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The Forlorn Arena returns once again in the first title update for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on for more information about this iconic locale, such as the quests, monsters, and endemic life that appear here!

Forlorn Arena Map

Like all other arenas in the game, there are only two areas—the base camp and the arena itself. Because there's only one area to fight the monster, you'll need to bring a Farcaster if you have to return to camp. The supply box will usually carry enough for four hunters.

Endemic Life Map

Forlorn Arena Quest List

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
A Single Beam of Moonlight
Unlock Conditions:
Finish the MR 10 Urgent Quest "Raining Fire"
Explore the Unexplored
Unlock Conditions:
Finish the MR 10 Urgent Quest "Raining Fire"
Operation Lucent Nargacuga
Unlock Conditions:
Finish the MR 10 Urgent Quest "The Invisible Predator"
The Invisible Predator
Unlock Conditions:
Finish the MR 10 Urgent Quests "A Single Beam of Moonlight" and "Explore the Unexplored"

List of Forlorn Arena Endemic Life

Aurorturtle.pngAurorturtle Butterflame.pngButterflame Marionette Spider.pngMarionette Spider
Prism Spiribird.pngPrism Spiribird Sleeptoad.pngSleeptoad Starburst Bug.pngStarburst Bug

List of Endemic Life

Forlorn Arena Information

Introduced in Title Update 1

MH Rise Sunbreak - Forlorn Arena Information

The Forlorn Arena, previously known as the Tower in games before Monster Hunter Generations, is a locale that hosts powerful monsters and rare species like the Lucent Nargacuga, Gold Rathian, and Silver Rathalos. It arrived with the first title update for the Sunbreak DLC expansion in August 2022.

Free Title Update 1 Release Date and Monsters

Additional Monsters in the Forlorn Arena

Flaming Espinas, which will arrive with Title Update 2, also appears on this map clashing with Teostra in its introduction trailer. Gold Rathian was also shown fighting Kushala Daora in this locale, but the Elder Dragon has yet to have a quest here.

Flaming Espinas: Weakness and Armor

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