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Frost Islands.png

This is a guide and map for the Frost Islands locale in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn what materials can be found here at each mining and gathering location, and the locations of all sub-camps and relic records!

Frost Islands Maps

Gathering Map

Upper Level Lower Level

View Endemic Life Maps

Endemic Life Maps

Other Endemic Life (Upper Level) Other Endemic Life (Lower Level)
Other Endemic Life Surface Level.png
Other Endemic Life Underground Level.png
Permabuffers (Upper Level) Permabuffers (Lower Level)
Permabuffers Surface Level.png
Permabuffers Underground.png

List of Endemic Life

Frost Islands Sub-Camps

Sub-Camp 1 Area 6
Sub-Camp 2 Area 8

Unlock Conditions

Area 6 Sub-Camp
How to Unlock Clear the Request Frost Islands Sub-Camp Security after discovering the sub-camp location
Quest Conditions Slay 8 Zamite in the Frost Islands
Area 8 Sub-Camp
How to Unlock Clear the Request Frost Islands Sub-Camp Materials after discovering the sub-camp location
Quest Conditions Deliver the following items:
Warm Pelt x2
Monster Bone S x4

Camp Guide: How to Unlock Sub-Camps

Zamite Locations in the Frost Islands

Zamite Locations

Zamite Locations and Material Drops

Frost Islands Shortcut

Place All Great Wirebugs in the Center

all great wirebugs in the center of frost islands.png

There are eight Great Wirebugs in the Frost Islands that allow you to go around the map in a circle. If you place all of them, you can navigate the map much easier and get where you want to quicker!

The Great Wirebug North of Area 9 is Essential

great wirebug at area 9.png

The Great Wirebug that's just above Area 9, on top of the mountain, is essential for getting a Relic Record.

Relic Records Locations

Relic Records Locations in the Frost islands
Relic Records Surface Level Map.png
Relic Records Underground.png

Locations are numbered by the Notebook entries.

How to Find All Relic Records (Notebook)

Rare Endemic Life Location



The Monksnail is a rare endemic life that can be found in the Frost Islands. To be able to document this creature, you need to climb the top mast of the shipwreck in the southeast. A large roar will then sound out followed by the Monksnail appearing a few seconds later.

Monksnail Location

Monksnail Location.png

How to Find Monksnail

Frost Islands Materials

List of Surface Level Ore

Icium.pngIcium Earth Crystal.pngEarth Crystal Iron Ore.pngIron Ore

List of Underground Ore

Machalite ore.png
Machalite Ore
Dragonite ore.png
Carbalite Ore.pngCarbalite
Gracium ore.png

Special Account Items

Raftshell.pngRaftshell Boatshell.pngBoatshell

Boatshells needed to complete Rondine's Sidequest

You will need to harvest Boatshells to complete the sidequest given by Rondine the Trader, called Cultural Exchange. Completing this sidequest grants an extra submarine for item gathering.

List of all Gathering Materials

Blue Mushroom.pngBlue Mushroom Dragonstrike Nut.pngDragonstrike Nut Dung.pngDung Exciteshroom.pngExciteshroom
Felvine.pngFelvine Flamenut.pngFlamenut Flashbug.pngFlashbug Flowfern.pngFlowfern
Flowfern.pngFlowfern Gloamgrass Bud.pngGloamgrass Bud Herb.pngHerb Honey.pngHoney
Huskberry.pngHuskberry Ivy.pngIvy Latchberry.pngLatchberry Mandragora.pngMandragora
Nulberry.pngNulberry Slashberry.pngSlashberry Sleep Herb.pngSleep Herb Snow Herb.pngSnow Herb
Spider Web.pngSpider Web Sunscorned Grass.pngSunscorned Grass Thunderbug.pngThunderbug

List of Items and Materials

List of Frost Islands Endemic Life

Brewhare.pngBrewhare Butterflame.pngButterflame Clothfly.pngClothfly
Escuregot.pngEscuregot Felicicrow.pngFelicicrow Firebeetle.pngFirebeetle
Fortune Owl.pngFortune Owl Golden Spiribug.pngGolden Spiribug Great Wirebug.pngGreat Wirebug
Green Lampsquid.pngGreen Lampsquid Green Spiribird.pngGreen Spiribird Lanternbug.pngLanternbug
Orange Spiribird.pngOrange Spiribird Peepersects.pngPeepersects Poisontoad.pngPoisontoad
Puppet Spider.pngPuppet Spider Red Lampsquid.pngRed Lampsquid Red Spiribird.pngRed Spiribird
Rock Lizard.pngRock Lizard Scale Lizard.pngScale Lizard Sleeptoad.pngSleeptoad
Snowbeetle.pngSnowbeetle Stinkmink.pngStinkmink Thunderbeetle.pngThunderbeetle
Trapbugs.pngTrapbugs Tricktoad.pngTricktoad Vigorwasp.pngVigorwasp
Wirebug.pngWirebug Yellow Lampsquid.pngYellow Lampsquid Yellow Spiribird.pngYellow Spiribird

List of Endemic Life

List of Frost Islands Large Monsters

Apex Mizutsune.png
Apex Mizutsune
Bazelgeuse.pngBazelgeuse Crimson Glow Valstrax.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax
Goss Harag.png
Goss Harag
Great Baggi.png
Great Baggi
Great Izuchi.pngGreat Izuchi
Kushala Daora.pngKushala Daora

List of Large Monsters

List of Frost Islands Small Monsters


List of Small Monsters

Frost Islands Unique Features

Dragon Nest of Old

Dragon Nest of Old.jpg

The Frost Islands is was said to be a nesting ground for Dragons. Many heroes would travel to these lands in an attempt to slay the beasts but to no avail. What is left of these times are but remnants of battle. Capsized ships that are forever trapped in ice and dragon bones that are scattered throughout, forever in decay.

Wide Expanse

Wide Expanse.png

Though the harsh bitter cold is not the only enemy of the Frost Islands, for they boast empty caverns that feel like a crypt awaiting a corpse. These empty spaces are viable places to engage in fights with monsters. Be wary, however, for the stalactites might be the last things you see.

Hot Drinks Are Gone

Hot Drinks Are Gone

It was confirmed by Director Ichinose in a tweet that hot drinks are gone in Monster Hunter Rise. No more cold effects for you and your hunter!

Monster Hunter Rise Related Links

Maps Locations Partial Banner.png

List of Maps and Locations

All Maps and Locations

Shrine Ruins.pngShrine Ruins Frost Islands.pngFrost Islands
Sandy Plains.pngSandy Plains Flooded Forest.pngFlooded Forest
Lava Caverns.pngLava Caverns
Other Locations
Kamura Village.pngKamura Village Monster Hunter Rise - Infernal Springs with Border.pngInfernal Springs

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