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This is a guide to Upgrade Materials in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn about Upgrade Materials and how to plan out which upgrade materials to use!

What is Upgrade Material Types?

Material Groups for Upgrading Weapons

Material Types are groups of Materials based on a specific Monster or Tree which are used as a requirement when upgrading weapons from the blacksmith. You'll be able to use any Item within the Material Type to fulfill the requirements, with each Item being worth a specific number of points toward the requirement.

If you don't have enough Materials within that Material Type, you won't be able to get enough points for the upgrade, so make sure to farm a lot of items to upgrade your weapons!

Spend Materials of Your Choice

Monster Hunter Rise - Choose Your Upgrade Materials Freely.png

Unlike standard crafting requirements which limit the player to specifically required items, the Material Type system allows players to use items of their choice, as long as they fall within the group.

A 10-point Ore requirement, for example, will need 10 Iron Ores, as an Iron Ore's value is one point. On the other hand, a player could also spend 6 Iron Ores and 2 Earth Crystals, for two points each. As long as you reach the required points by consuming the materials you wish to use, you'll be able to get a new weapon for your future hunts!

Lower-Quality Materials Give Fewer Points

Monster Hunter Rise - Low Quality Upgrade Material Type.png

Cheap or less rare materials will yield fewer points. However, since they are reliable and easy to get, they are still worth using when upgrading weapons!

Large Monsters Require Materials of Their Own Type

Monster Hunter Rise (Barroth) - Large Monster Upgrade Material Types.png

More likely than not, each monster weapon tree will need that specific large monster's parts when upgrading the weapon. Make sure to defeat the monster that you want the material from to complete your armor and weapon sets!

List of Material Types

Afflicted Material Aknosom Material
Aknosom+ Material Allmother+ Material
Almudron Material Almudron+ Material
Anjanath+ Material Arzuros Material
Arzuros+ Material Barioth Material
Barioth+ Material Barroth Material
Barroth+ Material Basarios Material
Basarios+ Material Bazelgeuse+ Material
Bishaten Material Bishaten+ Material
Bone Material Bone+ Material
Chameleos+ Material Crimson Glow Valstrax+ Material
Diablos+ Material Goss Harag Material
Goss Harag+ Material Great Baggi Material
Great Baggi+ Material Herbivore Material
Herbivore+ Material Ibushi+ Material
Izuchi Material Izuchi+ Material
Jyuratodus+ Material Khezu Material
Khezu+ Material Kulu-Ya-Ku Material
Kulu-Ya-Ku+ Material Kushala+ Material
Lagombi Material Lagombi+ Material
Ludroth Material Ludroth+ Material
Magnamalo Material Magnamalo+ Material
Mizutsune+ Material Monster Material
Monster+ Material MR Aknosom Material
MR Allmother Material MR Almudron Material
MR Anjanath Material MR Arzuros Material
MR Astalos Material MR Aurora Somnacanth Material
MR Barioth Material MR Barroth Material
MR Basarios Material MR Bazelgeuse Material
MR Bishaten Material MR Blood Orange Bishaten Material
MR Bone Material MR Chameleos Material
MR Chaotic Gore Magala Material MR Crimson Glow Valstrax Material
MR Daimyo Hermitaur Material MR Diablos Material
MR Espinas Material MR Flaming Espinas Material
MR Furious Rajang Material MR Gaismagorm Material
MR Garangolm Material MR Gold Rathian Material
MR Gore Magala Material MR Goss Harag Material
MR Great Baggi Material MR Herbivore Material
MR Ibushi Material MR Izuchi Material
MR Jyuratodus Material MR Khezu Material
MR Kulu-Ya-Ku Material MR Kushala Material
MR Lagombi Material MR Lucent Nargacuga Material
MR Ludroth Material MR Lunagaron Material
MR Magma Almudron Material MR Magnamalo Material
MR Malzeno Material MR Mizutsune Material
MR Monster Material MR Nargacuga Material
MR Neopteron Material MR Ore Material
MR Pukei-Pukei Material MR Pyre Rakna-Kadaki Material
MR Rajang Material MR Rakna-Kadaki Material
MR Rathalos Material MR Rathian Material
MR Scorned Magnamalo Material MR Seething Bazelgeuse Material
MR Seregios Material MR Shagaru Magala Material
MR Shogun Ceanataur Material MR Silver Rathalos Material
MR Small Monster Material MR Somnacanth Material
MR Teostra Material MR Tetranadon Material
MR Tigrex Material MR Tobi-Kadachi Material
MR Violet Mizutsune Material MR Volvidon Material
MR Wroggi Material MR Zinogre Material
Nargacuga+ Material Narwa+ Material
Neopteron Material Neopteron+ Material
Ore Material Ore+ Material
Pukei-Pukei Material Pukei-Pukei+ Material
Rajang+ Material Rakna-Kadaki Material
Rathalos Material Rathalos+ Material
Rathian Material Rathian+ Material
Small Monster Material Small Monster+ Material
Somnacanth Material Somnacanth+ Material
Teostra+ Material Tetranadon Material
Tetranadon+ Material Tigrex+ Material
Tobi-Kadachi Material Tobi-Kadachi+ Material
Volvidon Material Volvidon+ Material
Wroggi Material Wroggi+ Material
Zinogre+ Material

Best Upgrade Material to Use

Use Less Rare Materials First

Monster Hunter Rise - Small Monster Upgrade Material Type.png

Despite yielding fewer points, we suggest using less rare materials first. They are easier to get and you'll be able to get more of them easier than let's say, spending a monster plate to instantly upgrade a weapon then regretting it later because you'll need the plate again later.

Plan Out Your Upgrades in Advance

Monster Hunter Rise - Forging Upgrade Material Types.png

knowing your weapon's upgrade path is extremely helpful since you'll be able to plan out the missions you'll take to get those upgrade materials! Need a herbivore? Hunt some Kelbis while on your route to the target!

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