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Want to strike a dashing pose? Want to express something to your team? Or just wanna goof off with other players? Read on to learn how to use Gestures in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Here, we discuss how to use the Gesture feature, its effects, and how to use Gestures.

How to Use Gestures

Use the Action Bar

The Action Bar is an easy way to access the Gestures feature. By setting it preemptively then pressing the up or down button on the D-pad, you'll be able to easily access gestures and even other communication options like custom shoutouts and stickers!

Use by setting it in the Radial Menu

Another easy shortcut is to set a communication shortcut in the Radial Menu. The disadvantage of this option is you'll require one slot on the radial menu to set up only 1 gesture so if you wish to use a lot of them, you'll consume a lot of radial menu slots which can hinder your actual game options like a shortcut to healing items or traps.

Press the - Button

The - button is perhaps, the handiest way to use the gesture feature. It is more recommended to use for access to the Chat feature since pressing it twice brings you to direct messages instantly.

Go to the Main Menu and choose Chat Menu

The “not a shortcut” method. This is the least efficient way to use the chat feature. Simply press the + button then head to the Chat Menu then select it.

Other Uses of Gestures

Shadowbox Deals damage

The punches you throw while shadowboxing can deal damage to monsters. While it does miniscule damage, it can be a fun way to eliminate a monster that you have already studied all movement patterns for some fun party sessions.

Increase Attack power by eating the Dango Bulker

By using the Show Off 2 gesture after eating a Dango Bulker, you can temporarily gain an attack buff. Don't waste those damage buffs if you have them!

Dango List: Effects and How to Unlock

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