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April 27th Digital Event - Livestream Coverage and Everything We Learned | Monster Hunter Rise

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April 27th Digital Event Banner.png

This is a summary of the Digital Event Official Livestream taking place on April 27th, 2021 for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Find out the release date and time, the countdown timer until the digital event livestream, where to watch, Update 2.0 details, new content and DLC, and much more!

Where to Watch the Digital Event

Tune in to Monster Hunter Social Media Channels

To watch the April 27th Digital Livestream Event, you can tune in to any of Monster Hunter's official channels.

If you missed the stream, the full video is available above!

Monster Hunter Official Channels
Facebook Twitter
YouTube Twitch

Release Date for Update 2.0 and Update 3.0

April 28 Update

Update Date
Update 2.0
Several new monsters & HR cap release
April 28, 12am UTC 2021
Update 3.0
Several new monsters & additional ending
End of May
Countdown to Update 2.0
Available for download now!

Update 2.0 has been confirmed to arrive on April 28th at 12am UTC, just 10 hours after the Livestream!

In addition, Update 3.0 was confirmed as well for a release date at the end of May.

Update 2.0: Release Date and New Monsters

New Monsters Announced

In addition to the previously announced Chameleos and Apex Rathalos, several new Monsters were confirmed for Update 2.0.

All Confirmed Monsters for Update 2.0
chameleos.pngChameleos Kushala Daora.pngKushala Daora Teostra.pngTeostra
Apex Rathalos.pngApex Rathalos Apex Diablos.pngApex Diablos

It's also confirmed that more monsters will also be included in the update than those specifically announced in the livestream.

New Layered Armor and DLC Customization

DLC Pack 2: Paid Downloadable Content (DLC)

Hunter Voices ・Fugen
Hairstyles ・Samurai
・Twin Ponytails
Pose Set ・Idol Pose Set
Face Paints ・Tear
・Petit Face
Gesture Set ・Delightful Dance
Background Music ・Yukumo Village
・Kamura Village (Piano version)
Sticker Set ・Special Stickers 1 (Illustrations by Azarasi Yuzuko)
Character Edit Vouchers ・One Character Edit Voucher
・Two Character Edit Vouchers
・Three Character Edit Vouchers
・One Character Edit Voucher (Free)
Hunter Layered Armor ・Swallow Shirt
・Swallow Gloves
・Swallow Boots
Palamute Layered Armor ・Bone Collar
・Heart Collar
・Spiked Collar
・Bow Collar
Palico Layered Armor ・Bell Collar
・Heart Collar
・Spiked Collar
・Bow Collar
Cohoot Outfits ・Ace Pilot
・Menacing Macaw

Layered Armor Forgeable at the Smithy

Once you unlock your Hunter Rank cap, you will be able to forge layered armor at the Smithy with Outfit Vouchers and Material Types! We can finally wear the Mizutsune armor without thinking about its (sadly) disappointing skills.

We will definitely be looking out for the most efficient way to farm Outfit Vouchers, so stay tuned for that!

Crossover Layered Armor from Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Layered Armor

Special Layered Armor will also be available for free for players who also have a save file for Monster Hunter Stories 2, to be released on July 9th!

New Quests and Quest Types

Apex Monster Quests

apex mizutsune hunt.png

Finally, we'll be able to fight Apex Monsters outside of Rampages! With the introduction of Apex Rathalos and Apex Diablos, we can expect at least five new quests with focus on hunting the Apex Monsters (the three others being Apex Arzuros, Apex Mizutsune, and Apex Rathian).

Magnamalo Added to Rampage Quests

Magnamalo Rampage Quest.jpeg

In addition to Apex Monsters joining in to standard Quests, new regular Monsters such as Magnamalo also get their chance to shine in Rampage Quests!

Advanced Arena Quests

Rajang Magnamalo Arena Quest.png

In addition to the current Arena Quests 1 through 5, additional Arena Quests with more than one Monster will be added.

For those who enjoyed the Arena Quest #5 against Rajang, get ready for the new Arena Quest with both Magnamalo and Rajang!

Event Quests

There are going to be new, free Event Quests as well! These Event Quests can be played offline, however many times you want.

There are also going to be Event Quests that are going to give out new gestures, stickers, and maybe even armor pieces once you complete them, so we'll be looking out for those!

Rank Event Quests Monster
6★ Out of Sight, Out of Mind's Eye Tetranadon
7★ Beast of the Shadows ???
7★ Haste Makes Waste ???

Hunter Rank Cap Unlocked

Monster Hunter Rise - Hunter Rank Cap Unlocked.png
Once Update 2.0.0 goes live, hunters will have the ability to unlock their Hunter Rank depending on their progress with Hub Quests. Once the cap is unlocked, hunters will earn Hunter Rank Points everytime they complete quests.

Certain Quests Are Locked Behind Specific Hunter Ranks

The quests that come with Update 2.0.0 will be hidden behind specific Hunter Ranks. This means that hunters must reach a specific Hunter Rank first before the new quests appear on their respective quest lists.

Crossover Layered Armor from Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Layered Armor

Special Layered Armor will also be available for free for players who also have a save file for Monster Hunter Stories 2!

New Weapons and Armor

Update 2.0 introduces a good amount of new monsters for Monster Hunter Rise. Naturally, this means new equipment for hunters as well!

Here are the new weapons and armor that are confirmed to arrive with Update 2.0:

Kushala Daora Weapons and Armor

Kushala Daora Weapons and Armor
Monster Hunter Rise - Kushala Daora Weapons and Armor.png

Chameleos Weapons and Armor

Chameleos Weapons and Armor
Monster Hunter Rise - Chameleos Weapons and Armor.png

Teostrea Weapons and Armor

Teostra Weapons and Armor
Monster Hunter Rise - Teostra Weapons and Armor.png

Additional Update Features

In addition to the main features confirmed in the livestream, a host of other features were also listed up. The full details can be confirmed in the patch notes for Update 2.0.

New Equipment and Items

Update 2.0 has been confirmed to feature new weapon trees, armor, petalaces, items, and most exciting of all, decorations! Here's hoping for that Weakness Exploit deco to drop.

Buddy Level Cap Increased

The Level Cap for Palicos and Palamutes will be raised to 50 from the current 35. Based on this number, we can even make a tentative guess that we'll see about two-thirds of the size of the current game worth of new content in the Update!

New Guild Card Awards

Hope you've finished the current Awards already, as a new batch of Guild Card Awards will be available in Update 2.0!

List of Awards and How to Unlock

Character Edit Vouchers Added

For all those who were unhappy with their character's design, suffer no more! Character Edit Vouchers will be available to change your character's appearance.

They are listed to be available from the Nintendo eShop, and your first voucher is free to download. After that point, it's likely that Character Edit Vouchers will be available for purchase only.

Update Filesize

The Update Will Come at Around 0.9GB (900MB)

The Version 2.0 update was also confirmed to come at around 0.9GB (900MB)! This is pretty hefty for an update so expect a lot more content when the full Update drops.

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