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Apex Rathalos Banner.png

This is a hunt guide for Apex Rathalos, an Apex monster appearing in Rampage Quest in Monster Hunter (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to beat Apex Rathalos, How to Unlock Apex Rathalos, Apex Rathalos attack patterns, and general rampage tips!

Apex Rathalos Hunter Notes

Apex Rathalos
Apex Rathalos Photo.png
Type Flying Wyvern
Threat Level 9/10 Rampage Type Major Threat
Major Weakness Dragon Other Weakness(es) Thunder
Blight / Elemental Damage Fireblight Abnormal Status -
A Rathalos so mighty, it was crowned an Apex. It is eternally possessed by wrath and terror, possibly due to the myriad wounds that cover its body. Its every breath releases flaming jets that singe the very air.

Arrived in Update 2.0

Apex Rathalos.png

Update 2.0 sees the arrival of new monsters and Apex Monsters - and that includes Apex Rathalos. Make sure you update your copy of the game to take on this monster!

Update 2.0 Patch Notes

Unlocked in Rampage Quests When You Reach HR8

Apex Rathalos Quests in Rampages.png

Apex Rathalos will start to appear in High Rank Rampages when you reach HR8 after the 2.0 Update. Like all Rampage Quests, you can run Apex Rathalos rampage quests an unlimited number of times. Do note, however, that monsters appearing in Rampages are completely random so check the Quest Counter regularly!

No Solo Quests As of Update 2.0

Update 2.0 only puts Apex Rathalos in Rampage Quests. There are no Solo Quests for Apex Rathalos as of Update 2.0 but we expect it to drop together with Update 3.0 so stay tuned!

Update 3.0: Expected Release Date and New Monsters

Great Way to Farm Defender Ticket 8

Apex Rathalos Defender Ticket 8.pngEnlarge

Defender Ticket 8's are useful as Talisman Melding materials and an Apex Rathalos Rampage Quest is a great way to farm for them!

Defender Ticket 8 is also needed for late game weapon Ramp-Up for normal and Rampage weapons so take time to acquire these!

Defender Ticket 8 Uses

Apex Rathalos Attack Patterns

The Same Attacks as Rathalos with New Tricks

Apex Rathalos has all the attacks of a normal Rathalos but is stronger and more agile as well as access to more fire breath attacks. Check a list of the new moves here!

Name Description
Wide Fire Explosions An aerial fire breath attack in a horizontal line
Linear Fire Explosions An aerial fire breath attack in a vertical line
Apex Talon Grab
A grab attack that can send hunters flying. Followed up by a fire breath attack.
King's Ascension
Apex Rathalos ascends above the horizon while targeting installations and the gate with explosive fireballs. The fireballs create a spherical explosion on impact!

Wide Fire Explosions

Apex Rathalos Wide Fire Explosions.gif

An airborne attack that shoots fireballs in a wide area horizontally. When Apex Rathalos hovers in the air, expect this attack to come through! Use Emergency Evade or roll towards Apex Rathalos.

Linear Fire Explosions

Apex Rathalos Linear Fire Explosion.gif

Another airborne attack that shoots fireballs in a straight line. When Apex Rathalos hovers in the air, expect this attack to come through! Use Emergency Evade or roll to the side when you see Apex Rathalos inhaling for a fire breath attack!

Apex Talon Grab

Apex Rathalos Apex Talon Grab.gif

Looks like a variation of normal Rathalos' claw attack but this time Apex Rathalos grabs you with one of its claws then throws you airborne. Once you're above ground, Apex Rathalos will breathe fire in a straight line towards you!

If you find yourself being grabbed and thrown up, we suggest using Wirefall (zL + B) before the follow-up fire breath attack connects!

King's Ascension

Apex Rathalos Kings Ascension.gif

Apex Rathalos' charge move that can break both installations and gates. It will first soar high in the sky then target installations randomly with explosive fire then finally, target the gate.

Apex Rathalos does this as it arrives and after charging for the final gate! You can mitigate this by using the Splitting Wyvernshot while it's charging or dealing enough damage for it to stagger!

If Apex Rathalos has completed the charging phase, get away from Installations because when the fireball hits the surface, it explodes in a sphere dealing damage to anything around!

How to Beat Apex Rathalos in Rampages

General Rampage Tips
Rampage Tips
Check Icon.pngKnock Targeters Out of the Sky
Check Icon.pngControl Gate Crashers
Check Icon.pngTake Advantage of the Guard Mechanic
Check Icon.pngUse the Dragonator or Splitting Wyvernshot in Dire Situations
Check Icon.pngUse the Power Kiln to Refresh Installations
Check Icon.pngWyvern Ride Whenever Possible
Check Icon.pngPosition Wyvernfire Artillery Beside Gates
Check Icon.pngPosition Dragonbait In Front of Dragonators
Check Icon.pngBring Your Own Traps and Bombs

Knock Targeters Out of the Sky

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Retreat Shot against Targeters.gif
Flying Targeters such as Pukei-Pukei can be a major nuisance during the rampage if left unchecked. Shooting them with the Ballista's Retreat Shot will send them crashing down to the ground and incapacitate them for a few precious seconds.

Alternatively, you can also use a Flash Bomb if you are not manning an installation.

Control Gate Crashers

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Controlling Gate Crashers.gif
Gate Crashers must always be eliminated as soon as possible to ensure that your barricades and gates remain healthy! Fortunately, all of the manned installations have efficient ways to restrain and control them.

How to Control Gate Crashers via Installations
Ballista Use Crag Shot on a Gate Crasher's head twice to knock it down.
You can also use Retreat Shot on most Gate Crashers to interrupt their attack.
Cannon Charge your Thunder Shot to at least level two for a good chance to apply Thunderblight.
Once Thunderblight is applied, bombard the Gate Crasher's head with regular shots to knock it down.
Machine Cannon Use Silkbind Shot at a Gate Crasher to drag and restrain it in front of you for a few seconds.
You can pelt it with Cluster Shots as soon as it is within close range.

Take Advantage of the Guard Mechanic

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Guard Mechanic.gif
Be mindful of the Guard mechanic whenever you are manning an installation! Guard not only reduces the damage taken by you and the installation itself, but it also prevents you from getting knocked off.

You also do not have to worry about timing your guard because the stance is maintained as long as you hold the R button.

Use the Dragonator or Splitting Wyvernshot in Dire Situations

Dragonator Splitting Wyvernshot
Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Using Dragonators.gifEnlarge Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Splitting Wyvernshot.gifEnlarge

Ever found yourself in a situation in which three Anjanaths are about to knock at your gate? Consider using the Dragonator or Splitting Wyvernshot whenever you're caught in a very tough scenario!

Use the Power Kiln to Refresh Installations

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Power Kiln.gif
Make the most out of the rest period in between Rampage Waves by using the Power Kiln. The Power Kiln repairs installations and reduces the cooldown of the Dragonator and Splitting Wyvernshot for every third heave of coal into it.

This ensures that all of your installations are primed and ready for the next wave!

Wyvern Ride Whenever Possible

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Wyvern Riding.gif
Aside from getting eliminated, bombarding monsters with manned installations can make them vulnerable to Wyvern Riding. This lets you eliminate multiple monsters with relative ease so always keep an eye out for the opportunity!

Position Wyvernfire Artillery Beside Gates

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Wyvernfire Artillery Positioning.gif
Wyvernfire Artillery may seem like a clunky installation at first glance but the key here is to determine the best position for it. We find that these installations perform best when positioned just beside the gate because this ensures constant damage to any monster that approaches it!

It can also be instrumental against all major rampage targets such as the Apex Monsters and Ibushi from this position due to their tendency to charge their large attacks near the gate itself.

Position Dragonbait In Front of Dragonators

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Baiting Stalkers.gif
Dragonbait attracts Stalkers with its loud horn, making it the perfect installation to place in front of Dragonators. Keep in mind that you only have a limited number of Dragonbait per Rampage Quest so make the most out of them!

Bring Your Own Traps and Bombs

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Setting Traps and Bombs.gif
If you're looking to fortify your position further, consider using your own Shock and Pitfall Traps at key positions and choke points. Large and Mega Barrel Bombs can also be stacked on top of Bamboo Bombs to further increase their potency!

You Can Restock at the Campsite

Monster Hunter Rise - Restocking Items.png
You can replenish your stock in between Rampage Waves by entering the indicated room within the campsite.

Check IconRush to the Second Gate

Check IconActivate the Counter Signal!

Check IconCut the Tail

Check IconIncrease your Fire Resistance

Check IconUse Flash Bombs

Check IconPlace Wyvernfire Artillery away from the gate or charging an attack

Check IconUse the Splitting Wyvernshot when it's bashing the gate

Check IconUse the Warriors of Kamura

Rush to the Second Gate

Monster Hunter Rise (Apex Rathalos) - Rush to the Second Gate.gif

Apex Rathalos will arrive and hover high above the ground then automatically break ALL installations in the first area including the first gate. Hunters cannot do anything but watch so we suggest just going straight to the second area and prepare installations to defend the second gate!

Activate the Counter Signal!

Apex Rathalos Activate The Counter Signal.png

As with all Major Threats, we suggest activating the Counter Signal. This effectively increases all weapon and installation damage making it easier to deal with Apex Rathalos!

If the Counter Gong is not available, don't forget deploying Yomogi the Chef also provides a long, Counter Gong-like effect!

Cut the Tail

Apex rathalos Cut the Tail.png

If you're a Blademaster or a gunner with Sever ammo, aim for the tail. This effectively lowers Apex Rathalos' reach whenever it executes tailspins! This is very helpful considering some Rampage arena layouts are cramped.

Increase your Fire Resistance

Apex Rathalos Fire Resistance.png

Apex Rathalos survived hunter encounters because of its strong, fiery attacks. We suggest building around increasing your Fire Resistance using Fire Res jewels or eating dangos with Fire Res (Hi). Take note, reaching Fire Resistance 20+ grants you immunity against Fireblight!

Use Flash Bombs

Apex Rathalos Flash Bomb.gif

Apex Monsters, like Apex Rathalos, are resistant to traps and tools except Flash Bombs. Use this as a form of crowd control when you need time to reposition!

Flash Bomb: How to Get and Uses

Place Wyvernfire Artillery Away from the Gate

Unlike other Apex Monsters, Apex Rathalos charges for its special charge attack away from the gate. We suggest placing Wyvernfire Artilleries away from the gate so that passive damage will be dealt as Apex Rathalos is charging!

Use the Splitting Wyvernshot when It's Bashing the Gate or Charging an Attack

Apex Rathalos Splitting Wyvernshot.gif

During the fight, Apex Rathalos will either start charging or bash the gate in an attempt to break through to Kamura Village. When it does this, use the Splitting Wyvernshot to deal massive damage!

Use the Warriors of Kamura

The actual fight against Apex Rathalos is the perfect time to use specific Warriors of Kamura in your arsenal. It is important to note that this does not mean that you should use all of them at once though!

Each of these special installations have their own benefits and mechanics when activated. Refer to the list below to determine when is the best time to use each one:

When to Deploy the Warriors of Kamura
Elder Fugen Elder Fugen unleashes a very strong AoE attack in its deployed area. Use this to deal massive damage against Apex Rathalos whenever it charges up for a big attack or while bashing on the gate.
Master Utsushi Master Utsushi performs a large AoE attack in its deployed area that makes regular monster caught in the attack rideable. Remember, Apex Monsters are not mountable so he is best deployed whenever Apex Rathalos summons a horde of monsters!
Yomogi the Chef Yomogi bombards monsters with her Machine Cannon and increases the damage of all hunters in the area, similar to the Counter Signal. It is recommended that you deploy her whenever Apex Rathalos charges up for a big attack on the gate as well.

Apex Rathalos Materials and Drops

Apex Rathalos does not have percentage drop tables yet. We will update this page as soon as the Apex Rathalos solo quest appears!

Regular Rathalos Drops + Apex Blaze Sac

Hunt Reward Carve
apex rathalos rampage hunt reward.pngEnlarge apex blaze sac carved from apex rathalos.pngEnlarge

Apex Rathalos has the same drop table as the normal Rathalos - the only difference is the Apex Blaze Sac! From our testing, Apex Blaze Sac drops more frequently when the head is broken! It can be obtained either by carving or rewards!

Rathalos Material Drops

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