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This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Dual Blades weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Dual Blades, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

Dual Blades Tier List Ranking

Tier List Ranking S Rank Icon

The King of Status and Element is back! The Dual Blades is still a great choice when it comes to status and elemental attacks. Also, the dual blades now have counterattack opportunities as well as increased movement speed while on Archdemon Mode. If you are a Dual Blades main, rejoice because the Dual Blades only got better!

Weapon Tier List

Dual Blades Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Double Slash
Buttons A.png Lunging Strike
Buttons X.pngButtons A.png
Blade Dance (Demon Mode)
Button zR.png Demon Mode / Cancel
Demon Mode (in the air or on a ledge) +Buttons A.png
Midair Spinning Blade Dance
Buttons ZL.pngButtons X.png
Silkbind Attack: Piercing Bind
Buttons ZL.pngButtons A.png
Silkbind Attack: Shrouded Vault

Useful Combos
Basic Combo
Double Slash
Buttons X.png
Double Slash
Return Stroke
Buttons X.png
Circle Slash
Buttons X.png
Demon Mode Combo
Demon Fangs
Buttons X.png
Twofold Demon Slash
Buttons X.png
Sixfold Demon Slash
Buttons X.png
Blade Dance
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Stationary Combo
Lunging Strike
Buttons A.png
Spinning Slash
Buttons A.png
Double Slash
Buttons X.png
Lunging Strike
Buttons A.png
Archdemon Mode Combo
Demon Flurry I
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Demon Flurry II
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Demon Flurry III
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

Dual Blades New Moves

Official Dual Blades Preview Video

Shrouded Vault

shrouded vault.png
Shrouded Vault is a Silkbind Attack that sends the Dual Blades user forward, then does a spinning attack when hit. It's also a Countering move. When you take a hit when moving, you'll both avoid the attack and execute a counterstrike.

Buttons ZL.pngButtons A.png

Piercing Bind

piercing bind.png

The hunter thrusts an explosive Throwing Kunai into the monster. When that body part is attacked again, it will inflict additional blows. After some time has passed, the Kunai will explode, dealing additional damage based on the number of attacks dealt to that body part.

Buttons ZL.pngButtons X.png

Dual Blades Returning Moves

Demon Mode

Demon Mode
While in Demon Mode, your attacks, movement and evasion will change, and you'll become immune to knockback. While in Demon Mode, your Stamina Gauge will deplete, and you'll revert to normal when it runs out or you leave Demon Mode.

Button zR.png

Archdemon Mode

archdemon mode
Archdemon Mode is a buffed version of your normal state. The Archdemon gauge can be built up by attacking enemies while in Demon mode. While it is a fairly weaker mode than the Demon mode, it doesn't consume stamina and is a pretty safe state to stay in. Depleting the Archdemon gauge will exit it.

Input Automatically gained after exiting Demon Mode and the Archdemon Gauge is full/hasn't depleted yet after being full.

Midair Spinning Blade Dance

spinning attack
In Demon Mode or Archdemon Mode, this move will be executed automatically when using a jumping attack either from a ledge or from midair. It might seems like an underwhelming move but hitting it at a monster will cause the attack to spin until the hunter reachest the monster's opposite end. Use it at a good angle to make every hit count!

While in mid-air, Buttons X.png

Blade Dance

The Dual Blade's signature move is returning to Monster Hunter Rise! It's a move that locks you in place but in return, allows you to deal massive damage. While the individual hit may not seem much, totalling the damage can allow an optimized build to deal roughly the same damage as a Great Sword's True Charge Slash.

While in Demon Mode, Buttons A.png + Buttons X.png

Recommended Dual Blades Combos

High Damage Silkbind Combo

Wirebug High Damage Combo

Button Inputs
Button zR.png+Buttons A.pngButtons zL.png+Buttons X.pngButtons A.pngButtons A.pngButtons X.png+Buttons A.png

This is a high damage combo that uses the added damage from Piercing Bind. It is suggested that you execute this combo whenever the monster is down to maximize your damage output!

No Wirebug High Damage Combo

No Wirebug High Damage Combo

Button Inputs
Button zR.pngButtons A.pngButtons X.png+Buttons A.png

This combo is used when your wirebug gauge is in cooldown and you need a good damage dealing combo. This is not as good as the Piercing Bind infused combo but it gets the job done!

Bread-and-Butter Combo

Bread and Butter Combo

Button Inputs
Buttons A.pngButtons X.pngButtons X.pngButtons X.pngButtons A.png

This is the usual combo you have to master to efficiently use the Dual Blades. It is useable at all times - in normal mode, demon mode, and archdemon mode. Master this one because you would use this combo more often than not!

Dual Blades Strengths and Weaknesses


Check IconHigh Elemental Damage

Check IconGreat mobility

Check IconDemon and Archdemon Modes
Check IconStrong Against Big Monsters

High Elemental Damage and Number of Hits

db high damage.png
Dual Blades have high elemental damage compared to other weapons. Hunters that are prepared with the Dual Blades that are the right element will be greatly rewarded.

In addition, the rate of hits which can be executed with Dual Blades is unmatched by any other weapon.

Great Mobility

db high mobility.png
Dual Blades' attack animations do not take too long, so you can dodge whenever you need to. Demon Mode also turns the dodge into a quick dash.

The Dual Blades' great mobility will allow you to easily target a monster's weak point to get the upper hand.

Demon and Archdemon Modes have Increased DPS

demon mode.png
Dual Blades gives you access to Demon Mode and Archdemon Mode. Demon Mode has a stronger moveset and a better evade. It also builds up the Archdemon gauge which allows you to keep your DPS up without using Demon mode.

Strong Against Big Monsters

The Dual Blades is capable of dishing massive damage rapidly. It's ability to weave in and out of fights is also unparalleled. Against a large monster, it becomes easy to choose a part you wish to break which can allow you to pile damage. Further more, the Dual Blade's spinning attack also deals more damage the more hits it can do and it will be able to do it the larger the enemy.


Check IconLoses sharpness quickly

Check IconHigh stamina consumption

Check IconVery short reach

Loses Sharpness Quickly

Because of its high attack speed, Dual Blades lose sharpness quicker than other weapons. It is highly suggested to use skills that reduce sharpness consumption or sharpness increasing skills to alleviate this problem.

High Stamina Consumption

Demon Mode can cosume a lot of stamina very quickly, so getting skills that lessen stamina consumption like Constitution will be very useful to Dual Blades users.

Very Short Reach

Dual Blades is one of the weapons that have the shortest reach. Monster parts that are higher up like the head and the tail might often be out of reach for Dual Blades users.

How to Use the Dual Blades

Take Advantage of Shrouded Vault

shrouded vault 2.png
While Dual Blades usually does not have any defensive moves, Shrouded Vault brings a new countering option to the Dual Blades' paltry defenses. It's certainly a game changer for the Dual Blades, so try to use it whenever you know the enemy is going to be attacking.

Use the Wiredash to Close Distance

With the Dual Blades' short reach, it can be hard to get the Monster in melee range. The Wiredash can help close the distance on the Monster before it knows what stabbed it.

Even if you don't use the Wiredash specifically, simply moving around with the Wirebugs improves your mobility, making them a great pair that lends the Dual Blades increased potential compared to previous games.

Get Skills That Enhance Dodging

But when Shrouded Vault is unavailable, you would want to enhance your evading with skills like Evade Window or Evade Extender. While this is one of the best ways to improve the Dual Blade's survivability, it is still unsure whether these skills will make a return in Rise so stay tuned for more info!

Utilize Demon and Archdemon Modes

demon mode 2.png
Demon Mode, although very stamina-heavy, is a mode you want to be in as much as possible since it increases your attack by a lot. Same goes for Archdemon Mode, so build that meter up with your combos!

Dual Blades Tips

Check IconDon't Spam Piercing Blind

Check IconUse Shrouded Vault Instead of Iframde Dodges

Check IconUse Piercing Blind Together With Demon Mode

Don't Spam The Piercing Blind Move

The Piercing Blind is a powerful silkbind attack that's added in Rise. It allows you to deal more damage the more times you hit the monster while they have the dagger lodged in them. It however, consumes one wirebug which is needed to dodge attacks using the new Shrouded Vault move.

Use Shrouded Vault Instead of Iframe Dodges

While this is still the demo, attempting to use Iframes seems to be harder. It is still unsure whether the official release will have skills that extends Iframes but for now, it is better to rely on the defensive abilities of Shouded Vault.

Only Use Piercing Bind While in Demon Mode

The Piercing Blind is a move that deals more damage the more times you hit the monster. It has a short duration so maximizing it's damage via Demon mode's attacks is the best way to maximize your DPS in Rise. Using the Blade Dance together with Piercing Blind ensures great effects!

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