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Want to find out how to unlock the Fan of True Ascendancy Award in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)? Keep reading for more details on this Award, including a list of all the quests you need to complete to get it!

How to Unlock Fan of True Ascendancy Award

Clear Infernal Springs 7★ Hub Quests

Fan of True Ascendancy Award
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Fan of True Ascendancy Award
How to Unlock Mark of a hunter who has bested Infernal Springs' most arduous challenges.

This award requires you to complete the two hub quests that can be done in the Infernal Springs. It will be rewarded after beating Advanced: Those Crowned Apex, which will require you to clear Advanced: Proof of Power first. Check the table below for details on unlocking these quests!

Do note that other quests in the Infernal Springs don't count toward completion. True to the name, the Fan of True Ascendancy can only be achieved by the most skilled of hunters.

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
Advanced: Proof of Power
Unlock Conditions:
Clear the ff. Quests: Advanced: Dual Calamities, Advanced: Monsters in Ink, Advanced: Of Storm and Fire, Advanced: Scaredy-Cat, Advanced: The Fallen Comet
Advanced: Those Crowned Apex
Unlock Conditions:
Clear all advanced quests after Valstrax and Hunt every target monster individually (rampage or not)

Quest Types and List of Quests

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