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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Outfit Voucher Location: How to Get and Uses.png

This is a farming guide for Outfit Voucher, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Outfit Voucher drop sources, as well as Outfit Voucher uses in layered armor crafting.

Outfit Voucher - Basic Information

Name Outfit Voucher ImageOutfit Voucher
Description A ticket needed to forge layered armor. For the fashion-conscious hunter.
Rarity 4 Type Tickets and Coins
Sell Price 0 Hold Limit 99

Outfit Voucher - How to Farm

Available in HR8 Quests and Beyond

The Outfit Voucher can be obtained as a Quest Bonus Reward for quests with conditions of HR8 or higher, because forging layered armor is a feature that can be unlocked upon reaching HR8. Since only a few Outfit Vouchers can be obtained every hunt, you will really need to grind quests for it.

Get More Outfit Vouchers Through Apex Rampage Quests

The best way to farm Outfit Vouchers is by doing Rampage Hub Quests with Apex Monsters. Aside from getting various Defender Tickets you can also obtain multiple Outfit Vouchers just by finishing one Apex Rampage Quest!

Location Summary
Rewarded after doing HR8 quests or higher

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Qty (#)
Urgent Hub Quest ★4 The Blue Apex -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 Serpent Goddess of Thunder -
Hub Quest ★7 The Harlequin Apex Mizutsune -
Hub Quest ★7 The Graceful Apex Rathian -
Event Quest ★7 Haste Makes Waste -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Crimson Glow -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: The Fallen Comet -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Scaredy-Cat -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Of Storm and Fire -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Monsters in Ink -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Dual Calamities -
Hub Quest ★7 The Voltaic Apex Zinogre -
Hub Quest ★7 The Devastating Apex Diablos -
Hub Quest ★7 The Fearsome Apex Rathalos -
Hub Quest ★7 The Evil Star from Beyond -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 5 -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 4 -
Event Quest ★7 I Can't Do What Somnacan -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Proof of Power -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Allmother -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Those Crowned Apex -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of a Ninja -
Event Quest ★7 Almudron: Fashion Victim -
Event Quest ★7 Fooled in the Flooded Forest -
Event Quest ★7 Rampage: Muddi Gras -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of a Hero -
Event Quest ★7 An Icy Blade So Bright -
Event Quest ★7 Rampage: Enchanting Parade -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of Rivalry -
Event Quest ★7 Tempest in the Desert -
Event Quest ★7 SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam -
Event Quest ★7 White Desert Blossom -
Event Quest ★7 Scorching Showdown -
Event Quest ★7 Boomy Dango -
Event Quest ★7 Trouble in Paradise -
Event Quest ★7 Diablos Deception -
Event Quest ★7 Gales of Ibushi Blow Again -
Event Quest ★7 Clouds of Narwa Rumble Again -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Arzuros Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt -
Event Quest ★7 Kunai Ask You a Favor? -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Rathian Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Super Shady Look-alike -
Event Quest ★7 Rajang's Holiday Special -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of an Apex -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Mizutsune Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Rathalos Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Blazin' Soul of a Warrior -
Event Quest ★7 Advanced: Born of Paradise -
Event Quest ★7 USJ - Shrine Showdown! -
Event Quest ★7 USJ - Arzuros Onslaught! -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Diablos Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 A Good Old-Fashioned Rampage -
Event Quest ★7 Advanced: Crimson Calamity -
Event Quest ★7 Princesses' Banquet -
Event Quest ★7 Monster Maniacs -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Zinogre Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of Might -
Event Quest ★7 Rampage: Rampaging Rajang -

Item drop quantity marked as ''-'' have unknown / unconfirmed quantities.

Purchased from Bahari's Anomaly Research Lab

Item Investigation Coin
Outfit Voucher Outfit Voucher
10 Investigation Coins

Talk to Bahari at the Elgado Outpost to get this item in exchange for 10 Investigation Coins.

If you need more Investigation Coins, complete Bahari's Research Requests!

Anomaly Research Lab Guide

Outfit Voucher - How to Use

Craft Layered Armor

Outfit Vouchers are the main component of all layered armor, both for you and your Buddies. Time to get your fashion on!

List of Layered Armor (Transmog) and How to Equip

Effect Summary
Used for forging layered armor.

Used to Craft Layered Armor

Ammy Costume (x3) Tsukino Costume (x1)
Valstrax (x3) Legs Image Black Leather Legs (x3)
Head Image Bullfango Mask (x1) Head Image Cunning Specs (x3)
Head Image Flame Seal (x3) Head Image Gargwa Mask (x3)
Head Image Jaggi Mask (x1) Head Image Mighty Bow Feather (x3)
Head Image Shadow Shades (x3) Head Image Skull Visage (x2)
Arms Image Aelucanth Brachia / Rhopessa Brachia (x3) Legs Image Aelucanth Crura / Rhopessa Crura (x3)
Waist Image Aelucanth Elytra / Rhopessa Elytra (x3) Torso Image Aelucanth Thorax / Rhopessa Vertex (x3)
Head Image Aelucanth Vertex / Rhopessa Vertex (x3) Arms Image Aknosom Braces (x1)
Waist Image Aknosom Coil (x1) Legs Image Aknosom Greaves (x1)
Head Image Aknosom Helm (x1) Torso Image Aknosom Mail (x1)
Waist Image Alloy Coil (x1) Legs Image Alloy Greaves (x1)
Head Image Alloy Helm (x1) Torso Image Alloy Mail (x1)
Arms Image Alloy Vambraces (x1) Waist Image Almudron Coil (x3)
Legs Image Almudron Greaves (x3) Head Image Almudron Helm (x3)
Torso Image Almudron Mail (x3) Arms Image Almudron Vambraces (x3)
Waist Image Anjanath Coil (x3) Legs Image Anjanath Greaves (x3)
Head Image Anjanath Helm (x3) Torso Image Anjanath Mail (x3)
Arms Image Anjanath Vambraces (x3) Waist Image Arzuros Coil (x1)
Legs Image Arzuros Greaves (x1) Head Image Arzuros Helm (x1)
Torso Image Arzuros Mail (x1) Arms Image Arzuros Vambraces (x1)
Waist Image Baggi Coil (x1) Legs Image Baggi Greaves (x1)
Head Image Baggi Helm (x1) Torso Image Baggi Mail (x1)
Arms Image Baggi Vambraces (x1) Waist Image Barioth Coil (x2)
Legs Image Barioth Greaves (x2) Head Image Barioth Helm (x2)
Torso Image Barioth Mail (x2) Arms Image Barioth Vambraces (x2)
Waist Image Barroth Coil (x1) Legs Image Barroth Greaves (x1)
Head Image Barroth Helm (x1) Torso Image Barroth Mail (x1)
Arms Image Barroth Vambraces (x1) Waist Image Basarios Coil (x2)
Legs Image Basarios Greaves (x2) Head Image Basarios Helm (x2)
Torso Image Basarios Mail (x2) Arms Image Basarios Vambraces (x2)
Arms Image Bazelgeuse Braces (x3) Waist Image Bazelgeuse Coil (x3)
Legs Image Bazelgeuse Greaves (x3) Head Image Bazelgeuse Helm (x3)
Torso Image Bazelgeuse Mail (x3) Waist Image Bishaten Coil (x2)
Legs Image Bishaten Greaves (x2) Head Image Bishaten Helm (x2)
Torso Image Bishaten Mail (x2) Arms Image Bishaten Vambraces (x2)
Legs Image Bnahabra Boots (x1) Waist Image Bnahabra Coil (x1)
Arms Image Bnahabra Gloves (x1) Head Image Bnahabra Hat (x1)
Torso Image Bnahabra Suit (x1) Waist Image Bone Coil (x1)
Legs Image Bone Greaves (x1) Head Image Bone Helm (x1)
Torso Image Bone Mail (x1) Arms Image Bone Vambraces (x1)
Legs Image Brigade Boots (x3) Waist Image Brigade Coil (x3)
Head Image Brigade Lobos (x3) Torso Image Brigade Suit (x3)
Arms Image Brigade Vambraces (x3) Head Image C Aknosom Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Aknosom Mail (x1) Head Image C Alloy Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Alloy Mail (x1) Torso Image C Almudron Body (x1)
Head Image C Almudron Head (x1) Head Image C Anjanath Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Anjanath Mail (x1) Torso Image C Arzuros Mail (x1)
Head Image C Arzuros Scarf (x1) Head Image C Baggi Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Baggi Mail (x1) Head Image C Barioth Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Barioth Mail (x1) Head Image C Barroth Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Barroth Mail (x1) Head Image C Basarios Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Basarios Mail (x1) Head Image C Bazelgeuse Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Bazelgeuse Mail (x1) Torso Image C Bishaten Garb (x1)
Head Image C Bishaten Mask (x1) Head Image C Bone Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Bone Mail (x1) Head Image C Chaos Buns (x1)
Torso Image C Death Stench Coat (x1) Head Image C Death Stench Hood (x1)
Torso Image C Devil's Plate (x1) Head Image C Diablos Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Diablos Mail (x1) Head Image C Edel Headgear (x1)
Torso Image C Edel Mail (x1) Torso Image C Golden Lion Garb (x1)
Head Image C Golden Lion Head (x1) Torso Image C Goss Harag Mail (x1)
Head Image C Goss Harag Mask (x1) Torso Image C Ibushi's Armor (x1)
Head Image C Ibushi's Horn (x1) Torso Image C Izuchi Mail (x1)
Head Image C Izuchi Scarf (x1) Torso Image C Jelly Coil (x1)
Head Image C Jelly Headgear (x1) Head Image C Jyuratodus Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Jyuratodus Mail (x1) Head Image C Kadachi Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Kadachi Mail (x1) Torso Image C Kaiser Armor (x1)
Head Image C Kaiser Headgear (x1) Torso Image C Kamura Saddle (x1)
Head Image C Kamura Scarf (x1) Torso Image C Khezu Coat (x1)
Head Image C Khezu Hood (x1) Head Image C Kulu-Ya-Ku Scarf (x1)
Torso Image C Kulu-Ya-Ku Shawl (x1) Torso Image C Kushala Armor (x1)
Head Image C Kushala Headgear (x1) Torso Image C Lagombi Coat (x1)
Head Image C Lagombi Hood (x1) Head Image C Ludroth Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Ludroth Mail (x1) Head Image C Mizuha Hat (x1)
Torso Image C Mizuha Robe (x1) Head Image C Mizutsune Mask (x1)
Torso Image C Mizutsune Suit (x1) Torso Image C Mosgharl Coat (x1)
Head Image C Mosgharl Mask (x1) Head Image C Nargacuga Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Nargacuga Mail (x1) Torso Image C Narwa's Armor (x1)
Head Image C Narwa's Mane (x1) Torso Image C Pukei-Pukei Cape (x1)
Head Image C Pukei-Pukei Hood (x1) Head Image C Rakna Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Rakna Mail (x1) Head Image C Rathalos Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Rathalos Mail (x1) Head Image C Rathian Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Rathian Mail (x1) Head Image C Sinister Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Sinister Scale (x1) Head Image C Somnacanth Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Somnacanth Mail (x1) Head Image C Tetrandon Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Tetrandon Mail (x1) Head Image C Tigrex Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Tigrex Mail (x1) Torso Image C Trader's Garment (x1)
Head Image C Trader's Hood (x1) Head Image C Valstrax Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Valstrax Mail (x1) Head Image C Volvidon Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Volvidon Mail (x1) Head Image C Wroggi Cape (x1)
C Wroggi Mail (x1) Head Image C Zinogre Helm (x1)
Torso Image C Zinogre Mail (x1) Waist Image Chainmail Belt (x1)
Arms Image Chainmail Gloves (x1) Head Image Chainmail Headgear (x1)
Legs Image Chainmail Pants (x1) Torso Image Chainmail Vest (x1)
Torso Image Chaos Plate (x1) Head Image Chaoshroom (x1)
Legs Image Chrome Metal Boots (x2) Waist Image Chrome Metal Coil (x2)
Waist Image Damascus Coil (x3) Legs Image Damascus Greaves (x3)
Head Image Damascus Helm (x3) Torso Image Damascus Mail (x3)
Arms Image Damascus Vambraces (x3) Waist Image Death Stench Bowels (x2)
Head Image Death Stench Brain (x2) Arms Image Death Stench Grip (x2)
Legs Image Death Stench Heel (x2) Torso Image Death Stench Muscle (x2)
Waist Image Diablos Coil (x3) Legs Image Diablos Greaves (x3)
Head Image Diablos Helm (x3) Torso Image Diablos Mail (x3)
Arms Image Diablos Vambraces (x3) Waist Image Dober Coil (x2)
Legs Image Dober Greaves (x2) Head Image Dober Helm (x2)
Torso Image Dober Mail (x2) Arms Image Dober Vambraces (x2)
Waist Image Droth Coil (x1) Legs Image Droth Greaves (x1)
Torso Image Droth Mail (x1) Arms Image Edel Creeper (x1)
Waist Image Edel Folia (x1) Torso Image Edel Ribplate (x1)
Legs Image Edel Roots (x1) Head Image Edel Vizor (x1)
Head Image F Acorn Helm (x1) Torso Image F Acorn Mail (x1)
Head Image F Aknosom Helm (x1) Torso Image F Aknosom Mail (x1)
Head Image F Alloy Helm (x1) Torso Image F Alloy Mail (x1)
Torso Image F Almudron Body (x1) Head Image F Almudron Head (x1)
Head Image F Alta Hat (x1) Torso Image F Alta Shirt (x1)
Head Image F Anja Helm (x1) Torso Image F Anja Mail (x1)
Head Image F Arzuros Helm (x1) Torso Image F Arzuros Mail (x1)
Head Image F Baggi Helm (x1) Torso Image F Baggi Mail (x1)
Head Image F Barioth Helm (x1) Torso Image F Barioth Mail (x1)
Head Image F Barroth Helm (x1) Torso Image F Barroth Mail (x1)
Head Image F Basarios Helm (x1) Torso Image F Basarios Mail (x1)
Head Image F Bazelgeuse Helm (x1) Torso Image F Bazelgeuse Mail (x1)
Torso Image F Bishaten Garb (x1) Head Image F Bishaten Mask (x1)
Head Image F Bnaha Cap (x1) Torso Image F Bnaha Suit (x1)
Head Image F Bone Helm (x1) Torso Image F Bone Mail (x1)
Head Image F Chaos Bulbs (x1) Torso Image F Chaos Skirt (x1)
Torso Image F Death Stench Coat (x1) Head Image F Death Stench Hood (x1)
Head Image F Diablos Helm (x1) Torso Image F Diablos Mail (x1)
Torso Image F Edel Frills (x1) Head Image F Edel Pigtails (x1)
Head Image F Gargwa Mask (x1) Torso Image F Gargwa Vest (x1)
Torso Image F Genie Carpet (x1) Head Image F Genie Helm (x1)
Head Image F Goss Harag Mask (x1) Torso Image F Goss Harag Suit (x1)
Torso Image F Ibushi Cloud (x1) Head Image F Ibushi Lock (x1)
Head Image F Izuchi Helm (x1) Torso Image F Izuchi Mail (x1)
Head Image F Jaggi Helm (x1) Torso Image F Jaggi Mail (x1)
Head Image F Jelly Bonnet (x1) Torso Image F Jelly Hide (x1)
Head Image F Jyura Helm (x1) Torso Image F Jyuratodus Mail (x1)
Head Image F Kadachi Hood (x1) Torso Image F Kadachi Suit (x1)
Head Image F Kaiser Crown (x1) Torso Image F Kaiser Panoply (x1)
Torso Image F Kamura Garb (x1) Head Image F Kamura Hood (x1)
Torso Image F Khezu Apron (x1) Head Image F Khezu Cap (x1)
Head Image F Kulu Turban (x1) Torso Image F Kulu Vest (x1)
Head Image F Kushala Snarl (x1) Torso Image F Kushala Vise (x1)
Head Image F Lagombi Helm (x1) Torso Image F Lagombi Mail (x1)
Head Image F Ludroth Helm (x1) Torso Image F Ludroth Mail (x1)
Head Image F Magnamalo Helm (x1) Torso Image F Magnamalo Torso (x1)
Head Image F Mizutsune Kasa (x1) Torso Image F Mizutsune Suit (x1)
Head Image F Mosgharl Hat (x1) Torso Image F Mosgharl Mail (x1)
Head Image F Narga Helm (x1) Torso Image F Narga Mail (x1)
Torso Image F Narwa Cloud (x1) Head Image F Narwa Lock (x1)
Head Image F Popo Head (x1) Torso Image F Popo Wear (x1)
Head Image F Pukei Hood (x1) Torso Image F Pukei Mantle (x1)
Torso Image F Puppeteer Garb (x1) Head Image F Puppeteer Mask (x1)
Head Image F Rakna Crown (x1) Torso Image F Rakna Robe (x1)
Head Image F Rathalos Helm (x1) Torso Image F Rathalos Mail (x1)
Head Image F Rathian Helm (x1) Torso Image F Rathian Mail (x1)
Head Image F Rheno Helm (x1) Torso Image F Rheno Mail (x1)
Torso Image F Slagtoth Cape (x1) Head Image F Slagtoth Hood (x1)
Head Image F Somnacanth Hood (x1) Torso Image F Somnacanth Robe (x1)
Torso Image F Stealth Garb (x1) Head Image F Stealth Hood (x1)
Head Image F Tetranadon Cap (x1) Torso Image F Tetranadon Mail (x1)
Head Image F Tigrex Helm (x1) Torso Image F Tigrex Mail (x1)
Head Image F Valstrax Helm (x1) Torso Image F Valstrax Mail (x1)
Head Image F Volvi Helm (x1) Torso Image F Volvi Mail (x1)
Head Image F Wroggi Helm (x1) Torso Image F Wroggi Mail (x1)
Head Image F Zinogre Helm (x1) Torso Image F Zinogre Mail (x1)
Legs Image Foot of Ibushi (x3) Legs Image Foot of Narwa (x3)
Legs Image Golden Hakama (x3) Torso Image Golden Haori (x3)
Head Image Golden Headdress (x3) Arms Image Golden Kote (x3)
Waist Image Golden Obi (x3) Arms Image Goss Harag Braces (x3)
Waist Image Goss Harag Coil (x3) Legs Image Goss Harag Greaves (x3)
Head Image Goss Harag Helm (x3) Torso Image Goss Harag Mail (x3)
Waist Image Hunter's Coil (x1) Legs Image Hunter's Greaves (x1)
Head Image Hunter's Helm (x1) Torso Image Hunter's Mail (x1)
Arms Image Hunter's Vambraces (x1) Torso Image Ibushi Breastplate (x3)
Waist Image Ibushi's Fauld (x3) Head Image Ibushi's Helm (x3)
Arms Image Ibushi's Pauldrons (x3) Waist Image Ingot Coil (x1)
Legs Image Ingot Greaves (x1) Head Image Ingot Helm (x1)
Torso Image Ingot Mail (x1) Arms Image Ingot Vambraces (x1)
Arms Image Izuchi Braces (x1) Waist Image Izuchi Coil (x1)
Legs Image Izuchi Greaves (x1) Head Image Izuchi Helm (x1)
Torso Image Izuchi Mail (x1) Arms Image Jaggi Gauntlets (x1)
Legs Image Jaggi Shinguards (x1) Legs Image Jelly Boots (x3)
Waist Image Jelly Coil (x3) Arms Image Jelly Gloves (x3)
Head Image Jelly Hat (x3) Torso Image Jelly Vest (x3)
Waist Image Jyuratodus Coil (x2) Legs Image Jyuratodus Greaves (x2)
Head Image Jyuratodus Helm (x2) Torso Image Jyuratodus Mail (x2)
Arms Image Jyuratodus Vambraces (x2) Legs Image Kadachi Greaves (x2)
Head Image Kadachi Helm (x2) Waist Image Kaiser Coil (x3)
Head Image Kaiser Crown (x3) Legs Image Kaiser Greaves (x3)
Torso Image Kaiser Mail (x3) Torso Image Kaiser Mail (x3)
Arms Image Kaiser Vambraces (x3) Arms Image Kamura Braces (x1)
Torso Image Kamura Garb (x1) Head Image Kamura Head Scarf (x1)
Legs Image Kamura Leggings (x1) Waist Image Kamura Obi (x1)
Waist Image Khezu Coil (x1) Legs Image Khezu Greaves (x1)
Head Image Khezu Helm (x1) Torso Image Khezu Mail (x1)
Arms Image Khezu Vambraces (x1) Arms Image Kulu-Ya-Ku Braces (x1)
Waist Image Kulu-Ya-Ku Coil (x1) Legs Image Kulu-Ya-Ku Greaves (x1)
Head Image Kulu-Ya-Ku Helm (x1) Torso Image Kulu-Ya-Ku Mail (x1)
Torso Image Kushala Cista (x3) Waist Image Kushala Cocoon (x3)
Legs Image Kushala Crus (x3) Head Image Kushala Glare (x3)
Arms Image Kushala Grip (x3) Waist Image Lagombi Coil (x1)
Legs Image Lagombi Greaves (x1) Head Image Lagombi Helm (x1)
Torso Image Lagombi Mail (x1) Arms Image Lagombi Vambraces (x1)
Waist Image Leather Belt (x1) Arms Image Leather Gloves (x1)
Head Image Leather Headgear (x1) Legs Image Leather Pants (x1)
Torso Image Leather Vest (x1) Arms Image Ludroth Braces (x1)
Waist Image Ludroth Coil (x1) Legs Image Ludroth Greaves (x1)
Head Image Ludroth Helm (x1) Torso Image Ludroth Mail (x1)
Waist Image Makluva Coil (x2) Torso Image Makluva Cover (x2)
Head Image Makluva Hood (x2) Legs Image Makluva Pants (x2)
Arms Image Makluva Sleeves (x2) Arms Image Melahoa Branch (x2)
Waist Image Melahoa Folia (x2) Head Image Melahoa Hat (x2)
Torso Image Melahoa Jacket (x2) Legs Image Melahoa Roots (x2)
Head Image Mizuha Cap (x3) Legs Image Mizuha Gaiters (x3)
Torso Image Mizuha Guards (x3) Waist Image Mizuha Sash (x3)
Arms Image Mizuha Sleeves (x3) Arms Image Mizutsune Braces (x3)
Waist Image Mizutsune Coil (x3) Legs Image Mizutsune Greaves (x3)
Head Image Mizutsune Helm (x3) Torso Image Mizutsune Mail (x3)
Arms Image Mosgharl Creeper (x2) Waist Image Mosgharl Folia (x2)
Torso Image Mosgharl Ribplate (x2) Legs Image Mosgharl Roots (x2)
Head Image Mosgharl Vizor (x2) Arms Image Nargacuga Braces (x3)
Waist Image Nargacuga Coil (x3) Legs Image Nargacuga Greaves (x3)
Head Image Nargacuga Helm (x3) Torso Image Nargacuga Mail (x3)
Torso Image Narwa Breastplate (x3) Waist Image Narwa's Fauld (x3)
Head Image Narwa's Helm (x3) Arms Image Narwa's Pauldrons (x3)
Legs Image Pukei Greaves (x2) Arms Image Pukei-Pukei Braces (x2)
Waist Image Pukei-Pukei Coil (x2) Head Image Pukei-Pukei Helm (x2)
Head Image Pukei-Pukei Helm (x2) Torso Image Pukei-Pukei Mail (x2)
Arms Image Rakna Armguards (x3) Waist Image Rakna Coil (x3)
Legs Image Rakna Greaves (x3) Head Image Rakna Helm (x3)
Torso Image Rakna Mail (x3) Arms Image Rathalos Braces (x3)
Waist Image Rathalos Coil (x3) Legs Image Rathalos Greaves (x3)
Head Image Rathalos Helm (x3) Torso Image Rathalos Mail (x3)
Arms Image Rathian Braces (x2) Waist Image Rathian Coil (x2)
Legs Image Rathian Greaves (x2) Head Image Rathian Helm (x2)
Torso Image Rathian Mail (x2) Waist Image Remobra Belt (x2)
Legs Image Remobra Feet (x2) Arms Image Remobra Gloves (x2)
Head Image Remobra Headgear (x2) Torso Image Remobra Suit (x2)
Arms Image Rhenoplos Braces (x1) Waist Image Rhenoplos Coil (x1)
Legs Image Rhenoplos Greaves (x1) Head Image Rhenoplos Helm (x1)
Torso Image Rhenoplos Mail (x1) Head Image S. Studded Hat (x2)
Waist Image S. Studded Sash (x2) Arms Image Shell-Studded Gloves (x2)
Torso Image Shell-Studded Vest (x2) Legs Image Shelled Sandals (x2)
Torso Image Sinister Garb (x3) Arms Image Sinister Gauntlets (x3)
Legs Image Sinister Greaves (x3) Head Image Sinister Helm (x3)
Waist Image Sinister Tassets (x3) Arms Image Skalda / Spio Brachia (x1)
Legs Image Skalda / Spio Crura (x1) Waist Image Skalda / Spio Elytra (x1)
Torso Image Skalda Thorax / Spio Thorax (x1) Head Image Skalda Vertex / Spio Vertex (x1)
Torso Image Slagtoth Cloak (x1) Head Image Slagtoth Hood (x1)
Arms Image Somnacanth Braces (x2) Waist Image Somnacanth Coil (x2)
Legs Image Somnacanth Greaves (x2) Head Image Somnacanth Helm (x2)
Torso Image Somnacanth Mail (x2) Arms Image Tetranadon Braces (x1)
Waist Image Tetranadon Coil (x1) Legs Image Tetranadon Greaves (x1)
Head Image Tetranadon Helm (x1) Torso Image Tetranadon Mail (x1)
Arms Image Tigrex Braces (x3) Waist Image Tigrex Coil (x3)
Legs Image Tigrex Greaves (x3) Head Image Tigrex Helm (x3)
Torso Image Tigrex Mail (x3) Arms Image Tobi-Kadachi Braces (x2)
Waist Image Tobi-Kadachi Coil (x2) Torso Image Tobi-Kadachi Mail (x2)
Waist Image Uroktor Coil (x2) Torso Image Uroktor Torso (x2)
Arms Image Utsushi Braces (H) / Channeler Hope (x2) Arms Image Utsushi Braces (V) / Medium’s Prayer (x2)
Torso Image Utsushi Chest (H) / Channeler Robe (x2) Torso Image Utsushi Chest (V) / Medium’s Robe (x2)
Legs Image Utsushi Greaves (H) / Channeler Hakama (x2) Legs Image Utsushi Greaves (V) / Medium’s Hakama (x2)
Head Image Utsushi Mask (H) / Channeler Hair-tie (x2) Head Image Utsushi Mask (V) / Medium’s Hair-tie (x2)
Waist Image Utsushi Tassets (H) / Channeler Obi (x2) Waist Image Utsushi Tassets (V) / Medium’s Obi (x2)
Arms Image Vaik Braces (x2) Waist Image Vaik Coil (x2)
Legs Image Vaik Greaves (x2) Head Image Vaik Helm (x2)
Torso Image Vaik Mail (x2) Arms Image Valstrax Braces (x3)
Waist Image Valstrax Coil (x3) Legs Image Valstrax Greaves (x3)
Torso Image Valstrax Mail (x3) Waist Image Volvidon Coil (x1)
Legs Image Volvidon Greaves (x1) Head Image Volvidon Helm (x1)
Head Image Volvidon Helm (x1) Torso Image Volvidon Mail (x1)
Arms Image Volvidon Vambraces (x1) Waist Image Wroggi Coil (x1)
Legs Image Wroggi Greaves (x1) Head Image Wroggi Helm (x1)
Torso Image Wroggi Mail (x1) Arms Image Wroggi Vambraces (x1)
Arms Image Zinogre Braces (x3) Waist Image Zinogre Coil (x3)
Legs Image Zinogre Greaves (x3) Head Image Zinogre Helm (x3)
Torso Image Zinogre Mail (x3)

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Frocium Goldlite Ore Purecrystal
Deepshell Valiabiscus Large Armored Bream
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Black Winged Ears Ticket Torn Foreign Drawings Numerical Foreign Drawings
Canyne Mask Ticket Ancient Fragment Bandana Ticket
Fluffy Ticket Coastal Foreign Drawings Treasured Foreign Drawings
Small Flower Pot Noble Foreign Drawings Bunny Ears Ticket
Buff Badge Charming Foreign Drawings Heavenly Silk

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Bismuth Prism Machalite Ore Rhenoplos Egg Eroded Skeleton

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