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This page contains all equipment that can be obtained for buddies in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). See stats, resistances, as well as forging materials for all Palico and Palamute weapons and armor!

All Buddy Guides
Palico Guide Builds Best Types
Palamute Guide Builds Best Gear
Equipment All Buddy Equipment

All Buddy Armor Equipment Sets

Palico Palamute
Felyne Acorn Set.pngFelyne Acorn Set None
Felyne Aknosom Set.pngFelyne Aknosom Set Canyne Aknosom Set.pngCanyne Aknosom Set
Felyne Alloy Set.pngFelyne Alloy Set Canyne Alloy Set.pngCanyne Alloy Set
Felyne Almudron Set.pngFelyne Almudron Set Canyne Almudron Set.pngCanyne Almudron Set
Felyne Altaroth Set.pngFelyne Altaroth Set None
Felyne Anjanath Set.pngFelyne Anjanath Set Canyne Anjanath Set.pngCanyne Anjanath Set
Felyne Arzuros Set.pngFelyne Arzuros Set Canyne Arzuros Set.pngCanyne Arzuros Set
Felyne Baggi Set.pngFelyne Baggi Set Canyne Baggi Set.pngCanyne Baggi Set
Felyne Barioth Set.pngFelyne Barioth Set Canyne Barioth Set.pngCanyne Barioth Set
Felyne Barroth Set.pngFelyne Barroth Set Canyne Barroth Set.pngCanyne Barroth Set
Felyne Basarios Set.pngFelyne Basarios Set Canyne Basarios Set.pngCanyne Basarios Set
Felyne Bishaten Set.pngFelyne Bishaten Set Canyne Bishaten Set.pngCanyne Bishaten Set
Felyne Bnahabra Set.pngFelyne Bnahabra Set None
Felyne Bone Set.pngFelyne Bone Set Canyne Bone Set.pngCanyne Bone Set
Felyne Chaos Set.pngFelyne Chaos Set Canyne Chaos Set.pngCanyne Chaos Set
Felyne D. Stench Set.pngFelyne D. Stench Set Canyne D. Stench Set.pngCanyne D. Stench Set
Felyne Diablos Set.pngFelyne Diablos Set Canyne Diablos Set.pngCanyne Diablos Set
Felyne Edel Set.pngFelyne Edel Set Canyne Edel Set.pngCanyne Edel Set
Felyne Gargwa Set.pngFelyne Gargwa Set None
Felyne Goss Harag Set.pngFelyne Goss Harag Set Canyne Goss Harag Set.pngCanyne Goss Harag Set
Felyne Izuchi Set.pngFelyne Izuchi Set Canyne Izuchi Set.pngCanyne Izuchi Set
Felyne Jaggi Set.pngFelyne Jaggi Set None
Felyne Jelly Set.pngFelyne Jelly Set Canyne Jelly Set.pngCanyne Jelly Set
Felyne Kadachi Set.pngFelyne Kadachi Set Canyne Kadachi Set.pngCanyne Kadachi Set
Felyne Kamura Set.pngFelyne Kamura Set Canyne Kamura Set.pngCanyne Kamura Set
Felyne Khezu Set.pngFelyne Khezu Set Canyne Khezu Set.pngCanyne Khezu Set
Felyne Kulu Set.pngFelyne Kulu Set Canyne Kulu Set.pngCanyne Kulu Set
Felyne Lagombi Set.pngFelyne Lagombi Set Canyne Lagombi Set.pngCanyne Lagombi Set
Felyne Ludroth Set.pngFelyne Ludroth Set Canyne Ludroth Set.pngCanyne Ludroth Set
Felyne Mizutsune Set.pngFelyne Mizutsune Set Canyne Mizutsune Set.pngCanyne Mizutsune Set
Felyne Mosgharl Set.pngFelyne Mosgharl Set Canyne Mosgharl Set.pngCanyne Mosgharl Set
Felyne Nargacuga Set.pngFelyne Nargacuga Set Canyne Nargacuga Set.pngCanyne Nargacuga Set
Felyne Paws Set.pngFelyne Paws Set None
Felyne Popo Set.pngFelyne Popo Set None
Felyne Pukei Set.pngFelyne Pukei Set Canyne Pukei Set.pngCanyne Pukei Set
Felyne Rampage Set.pngFelyne Rampage Set Canyne Rampage Set.pngCanyne Rampage Set
Felyne Rathalos Set.pngFelyne Rathalos Set Canyne Rathalos Set.pngCanyne Rathalos Set
Felyne Rathian Set.pngFelyne Rathian Set Canyne Rathian Set.pngCanyne Rathian Set
Felyne Rhenoplos Set.pngFelyne Rhenoplos Set None
Felyne Sinister Set.pngFelyne Sinister Set Canyne Sinister Set.pngCanyne Sinister Set
Felyne Slagtoth Set.pngFelyne Slagtoth Set None
Felyne Somna Set.pngFelyne Somna Set Canyne Somna Set.pngCanyne Somna Set
Felyne Stealth Set.pngFelyne Stealth Set None
Felyne Tetra Set.pngFelyne Tetra Set Canyne Tetra Set.pngCanyne Tetra Set
Felyne Tigrex Set.pngFelyne Tigrex Set Canyne Tigrex Set.pngCanyne Tigrex Set
Felyne Volvidon Set.pngFelyne Volvidon Set Canyne Volvidon Set.pngCanyne Volvidon Set
Felyne Wroggi Set.pngFelyne Wroggi Set Canyne Wroggi Set.pngCanyne Wroggi Set
Felyne Zinogre Set.pngFelyne Zinogre Set Canyne Zinogre Set.pngCanyne Zinogre Set

List of Palico Equipment

Low Rank

Felyne Acorn Set Felyne Aknosom Set Felyne Alloy Set
Felyne Almudron Set Felyne Altaroth Set Felyne Anjanath Set
Felyne Arzuros Set Felyne Baggi Set Felyne Barioth Set
Felyne Barroth Set Felyne Basarios Set Felyne Bishaten Set
Felyne Bnahabra Set Felyne Bone Set Felyne Chaos Set
Felyne D. Stench Set Felyne Diablos Set Felyne Edel Set
Felyne Gargwa Set Felyne Goss Harag Set Felyne Izuchi Set
Felyne Jaggi Set Felyne Jelly Set Felyne Kadachi Set
Felyne Kamura Set Felyne Khezu Set Felyne Kulu Set
Felyne Lagombi Set Felyne Ludroth Set Felyne Mizutsune Set
Felyne Mosgharl Set Felyne Mystic Set Felyne Nargacuga Set
Felyne Paws Set Felyne Popo Set Felyne Pukei Set
Felyne Rampage Set Felyne Rathalos Set Felyne Rathian Set
Felyne Rhenoplos Set Felyne Sinister Set Felyne Slagtoth Set
Felyne Somna Set Felyne Stealth Set Felyne Tetra Set
Felyne Tigrex Set Felyne Volvidon Set Felyne Wroggi Set
Felyne Zinogre Set

High Rank

Felyne Acorn S Set Felyne Aknosom S Set Felyne Alloy S Set
Felyne Almudron S Set Felyne Altaroth S Set Felyne Anjanath S Set
Felyne Arzuros S Set Felyne Baggi S Set Felyne Barioth S Set
Felyne Barroth S Set Felyne Basarios S Set Felyne Bishaten S Set
Felyne Bnahabra S Set Felyne Bone S Set Felyne Chaos S Set
Felyne D. Stench S Set Felyne Diablos S Set Felyne Edel S Set
Felyne Gargwa S Set Felyne Goss S Set Felyne Ibushi Set
Felyne Izuchi S Set Felyne Jaggi S Set Felyne Jelly S Set
Felyne Jyuratodus Set Felyne Kadachi S Set Felyne Kamura S Set
Felyne Khezu S Set Felyne Kulu S Set Felyne Lagombi S Set
Felyne Ludroth S Set Felyne Mizutsune S Set Felyne Mosgharl S Set
Felyne Cat-aclysm Felyne Nargacuga S Set Felyne Narwa Set
Felyne Paws S Set Felyne Popo S Set Felyne Pukei S Set
Felyne Puppeteer Set Felyne Rakna Set Felyne Rampage S Set
Felyne Rathalos S Set Felyne Rathian S Set Felyne Rhenoplos S Set
Felyne Sinister S Set Felyne Slagtoth S Set Felyne Somna S Set
Felyne Stealth S Set Felyne Tetra S Set Felyne Tigrex S Set
Felyne Volvidon S Set Felyne Wroggi S Set Felyne Zinogre S Set

List of Palamute Equipment

Low Rank

Canyne Aknosom Set Canyne Alloy Set Canyne Almudron Set
Canyne Anjanath Set Canyne Arzuros Set Canyne Baggi Set
Canyne Barioth Set Canyne Barroth Set Canyne Basarios Set
Canyne Bishaten Set Canyne Bone Set Canyne Chaos Set
Canyne D. Stench Set Canyne Diablos Set Canyne Edel Set
Canyne Goss Harag Set Canyne Izuchi Set Canyne Jelly Set
Canyne Kadachi Set Canyne Kamura Set Canyne Khezu Set
Canyne Kulu Set Canyne Lagombi Set Canyne Ludroth Set
Canyne Mizutsune Set Canyne Mosgharl Set Canyne Mystic Set
Canyne Nargacuga Set Canyne Pukei Set Canyne Rampage Set
Canyne Rathalos Set Canyne Rathian Set Canyne Sinister Set
Canyne Somna Set Canyne Tetra Set Canyne Tigrex Set
Canyne Trader Set Canyne Volvidon Set Canyne Wroggi Set
Canyne Zinogre Set

High Rank

Canyne Aknosom S Set Canyne Alloy S Set Canyne Almudron S Set
Canyne Anjanath S Set Canyne Arzuros S Set Canyne Baggi S Set
Canyne Barioth S Set Canyne Barking Set Canyne Barroth S Set
Canyne Basarios S Set Canyne Bishaten S Set Canyne Bone S Set
Canyne Chaos S Set Canyne D. Stench S Set Canyne Diablos S Set
Canyne Edel S Set Canyne Golden Set Canyne Goss S Set
Canyne Ibushi Set Canyne Izuchi S Set Canyne Jelly S Set
Canyne Jyuratodus Set Canyne Kadachi S Set Canyne Kamura S Set
Canyne Khezu S Set Canyne Kulu S Set Canyne Lagombi S Set
Canyne Ludroth S Set Canyne Mizutsune S Set Canyne Mosgharl S Set
Canyne Nargacuga S Set Canyne Narwa Set Canyne Pukei S Set
Canyne Rakna Set Canyne Rampage S Set Canyne Rathalos S Set
Canyne Rathian S Set Canyne Sinister S Set Canyne Somna S Set
Canyne Tetra S Set Canyne Tigrex S Set Canyne Trader S Set
Canyne Volvidon S Set Canyne Wroggi S Set Canyne Zinogre S Set

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