the exact details of HP adjustments for multiplayer will be in the full version of Monster Hunter Rise, but based on our experiments, defeating Mizutsune in the Demo with four players took about the same amount of time as defeating it with one player, so the HP seems to adjust flexibly based on the number of players.

More Supplies

Upon the beginning of every mission, there will be a Supply Box with some supplies to aid hunters on their current mission. The more players join the quest, the more supplies will be included, but it's still unclear whether this adjusts specifically to the number of players, or if supplies for 4 players are automatically included.

Up to 1 Palamute or Palico Can Be Brought

palico palamute
When playing solo, you can bring 2 Buddies for your quest, however, playing multiplayer will only allow you to bring 1 buddy for the quest. This is done to avoid overwhelming the map with fellow Palamutes and Palicoes.

Overall, Easier than Single Player

Multiple Players.jpg
Despite the monsters' scaled HP, taking on monsters in Multiplayer is unarguably easier than in Single Player mode.

Even if the fight can last just as long, each player will benefit from the monster being forced to focus on two to four targets instead of one. This will give them more time to set Traps, use Items, and simply continue whaling on the monster.

Does The Demo Have Multiplayer?

The Demo Supports Multiplayer

The Monster Hunter Rise demo, which is available for download now, allows for both local co-op and online multiplayer! Whether the game will support split-screen gameplay for local co-op remains to be seen.

If you're having trouble with Mizutsune, joining other players to take it down can help finish the fight.

Demo Guide and Features

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