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This is an article about the new arena style map, Infernal Springs, for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on if you want to know more about which quests appear in the Infernal Springs, and how to unlock this secret map in Update 3.0

Infernal Springs Map

The Infernal Springs arena map is a two-cliff area connected by a Great Wirebug. Monster fights happen in the bigger area while hunters can rest safely at camp.

How to Unlock Infernal Springs

Complete All HR Quests

The Infernal Springs arena is locked behind a rather completionist requirement. All High Rank Quests Must be cleared, included the Advanced series and Rampage Quests, in order to unlock the Infernal Springs and the two final quests of the 3.0 Update.

Infernal Springs Quests

Quests that happen in Infernal Springs are high level quests specifically the following:

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
Advanced: Proof of Power
Unlock Conditions:
Clear the ff. Quests: Advanced: Dual Calamities, Advanced: Monsters in Ink, Advanced: Of Storm and Fire, Advanced: Scaredy-Cat, Advanced: The Fallen Comet
Advanced: Those Crowned Apex
Unlock Conditions:
Clear all advanced quests after Valstrax and Hunt every target monster individually (rampage or not)

Infernal Springs Information

Added in Update 3.0

Monster Hunter Rise - Infernal Springs Free Title Update 3.0

Infernal Springs arrived in Update 3.0, the second free title update for Monster Hunter Rise. This is a completely new arena map that hosts the most difficult quests for the most seasoned hunters!

Update 3.0 Patch Notes

Looks Like a Place Near the Coral Palace

Monster Hunter Rise - Infernal Springs Place Near the Coral Palace.png

Infernal Springs looks like an area near the Coral Palace - the arena where you fight Narwa in the quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder.

The entire area has a very post-apocalyptic vibe that suits all the dangerous monsters that inhabit it!

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