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When going on a group hunt, whether with your friends or random people, communication is key for a game like Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)! Learn which platform voice chat is available for, and our recommendations for the best apps to use for voice chat.

Is Voice Chat Available?

Available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

Supported Platforms
Xbox Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S
PlayStation PS4
PC Windows

Currently, in-game Voice Chat is available for players using the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, PS5, and PS4.

Turn On Voice Chat in Options

MH Rise Sunbreak Voice Chat Menu

Voice Chat can be enabled by simply going into the Options menu then going into Audio and turning on Voice Chat.

Speaking into the default mic set in your PC or console will automatically send audio to other with their Multiplayer Voice Settings enabled.

Do not forget to turn on Multiplayer Voice Settings if you want to hear others using Voice Chat also!

Recommended Apps for Voice Chat

Voice Chat Is Not Possible With the Nintendo Switch Only

Sadly, it isn't possible to use voice chat with only the Nintendo Switch itself.

You will have to use external devices such as smartphones or PCs, and 3rd party apps to communicate with others online.

Voice Chat Apps

App Notes
discord app.png Discord
・Compatible with smartphones and PCs
・Simple and easy to use
・Has text chat
・Best to use with friends
nintendo switch online app.png Nintendo Switch Online
・Official app by Nintendo
・Can only be used on smartphones
・Calls can only be made when the game is running
・For now, it's unknown whether MHRise will support use of this app
・Can easily speak with random people

Monster Hunter Rise does not support the Nintendo Switch Online App. There is no news yet for support in future updates so we suggest using Discord for now!

While two apps have been mentioned here, there are others available such as Skype. Feel free to use whichever feels most comfortable for you and your friends!

Use a Sound Mixer for an Optimal Experience

In this setup, sounds will come from both the console and your smart device. So if you play with earphones, it will be difficult to hear them both since you will typically only wear one set of earphones.

If this is too much of a problem for you, a sound mixer will solve it easily! You can plug in your console and your smart device into the sound mixer, and it will course their sounds through your earphones as if they were coming from one device only.

But if you're comfortable with your initial setup, then that's good too. Whatever makes MHRise more enjoyable for you and your friends!

How to Set Up Discord

Setting Up Discord

① Download Discord

Smart Device (iOS) Smart Device (Android) PC
▶ App Store ▶ Google Play ▶ Official Discord Website

Depending on what device you plan to use, follow the link above so you can download Discord!

② Create a Server

Select the + symbol on the left tab.

Select any option. For this article, 'Create My Own' will suffice.

Select any option. But 'For me and my friends' will probably be fine!

Decide on the server's name.

If you are looking to make a server for you and your friends, follow step ②. Otherwise, proceed to step ③!

③ Invite or Join

Invite Your Friends

Press the icon on the top right.

Copy the invite link and send to your friends.

For inviting your friends, you will need to copy your server link. Send it to your friend via Discord's direct message and a preview for joining should show up!

Join Your Friend's Server

Select the + symbol on the left tab, then press 'Join a Server.'

Enter the invite link your friend sent to you.

In this case, make sure you have your friend's Discord server link. Simply copy and paste the invite link.

④ Talk on the Voice Channel

mute deafen leave.png
Now you are all set to talk with your friends! Simply press on the General voice channel, then press Join Voice whenever you're ready.

If you just want to listen to your friends' callouts, you can easily mute yourself.

Check Your Input Mode

settings symbol.png
If you encounter a problem with the call, a common cause is because of your Input Mode.

Go to your Settings, and from there you can choose from two: Voice Activity which means your will device pick up any loud enough sound from you, or Push to Talk which means you will have to press something on your device before Discord registers and transmits any sound.

If you have a noisy environment, you might want to use Push to Talk over Voice Activity. This is easy to do on a PC. However, having Voice Activity active instead will be much easier when you are playing on console.

Other Settings

For more information on how to utilize all of Discord's features, feel free to check out the Help Center on their website!

Discord Help Center

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